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  1. What vehicle or vehicles does this switch fit? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Guys, In the midst of my restoration and have discovered one of my hydraulic dampers is dry of fluid. Has anyone ever rebuilt one of these and if so what fluid is recommended for the rebuild? Cheers
  3. That is just too cool Andy. You will have heaps of fun with that one!
  4. OK, Perhaps a bit of a silly question, but would there be a "Correct" white paint for UN Service? Would the paint have been gloss, semi or matt white? Have never really seen a thread addressing this. Cheers
  5. Hey Guys, Thought I would chime in here...Ive been to Ketchican, a very neat little town and contrary to all the postings here, Ketchikan has a very mild climate. I know when you hear "Alaska" you think burr...very cold but...from the website http://www.ketchikan.com/ is a breif description... Welcome to Ketchikan, Alaska's "first city". We can boast of our beautiful setting, mild climate and rich history. Ketchikan has rainforests, fjords, glaciers and numerous waterfalls. Our temperatures are never very cold or very hot: in January, our average temperature is 35º and in July, it is 58º. One thing before you begin, get your umbrella. The rainfall measures approximately 15 feet per year! So perhaps with the amount of rainfall they get, its closer to the weather in the UK :-) Cheers
  6. Guys, Contact has been made with Peter, all is in the works. Thanks for the offers and suggestions! Cheers
  7. Peter Boys is Select Military Vehicle Sales. Thats who I am refering to. Hard people to contact...
  8. Does any one have a source for Ferret Sand Channels? Either repro's or originals (ya, right). Select Military vehicle sales do not return e-mails. I have a container leaving Avonmouth (Bristol) in a few weeks and wanted to get a pair sent there to be shipped over to Canada. Cheers
  9. Yes, Wondering as well how that John Deere seal worked out? Has any one here compare one to an original? Should I risk installing one in my Ferret, or go with an original... decisions, decisions...
  10. Long time since making an update. Have been busy at work plus a vacation got in the way! Made up a Wilson pre-select gauge and have been playing with the adjustments on the gearbox, have discovered 1st gear adjusting nut spring is not functional, so will have to replace it but I think I have been able to adjust up 1st and second gear to a functional state. Plan on going back at her tonight for a few more hours. Will report back with some photos... Cheers
  11. Robin, Nope! Just saw that ad on Milweb and thought I would pose the question about the Wolf. Cheers
  12. Thats a nasty hit. Expensive to repair yes, but the vehicle is only worth so much. What year would this Wolf be?
  13. Thanks Chris, Always wondered what the differences were. When I see them starting to be listed on Milweb with prices listed as "Offers in the region of £24,000" for a "genuine" example, I started to wonder. Even those Wolf copies can be quite expensive. Amazing what supply and demand can do to prices...
  14. Why is there such a huge price difference between a Landrover Wolf and a regular MOD Landrover of the same body style, for example a Defender 110 vs one in Wolf trim. They have the cool look but that can't be the reason for the jump in price. Engine,suspension difference? Body changes look minimal. Cheers
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