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  1. Run flat inserts are fairly very thck a pig to fit it took me 1/2 a day for replacing two tyres, regards Laurence
  2. Talking to my agent for insurance are you aware that you may not be covered in a shows arena but only at the show itself. I looked at the insurance which allowed shows etc after paying I was made aware by the agent some time after that my vehicles are not insured in the arena. Check this out. Laurence
  3. Wow £3180 each I am thinking of selling them on ebay at about £80 This one has what looks like a good bulb but the other light needs a new one . I will look for a linear halogen bulb Thanks for the info Regards Laurence
  4. I have a couple of these lights and one needs a halogen light bulb has anone got this type of bulb regards Laurence
  5. I have a couple of larger spot lights FV760653 serial No058 what vehicles would use such a large 9" spot light
  6. thanks for your knowledge I will give it a go Regards Laurence
  7. Thanks for your Knowledge very much appreciated looking at the No again it is FV 533751 Regards Laurence
  8. I have another periscope to be identified FV 583751 No 42 MK 1 size is cm long, 223cm high, and 7 cm depth 15cm to slot into the vehicle. The upper housing is rubber not alloy it also Has a blind Laurence
  9. I having another think ,and wonder if the plannets are siezed and the sun is climbing up them and driving the annulus [outer casing] if this is the case then a strip down is required.
  10. this is what i thought but if the 3/4 was on a nut and a 1/2 ratchet was used the whole of the casing would rotate unless a bar was put in round slot and somehow wedged . I dont understand why a bar is needed to stop the casing rotating
  11. I have had this torque multiplier for some time and never needed to use it. It has a 1/2" female drive , a 3/4 male drive, a round hole to put a bar in. if I put a 1/2 ratchet in the female and lock the 3/4 male drive in a vice torque is multified to the bar. when removed from the vice If I move the bar end there is no torque it just rotates the 3/4 and 1/2" drives but if i lock one of them it seems to work.I am wondering how it works or is it broken If not broken how would I work it to remove nuts Laurence
  12. does anybody know what thls half of a periscope fits FV698868 its new old stock looks like a Ferret ? size is 18cm long, 10 cm high, and 8 cm depth it has a sighting ring Laurence
  13. Start with telephoning the DLA ask what they want to register get the persons name [ this come in handy later on] Get the vehicle history and a letter of near date of manufacture from the Tank Museum .send pictures of the hull No ,Data Plate, V55/5 a headed Letter from a club or yourself stating the Tank Museum is the source of accurate information on this vehicle . State the army vehicle of this era does not have a VIN No They still will want more information to make you play the admin game but thats the DVLA. They will probably now send a man from a company SGS and verified it
  14. Wow easy to get to with the engine in situ Hmmmmm Thanks
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