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  1. Just thought i would add these Crossley photos from my collection. Keith
  2. Here is a link http://chng.it/Px4BG5mWss?fbclid=IwAR2eaJ36jrA8sQqRvtQ6fXJ_nK_9mmKCybol4YOyfMrbCudstM7-9Y0zTBk
  3. More photos from my collection, 1st photo car and truck has Aos number 62 on the back. 2nd photo might have 58 on the Bedford MW. Keith
  4. A few more original photos from my collection and yes the germans found a few British ww1 tanks at a french army camp given to the French in late 1918. Keith
  5. A few more original photos from my collection. The 3rd photo shows the Gwen Eagle in the background with Germans nicking the petrol from one of the boats.
  6. A few more from my collection. 1st photo of a Shot up Mercury 99A Taken from my original Negative . Keith
  7. Humber cars and a captured pre war split screen Humber like the one i used to own last photo. Original photos from my collection. Keith
  8. All so not to give there position away, but a lot were burnt. Burnt out Morris CS8 and Burnt out Bedfords at Calais. Original photos from my collection. Keith
  9. Quote .I think it often gets forgotten about the amount of private vehicles taken over to France either by choice or requisition. Seeing buses and cars and some non military trucks in the photos is interesting. You can see a truck far left. Photo taken off my original neg.
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