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  1. Hi Lee and Amy nice to see you here talk soon m8
  2. blanchards have a genuine one on ebay at the mo £25-00 and posts worldwide http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Series-3-Heater-Valve-Tap-90577299-BNIB-/140602874017?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item20bc9598a1
  3. heres a couple of pics but after the conflict with an argie g wagon oops
  4. maybe you could also contact sama (south atlantic medal assosiation) and get hold of a few of there collecting tins as it would be a nice gesture to be collecting for this charity http://www.sama82.org.uk/
  5. In the Falklands War of 1982 the British Army deployed several hundred Land Rovers to the South Atlantic. These never reached the Falklands as they were transported on the requesitioned merchant ship 'Atlantic Conveyor' which was sunk in an airstrike. the only 2 i know of were 2 x sbs 109,s transported on canberra and i believe Kenny who was at last years show has one of these (allegerdly) the new batch of landys where sent on route but didnt arrive till it was all-over the only other ones were the civvy ones owned and used by the islanders
  6. Excalibur unit is pleased to announce we raised over 5k at war and peace for HELP FOR HERO,S after many stints on the main gate by the team and yes we may have been a little boistrous on wendsday evening at our party night as we realised we would reach our goal many thanks to any of you or your family or friends who may have contributed to our collectors
  7. good morning Lee from a wet brentwood lol we will be arriving friday with the rest of excalibur unit see you over the weekend m8
  8. ill be there with excalibur unit, so come have a beer, see you all there
  9. ill be there Lee butttttttttttttttttt im not cleaning the WW1 trench again still got the blisters lol hope your feeling better now m8
  10. wishing you a speedy recovery m8,
  11. I just arrived home , great weekend, many many thanks to Lee and Ian and all the other staff who worked so hard to make this event what it is , had a fabulous time met friends old and new so roll on the next show
  12. nipped down this morning to see if Lee needed a hand with anything, drove all around the place and couldent find him, so sat in car for an hour ,lol , so im now back home loading sankey , ready for a wendsday apperance
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