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  1. Not going to happen for me but that is something I would love to have a crack at restoring. Idea of price and location to help others? Assuming somewhere in Spain as it is not that sunny here
  2. ... so a tree that is, at most, 20 years old is proof that it has been undisturbed since WW2... ok
  3. This a complete and total guess, could it have a planetary gear set in it? Hold the outer still, input torque from the 1/2" to the planetary spider gears then the torque is magnifies on the sun gear for the 3/4" output....actually thinking about it It may be 1/2" to the sun gear for the input and the 3/4" on the spider for output......
  4. Looks like a lens turret sticking out the back of a tilt....
  5. We will need pictures.....we like pictures 😊
  6. What a nice project, it looks to be in very good condition, Ia assume it had been in use somewhere up until recent times?
  7. Recovery that doesn't go quite as planned https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=qcSK_1534326380&p=1
  8. Here you go, for some reason your link goes to the top of the page.
  9. We used to get gearbox castings and rough them out before they went in the bike shed for a few months, I wonder if the thought was to take tension out by removing the skin from the iron?
  10. A guy I saw on you tube buys a new tarp every couple of years to cover the originally supplied cover, he has got 10 years out of the original cover this way..... not sure that it would not be cheaper to factor in a new cover every 4 years or so though.... (since photo was taken I have taken up the slack on the end of the cover and fitted a rolling pole to the bottom of the doorway, rolls up nice and tidy now).
  11. Bought one from them last week, had to modify it to fit where I needed it, (made it 300mm shorter). I purchased another opening end so that I can open it right up. I will be fitting it with a solar powered extractor fan as I have discovered it is like a sauna in hot weather. The whole thing is of good quality and only time will tell whether the cover is as UV stable as they say it is.
  12. I missed this thread when it was started, how's it coming along?
  13. A great start, how long have you been at it?
  14. Looks like a lot of work to be done but I envy you the project Sorry I cannot help with any useful info but I will be watching for resto updates.
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