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  1. Panzer 2 turret

    Fantastic! What a project, looking forward to updates.
  2. S2a renovation project

    That will polish up nicely good luck with it and welcome to the forum.
  3. 'Ello there

    Welcome, The Matador has always been one of my top two trucks on my "if only" list, keep us informed, lots of photo's when you get it, all the info you will ever need is here!
  4. matador restoration.

    (one of my favourite threads) Looking very solid all round...well other than the box.... good to see it coming on.
  5. Pictures not showing

    The forum went "phut" as I was replying yesterday, all ok today all pictures showing, well done
  6. Pictures not showing

    Hi, good to have you back! I have a problem though, no pictures show, there is a list of jpg's if i click them a blank page comes up. I cleared my cache but no change, any ideas? I will attach a picture just to try that out. Edit, well that worked ok.
  7. Leyland Retriever

    Congratulations! It is one of those real benchmark moments
  8. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse hold down Ctrl on the keyboard and scroll your wheel for a closer look. @BlueBelle Still visiting and enjoying
  9. Spotted today....

    Friday afternoon, B17 low and directly overhead near Dorking, no camera sadly so just a memory now.
  10. 1944 Flying Control Dodge WC51 - The Story So Far

    Simple solutions are always some of the most satisfying.
  11. According to an e-mail received today the council gave the development the go ahead at a public meeting last night.
  12. 38er DKW RT100

    Welcome in, you know we will want pictures don't you?
  13. It is nice to have the descriptions as well, keep them coming
  14. Help identifying WW2 RAF trucks

    Keep the photo's coming, this is great stuff!
  15. Diamond T Gallery

    Oh yes, we are interested! That cab is a work of art but probably saved the truck from being scrapped as I would guess tin worm got the original one.