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  1. Hi - sadly I cannot see 83YY65. The nearest vehicles are 83YY62 listed as a Bedford tractor ( scammell) then. 85YY56 , 82YY75 and 82YY18 listed as a Bedford tractor ( scammell) Perhaps yours was in another sale.
  2. Hi - There are a lot of Bedfords, but cant spot any with OXC suffix ( as an example) : BEDFORD TRACTOR (TASKER) (SERIES SAG) 57AN13 BEDFORD TRACTOR ( SCAMMELL) 76YY86 BEDFORD TRACTOR (BTC) GLU668 BEDFORD TRACTOR (TASKER) (SERIES SA3) 9861RN AND 1318RN BEDFORD TRUCK (SERIES OLBC) 5 TONS 26BJ84 AND 25BJ10 AND 22BJ89 BEDFORD TRUCK (SERIES OLBD) 5 TONS 86BD53 If you know the military reg number please let me have it and I can search that way - its possible it was not accurately listed , some are just listed as Bedford tractor. Regards Jim
  3. Hi All I have an Ruddington auction catalogue from April 19th - 22nd 1966, and among the numerous types of vehicles sold at this auction are dozens of Austin Champs. If you have a champ and you know its Military registration number I am happy to see if was sold at this sale. If its in there am happy to copy the entry and email to you to add to your vehicles history. Some entries have a pencilled in price next to them - in 1966 you could buy a single lot of 7 champs for £240.....:cry: Get in touch if your interested - lots of other vehicles in there too: MORRIS MINORS THAMES TRUCKS COMMER Q2 MORRIS COMMERCIAL BEDFORD SLGC KARRIER BANTAM HILLMAN HUSKY LANDROVER GP FORD POPULAR SALOON BEDFORD UTILECON MORRIS ISIS TRAVELLER DOUGLAS TUGMASTER FLIGHTDECK TRACTOR AUSTIN K4 ETC ETC
  4. Sorry Sean and Matchfuzee ! I am really grateful for your help . I won a Landrover at Withams and had to get that back so my eye was off the forum. I reckon that you are right Sean , and will PM you to arrange to purchase the joint you have. Thanks Jim
  5. A few scratches, but looks reasonable. I have read on two separate web listings that the axles are modified RL front axles, so maybe I will be out of luck with yours, which is a shame. The problem is that even if I had the EB part number , an identical part used for a truck may have a different part number just because it has a different application. I will keep looking into it. Thanks for your help, I'm sure I can sort it out soon.
  6. No that's a spare I had which I need for the other side. This is the bad one.....
  7. Me and Sean are discussing if MK parts will fit a Mk 2 EB Here are some pics - Anyone help? (yes I know they all look the same ... but someone can maybe enlighten me ?)
  8. Not aware that anyone in the UK sells new bins, and most Mudguards ( Fenders ) are usually re-made locally. There are one or two of the smaller bins (NOS) that sometimes come up for sale , but the large centre bin is the biggest problem. The lid has a pressed design for strength that's difficult to recreate cheaply. But its not the end of the world if you run it without bins on, they did this in Aden to prevent mine damage. You can restore the rest and get bins as they crop up. The mudguards ( Fenders) will be straight forward if you have a folding machine. It looks like it has at least one of its original smoke dischargers (which is handy) . To the best of my knowledge , the Mudguards are straight forward mild steel ( 2.5mm / 3mm thick) as a guess Engine spares are more easily available, many being shared with the B*) and B40 engines from Saracens , champs etc etc . gearbox parts less available but not extinct. Internal wiring may be difficult to source and bevel box parts are getting scarcer , but can be found. Exhausts are available , and new heat shields. Tyres harder to get if you want originals. Most of it is straight forward 1950's technology, the wheelstation's have a hub reduction set up per hub, that could be troublesome if its been abused. The brakes are simple hydraulics , master cylinder / wheel cylinders and brake shoes operating on a brake drum. Your best friend will be fellow owners, as they are as likely to have a few spares knocking about. The dealers in the UK have quite a lot of spares but they can be pricey. The Fenders are probably one of the smaller headaches, but you sound like you have access to some good fabrication equipment, and the old ones may provide reasonable patterns ? I don't think it matters if they are not quite perfect anyway. Best of luck and Go for it !!
  9. Hi I have a photo of 58 BE 36 07 BE 09 16 BE 21 AUSTIN CHAMPS taken about 1960. I have a photograph If you own any of these particular vehicles please PM me. Cant put on internet as owner of photos asked me not to put on, but happy to go to current owner of vehicle. Jim.
  10. Hi I have a photograph 27 YD 19 taken in about 1960 whilst in service. If you own the bike please PM me. Cant put on internet as owner of photos asked me not to put on, but happy to go to current owner.
  11. Hello Sean Yes interested ! Have sent PM. Many Thanks Jim
  12. HI - I have a Similar vehicle ,ex AFS. I have a small user handbook for the use of the winch and lift etc if you need any specific information on that side of things I can copy the page. I saw yours on ebay and was tempted ! There seem to be a few cab repair panels about, and I have been able to source brake spares reasonably easily. Here is a pic of mine .
  13. I need a tracta joint for an eager beaver Mk 2. I am told they are Bedford axles, and it all looks similar inside to an RL , but would ask if someone can confirm exactly what I need please . I can manage with half a tracta joint, ( the outer section that joins to the short driveshaft that goes to the hub? Anyone have a tracta joint for sale ? Many thanks Jim
  14. Hi all I am researching the RAOC when they were based on Foston Camp ( site of the former ww2 RAF Church Broughton Airfield) in Derbyshire. They took over the site in the late 40's and remained there until the 1960's. Looking at an aerial photo of the airfield taken in 1948 they had thousands of vehicles stored there. Can anyone give me any more information, photographs or similar? Many Thanks
  15. Hi I have got the Eager Beaver FLT running and driving now but its got a bad leak in the radiator . The radiator fitted isn't original so I don't have a correct one as a pattern). The whole vehicle seems to have a range of parts on it from different manufacturers. Does anyone know what vehicle the original rad came off so that I can get a replacement ? Ta
  16. Hi all I have just bought an Eager Beaver FLT. Its a bit of a basket case , however it was painted white before release from the MOD, and the previous owner states it had modifications such as insulated fuel lines, a fuel heater , a high level air intake and other bits and bobs. My question is were they modified for use in cold weather, or did they come standard with insulated fuel lines , fuel heater etc. It was released in about 1990 / 1991 and was sold via a firm called Watsons ( ?) in Staffordshire. I am looking for parts - radiator, engine cover so if anyone has any bits please PM me. Regards to all. Jim
  17. Just a quick update - Work has progressed (slowly) - all the brakes are now overhauled , and I have been collecting panels for the cab re-build, which will progress ( slowly) this winter. I have been distracted by an Eager Beaver .... I attach a photo of the Bedford , withy my father stood next to it - we were about to use the jib to take down a large tree branch. ( And yes I know its on singles on the back, the other tyres are just being added), and no , I wont go on the road like this ......
  18. This weekend ( Sunday 27th July) there is military / wartime event In Tunstall, Stoke On Trent . There will be a spitfire, re-enactors and various stalls and displays along a military / historic theme. The organiser ( Lesley Adams ) 01782 823373 is asking if any local MV people might bring along a military vehicle to display. There is no fee involved but I thing she will assist with a small amount of fuel costs. They are having a ground display Spitfire delivered ( The stoke /RJ Mitchell link...) at 3am Sunday morning and there will be security on site. If anyone can assist please ring Lesley on the above number . Any takers ? Jim
  19. I stripped my ferret gearbox down and posted a thread on here somewhere. Its all purely mechanical inside the box, and very simple concepts . I did not do a full rebuild , but did reline the bands and had the selector mechanism to pieces. If its stuck in 4th gear, the vehicle wont want to move because the stationary weight of the ferret is too much for the fluid flywheel to overcome. It will do this in 1st gear or emergency low but I reckon 4th is too highly geared . If you try too hard it could overheat the flywheel. The selector mechanism is operated by the linkage so initially drop the lever linkage off the selector mechanism ( forgive me if you have already done that) . By hand try and move the gear selector lever ( not the gear change lever that's connected to the pedal) backwards and forwards. Its should move fore and aft. It should move easily by hand and wont select a different gear unless the lever is in the appropriate position AND the gear change pedal is depressed. Pressing the gear selector pedal releases the band tension on the gear brake bands AND allows the strut on the desired gear to move into position and when the gear change pedal is released , pressure is reapplied to that brake band because the strut that has just been moved into position. The struts normal resting position is away from the band mechanism, and by moving the gear selector lever this engages each strut. It sounds like the selector mechanism is not doing its job, perhaps because ( As previously mentioned) the gear change pedal is not moving enough to release the strut out of engagement , or there is a breakage or failure in the gear selector mechanism inside the gearbox. If the gear change pedal is doing its job , when applied, it compresses a very large spring inside the gearbox that normally ( when not compressed ) applies the clamping force via the brake bands. You do have to be really careful with this spring as if there is too much free play in the selector mechanism , the gear selector linkage can go (over centre) for want of a better word, and send the pedal flying upwards, hence the need to regularly adjust the auto adjuster up by operating the pedal in each gear. You can release the spring pressure by removing the spring cover but be careful and follow the EMER - replace two of the bolts with extended bolts or studs and use the to slowly take pressure off the spring.
  20. Thanks for all the comments and especially the pictures. I was reliably informed that the AFS version had a towing dolly on the top and modified lifting gear.
  21. Hello All Just a quick posting to let you know I have bought a Bedford RL Light Recovery Truck. Thanks to some valuable help, I have been informed that it is an ex AFS vehicle , supplied to the Durham AFS, then later to Flintshire fire brigade. It needs restoration on the cab, and the braking system . If anyone can help with cab panels or wheel cylinders for a 1962 RL please let me know ! Pics attached !! JIm
  22. Hello The bracket furthest away in the photo resembles one I have in my shed . it is felt lined and its part number indicates it is a bren support. If you need it let me know . Cheers Jim
  23. From my knowledge of the project it is an entirely stock Rolls Royce B80 , except that it was a brand new GAS powered B80. The engine was found in Australia in a crate , with all the components for Gas operation ( which I have photos of ). The parts for the gas conversion are all available for sale if anyone is interested . See pics There is a manifold with oil filter , and several other parts. Additionally there is a 24v civilian starter motor.
  24. Hi Tim. Pretty sure I can find one for you - its one of those interesting things you spot rolling round the hull of a scrap Saladin and pop in your pocket ! Will get in touch by email.
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