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  1. Hi I asked the same question on MLU recently and got directed to Macs autos part number 91A 2035. Fitted these to my carrier and they work fine (By the way, on the carrier the springs fit on the inside of the shoe, although this makes them a s*d to fit). The link to my thread on MLU is http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=27070 cheers Rick
  2. I'm really confused (did someone say not for the first time!). Does this standard apply to all deacts or just automatic weapons? I thought it was just for automatics? Rick
  3. Hi Kurtis The outside measurements of the ammunition tray are 5.25 x 10.25 x 31.0 (all in inches) Rick
  4. Hi Attached are some photos of the early pattern 25pr trays from my limber. I will try and remember to get you some measurements the next time I go to where I store it Rick
  5. Hi Alan. Sorry about the delay replying, lots of reasons, none of them very good. Thanks for all the help. My Chevy has the original Chevy 6 cylinder engine, matching the number on the data plate, and it runs pretty well (currently no brakes though). It is virtually complete inside, in fact the only thing I have identified as missing are the front rifle holders and the holder for the plotting board tripod has rotted away. Even the map light is present and they have usually gone walkabout. The rear is pretty original but some of the skinning and some bin doors have been replaced, but using original fittings. attached are some photos as arrived (from Norway) and with body stripped down for restoration. Rick
  6. I was at the museum on Friday and the Friends staff on duty confirmed it was to shut over the winter months to save on heating costs, 'due to the recession' and ' because no one goes that far down the site in winter'! I pointed out to them that the land warfare hall was my main reason for visting at any time of the year and that I might have to consider my wife and my Friends membership. It was also interesting that the landwarfare hall was the busiest bit of the museum on Friday, with a good mix of adults and school parties. I would also recomend the new airborne display in the super hanger, which I hadnt seen before - excellent. Rick
  7. My WOT 2 is progressing well but the major issue preventing completion is that I have no seats for the cab. I have an original wooden mounting block as a pattern and have made the wooden supports but I am not sure how the seats are fixed, or indeed what exactly they look like. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with details/drawings/photos. Better still, does anyone have any spare seats? thanks Rick
  8. Monty The key thing if you are using a starting handle is to keep the thumb on the same side of the handle as the fingers, to avoid injury, including fractures, if the engine backfires and the handle kicks back. Rick
  9. Thanks guys Presumably you dont use olives on brake pipes because of the higher pressures? Rick
  10. I am renewing the fuel pipes on my CMP Chevrolet gun tractor. A lot of the unions have a brass olive on the copper pipe, rather than the flared end I am familiar with. I have some quarter inch copper pipe and some quarter inch olives, so I tried slipping the olive on the pipe, inserting the pipe into one end of connector and the tightening the other side of the connector which seems to crimp the olive firmly in place and make the union. My question is this - this seems so ludicrously simple why bother with flaring tube ends etc, or AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE? (as you can tell I havent done this before!). I have added a picture of a trial union just in case I havent made myself clear. thanks Rick
  11. Thanks for the help so far guys. Alan - I thnk the lonk should be 39-45 not 30-45 I see that Firepower have a research service. Anyone any experience of using this. I dont mind paying for the search if there is a reasonable cgance of success? The Contract numbers are interesting but i am not sure I fully understand all that stuff. Are there any dates associated with these contracts? Where do you find this sort of stuff? Thanks Rick
  12. Thanks. Looking at the black and white photos I wonder if that is the 5th Infantry division insignia on the front slope of the cab (unusual place for isignia though?) Rick
  13. Thanks Tony Does anyone know of specific Field regts that had CMP gun tractors, so i can get the markings right Rick
  14. I am currently restoring a 1944 CMP Chevrolet CGT (13 cab). As my 25pr and limber are British I am as yet undecided as to whether to finish it as a Canadian or British Army vehicle. My question is this - does anyone know which British Army Field Regiments used the Chevy Quad gun tractor in WW2 instead of the more usual Morris Quad? (As yet I know nothing of the vehicle's actual history) Thanks Rick Overy
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