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  1. I fascinating set of photo's thanks for posting them.
  2. Hi, Welcome to the forum, all interests are interesting to us on the forum, fire away with the pictures! As to the film you mention I see only clips on YT but you never know someone here may have some info.
  3. I cannot answer any of your questions but that is a very nice little car, my dad had one when I was a very young lad, his was in the usual black with a maroon interior, the green and tan looks very nice.
  4. Interesting design, unlike a sprag clutch only two pawls will engage at any time, the springs will not need to be at all heavy as the shape of the pawls will self lock when in the detents. Are you heading toward having all the parts for the gearbox made or hoping to find the right one or something of the era that will work?
  5. Next step up is silver solder, one of the most satisfying means of joining metal. I started re-teaching myself mig welding, I have not done any for years. It started badly with snot everywhere but after deciding to rebuild the gun with some new parts and supporting the end of the knackered cable where it goes into the gun ( should replace that too) I found myself sticking metal together very happily! spending a day welding and grinding.... probably best to have a day off from it so as not to annoy the meighbours, still on furlough so back too it Monday!
  6. Home made equipmment is so satisfying and if it does the job why spend lots of money? Can I add my home made version to the thread? I had a great need and no money but I heard about about 2 coffee machine cabinets going for scrap, I nabbed them and one, with castors added, became my welding bench, with storage for all my welding gear inside. The other one became my blast cabinet, again with castors, with a window from an oven door and an old outside light for illumination. I did buy the wrong media though, it is too fine, I need to get some glass bead stuff which is what you appear to use.
  7. The electrodes on the spot welder could do with a clean up, they should have a big shamfer and a small flat spot in the middle. If you need one side of the weld to be undimpled make a flat topped cup to drop over the electrode. Keep the pictures coming! spot weld.bmp
  8. Bottom right photo:, in Cuba people are still transported like that, the locals refer to it as being a coca cola crate. The original is the beer crate then )
  9. A good solution using limited kit, I would probably have done it the same way.
  10. Ditto the above, clarkes do an air joddler/hole punch for around £50 it is so much easier than the hand tool, I have not regretted investing in one..
  11. rog8811

    Kit Kat

    I finally heard back from him, he has nothing as old in his collection so unable to help, it was worth a try though.
  12. Good to see you back, pictures not showing for me, please fix so that I can continue to enjoy your ongoing project.
  13. No expert here but most repair work I have seen they tack in between the tacks until they all join up, no continuous welding. Nice project keep the pictures coming
  14. My lockdown has me making a welding shelter to reclaim a large area of my workshop...... though all in a smaller scale than most of the members here. Welding bench is an old coffee machine laid on its side with castors to make it mobile.
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