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  1. Hi Mike I thought I had Sold Them all but I have been diggingito my remote areas and found an ammo box with 60 shells. It is fortunate that you have contacted me as I was going to put them on HMVF in the next few weeks Pm me how many you want and details on my address
  2. The government today has said open air markets will be able to operate . This must be an open air market? Lets hope we can at least have an event this year and it is reconsidered to operate with some sensible care.
  3. Does anyone know if Dallas dig out is on for July
  4. I have had a lot of military vehicles .The champ is easy to maintain and is a superior vehicle to the land-rover in comfort , cross country, and looks. If the axles are checked for oil then they give very little problems. I run one for logging pulling 1.5 tons twice a week and have had little problems .I am at present restoring another one but this is a long job. Best get a good one,
  5. Hi I have had a good look I found a connector .I sold the large army toolbox with all my small parts inand put the pipesand othe bits somewhere? . They will turn up when I am not looking for them. Will this connector be ok? regards
  6. Hi I believe I have pipes connectors and regulator in my spares shed . I will have a look tonight . regards
  7. I have a few filters and dont know which vehicle they belong to. Iam wondering if anyone can help. rec ref N5083A151195813197 ROC No N5040A1511950002 element S /NO Description element DENON Lenght 17cm width 11cm centre hole 5cm make VOKES c6358256 /NO
  8. The champ owners club will give you masses of information and help get it road registered .:austinchampownersclub.com They are a great club
  9. I owned a Fox for many years and not only was it fast but for an armoured vehicle its acceleration was fantastic. When I was young and daft on rares occasion when various cars were impatient to pass at traffic lights I would surprise the owners at the speed of the Fox. I only tried once its speed and thought 70 mph was fast enough and ran it at 40-50mph. They were the sports care of armour all my ferrets were slow in comparison . I had a lot of fun in it but it needed respect on roundabouts and hidden ditches.The ferret looked so small in comparison but the Fox was cramped in the turret .
  10. great to see in service
  11. DO NOT USE VASELINE ONLY PETROLEUM JELLY . Vaseline will become stingy and will block oilways Your main and big ends may be worn and the will result in low pressure
  12. Always use Petroleum Jelly on gear pumps as using liquid grease restrict the oilways and creates long stringy grease. I made the mistake of using grease many years ago on my AC Cobra during a full engine rebuild The result was no oil pressure and a knackered big end. I am refurbishing an Austin Champ and whilst stripping the engine and in the sump was a large heap of sludge, this was probably caused with detergent oil loosening all the old sludge in the engine. Detergent oil usually keep the dirt in suspension but with an old engine it loosens all the hidden sludge in lumps. If the oil strainer is blocked with sludge then no oil will be delivered around any engine with either on a full flow filter or a by pass filter. Another trick we used to do on some engines with low oil pressure was to put washers under the oil pressure spring . A point is low oil pressure is ok on some engines its oil flow that matters.
  13. Hi Alex I will have a look in the morning I may only have a couple of heads left
  14. Sensible for them to cancel . We need to be on our guard and sensible.
  15. until

    I wonder if it will still happen with corona virus fear?? some events have been cancelled. I hope the virus has gone by then
  16. I wonder is other events have been cancelled ie Overlord as transport is to be organised regards Laurence
  17. I would have thought that the military vehicles would have components designed to be fixed easily in the field instead of making them awkward it seem to make sense to me . Fix a problem quick get out of trouble. repair a vehicle and get it out into the field. I have heard that 1/4 of tanks broke down within 10 miles. Mechanics dont need to be awkward simple and easy works every time. I just hate it when only a open ended spanner can be used without any space around it ,
  18. I am coming to the end of overhauling a B 40 they are a robust engine . I have done hundred s of engines and taught the subject and usally enjoy engines {not this engine]. The B series engines are the most awkward and pooly designed engine for the mechanic . REMY fitters must be a very tolerent lot and a great set of mechanics I take my hat off to them. Who on earth were the designers , to create such an engine where the mechanic can only use an open . ended spanner in an inacessible space , the inlet manifold is a prime example ,To make the job that bit harder they put pipes or ignition filters in the way . Then there is the cylinder head bolts near the spark plugs where only a ring spanner can be used. Rolls royce seems to not know about TORQUE WRENCHES at that time. Socket s must never come into the equasion . I have had 6 Ferrets , CVRW FOX and 2 Champs most of these vehicle I have removed the engines and am always amazed at the poor design of our military vehicles for both the fitters and the soldiers comfort / accesability. Are the Modern millitary vehicle any better ???????? Does anybody have comment on the B series or do you love them. I like the Jackle what are they like to work on
  19. I saw one coming out of Boscombe down turning so slow it was amazing that it did not drop out of the sky Wonder if I could tow it ?????? only kidding
  20. My heart goes out to you . When your wife is so ill the only thing that keeps US going is to actually repair something. It take s a lot of stress away Best regards hope all goes well
  21. Wow what a SOD. Pity cant take him to the cleaners
  22. I transport my 5- 7 ton vehicles with a hired tilt lorry it is cheaper and less stressful than driving distances to shows . Warren does short and long hauls and is very reasonable pm me if you want detailes
  23. Warren will do that no problem he has transported , Ferrets, snatch landy and a cvrw. I got very good priceson all.
  24. Depends on the size and weight .If its around 7 ton then Warren csnrecover1@gmail.com 02392 812000 or 07803 705966 Very good with price and will do a good job. I have used him a few times short and very long hauls . Please if used, say Laurence with Polecat near Salisbury recommended. It all helps to get a good price if recommended. Regards
  25. quite an in depth list and I think you are right 20x 128 Thanks
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