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  1. Some of it is sitting packed in Drill halls ready for back loading, last I saw the PRC 351 used was middle of last year....Dont see it getting used now as the batteries will be knackered after sitting for near a year.....
  2. Er Max Towing Weight.... with the numbers part missing ?
  3. and the last couple.... :cry: Sorry if this has been done before....
  4. Hello Troops... Was over in Germany last few weeks and managed to take a few pics of the Hulks around the ranges, including an area with a few interesting wee collection are off the side of "K" range.... Oh and a Chieftain and Cent outside 20 Brigade HQ in Normandy Barracks.
  5. Not sure that fit of kit is a great idea.........Going by what I saw of RAF Regt wagons in Iraq..... seems we dont learn hellish much by experience. Just a thought like........:-|
  6. Hi MartynHere are some shots of the Wimk's we had in 2002/03 in Afghanistan, these were early models were inherited from 4 Lancs and the SBS before them.....Due to the G5 stance on the NSE at Kabul at the time we only mounted the GPMG on the top mount and on picture 4 you can see the LMG mounted on the commanders mount...mounting pin are in the same place.... of course this all changed later :undecided:
  7. Some ECM mounts (but not kit nor what it can do) are in public domain See "Millitary Machines international Jan 12".....And I know what and cannot be said on this issue so no OPSEC issue.
  8. Looks like a ECM Mount to me...for the Antennas
  9. Great link, did you notice how much better the S boat sits at speed.... :blush:
  10. "Catherine II" Basrah 2006 on the bonnet under the idiot fixing the wiper.......and no the 9mm was not loaded :blush: oh and Catherine I was a WiMK based out of Camp Souter in Kabul...... Catherine III was a Yamaha Quad based in PB Khaamar Helmand last year, thus not worth a pic (but still wish i did)........See guys its still going on.. :-D:-D:-D
  11. I can assure you there was no harm meant by the post, I just thought she was an interesting old bird, we still had them cutting about in service 20 years ago.....
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