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  1. I have a few 5 pot Discharges they look like the 4 pot one same type that I had on my CVRW FOX they have the similar base . I am wondering which vehicle has 5 pots. Laurence
  2. tankdiver

    solex help

    Burlen fuel supplies in Salisbury do all vintage carbs and pumps. regards Laurence
  3. tankdiver


    I have a few 5 pot Discharges they look like the 4 pot one same type that I had on my CVRW FOX they have the similar base . I am wondering which vehicle has 5 pots. Laurence
  4. Replacement of leads are failry easy to pull through using a silicon grease /spray on old and new copper leads all the metal connections can be wire brushed before fitting all the best Laurence replace
  5. tankdiver

    BATUS Ferret 00CC78 Refurbish

    great vehicle and great refurbish well done Laurence
  6. tankdiver

    BATUS Ferret 00CC78 Refurbish

    Sealant Should not be necessary on the diaphragm but the diaphragm should be depressed level and not in the delivery position via the spring Once the diaphragm is depressed [to suction it could tear it ]allowing fuel into the oil A electric pump allows the vehicle to start without wearing out the starter. On most vehicles allowing the vehicle to idle will charge all of the oil galleries. I fitted two pumps on different electrical circuits in case one fails. I had a CVRW fox that had a Electric pump that failed and was hard to acess
  7. tankdiver

    British Army 12 x 12 Tent

    Hi repairing canvas I have used BISH tear mender I have British Army 6 ft poles ,connectors and steel pegs including storm pegs if you are short Laurence
  8. H i Guys I am wanting to fit a servo on the vehicle and want an adapter to change the pipe from 3/16" to 5/16" pipes does anybody know how to adapt. Laurence
  9. tankdiver

    Ferret brake pipe size

    thanks Jim its been a while since I replaced them and have 5/ 16 and 3/8 pipes and could not remember witch one it was.
  10. tankdiver

    Ferret brake pipe size

    H i Guys I have done many ferrets brake pipes but cannot remember the size of pipe please advise
  11. Rollers seem very good . When my garage was taken over by a Haulage firm an ERF was ran without coolant and siezed The boss stripped the head off put freeing oil down the bore and to our horror belted the pistons with a hammer and a piece of wood to free the pistons. After rebuilding the engine , they started it I thought it would be KNACKERED but they ran it without trouble Till I left 3 years later. Good mechanics ?
  12. tankdiver

    WANTED - CVR(W) Fox gearbox

    Mag Hens teeth are easier to find. it took me ages and I think I got the last NOS one doug Matterson in Scotland did my old one up for his friend. You will have to repair it. tterson Have one to sell? Sell it yourself BLACK High Temperature Paint VHT Exhaust Stove BBQ Grille 650 Degrees 500ml Can
  13. tankdiver

    Engine crane hoist

    I have a block and tackle I used to take out a J60 give me a ring 01980 862330 if you want it I am near Salisbury Laurence
  14. tankdiver

    Ferret Steaming

    Fitting a expansion bottle to take the overflow is a simple job they did it on the SAS jeeps I have had 5 Ferrets and have done this mod If you cannot get a gasket for the manifold Make one out of copper sheet a old hot water cylinder comes in handy  I made a mod on the exhaust manifold to reduce the exhaust leak at the expansion pipes and it was so quite and gave me over 10 to 12 mpg it was posted a few years ago with pics