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  1. Would be good to see what 40% consist of....
  2. I have just gone back to read through this thread again, hats off to you, some fantastic work!
  3. Welcome to the forum, now that is what retirement should be about!
  4. I am loving your attention to detail on this rebuild, it is going to be one of my "go to" threads!
  5. Photo's, we like photo's. there are folk on here who will probably be able to give you chapter and verse once they see what you have.
  6. Just an off the wall thought, spanner size gauge for ordnance fuse spanners.... though spanners would be brass not sure why nuts need to be...
  7. Was it undercover over that time? Is the tilt in good nick? I always had a hankering for a Sumb for rather nefarious reasons, I wanted to scrap the cab and build a scale size Matador cab on it... never going to happen Good luck with it.
  8. I have had a couple of the low cost hand held ones, in fact I still have, and use the second one, the only failure I ever had was the timer went on the first one, not a problem as once you are used to it you can easily self time by watching and listening to the weld. The first one was automated at one point by mounting it on a frame upside down with the lever being operated via an air cylinder which made it extremely versatile
  9. Matador followed by Scammel pioneer
  10. PDF attached that may be of use. Tank transport.pdf
  11. Not going to happen for me but that is something I would love to have a crack at restoring. Idea of price and location to help others? Assuming somewhere in Spain as it is not that sunny here
  12. ... so a tree that is, at most, 20 years old is proof that it has been undisturbed since WW2... ok
  13. This a complete and total guess, could it have a planetary gear set in it? Hold the outer still, input torque from the 1/2" to the planetary spider gears then the torque is magnifies on the sun gear for the 3/4" output....actually thinking about it It may be 1/2" to the sun gear for the input and the 3/4" on the spider for output......
  14. Looks like a lens turret sticking out the back of a tilt....
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