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  1. Hi Nick Its a lot of work just actually getting to the props and then that stupid brake adjuster ??? I think some army drivers forgot to take the handbrake off as they were often done. Its a good brake when adjusted correct. The polecat is a lot more stable than my Fox was and is faster . I still have Raden Shells for the fox eg steel 30mm and I think titanium ones from helicopters they are green to brass looking if you are interested. I also have tinwork covering the propshafts etc Regards Laurence
  2. If you want to register it .save time and go to champ owners club they are great Jerry Toms did mine and was amazing had it done in a Jiff. The DVLA will have you going around in circles as I have found to my cost. Laurence
  3. Regarding the red nuts if they are taken off with even a little air in them air in them it may kill you . when I was teaching mechanics I ,used a picture from Dunlop tyres on the imprint of death which was a tyre fitter blasted into the ceiling of the workshop when not using a cage. So be careful when working on tyres even push bikes. Laurence
  4. Fitting the inserts for run flats can be a hard chore i had to do two on a ferret which took a whole morning . It may take a little less time for a younger guy as I was in my 70s at that time. Hope I dont have to do them again Laurence Richard I found the method on fitting the rubber inserts the same as you did after several attempts but they are an awkward lump Laurence
  5. Fitting the inserts for run flats can be a hard chore i had to do two on a ferret which took a whole morning . It may take a little less time for a younger guy as I was in my 70s at that time. Hope I dont have to do them again Laurence
  6. Getting it registered can be a chore best get help from a club eg MVT or the DVLA will send you round the houses. Laurence
  7. Thanks Nick I am at present doing a Austin Champ stripping every thing off it , restoring and welding ,it long job and into its second year. In the summer I will restart the polecat and ferret ready for shows
  8. Bureaucrats love working in circles to cause confusion and to keep their jobs. Just look at Brexit . I no longer have deacts only replicas but the law on them is a little stupid to say the least. Its hard enough keeping up with there stupid decisions on our hobby. I understand that if you belong to a history group eg MVT then the replicas dont need to be painted a bright colour is this correct
  9. £45 pounds an hr is very cheap my local garage is over £100 an hr. Working on these vehicles are harder than cars and if you cannot do the repairs and maintenance yourself then it going to be costly .I hope you find a good repairer at a good rate.
  10. Just on the finish line only the tin work and seat to go in . I am always amazed at how the motor vehicle industry was in the 1950 to the 1980 there was a lack of good design. Having said that there was some brilliant changes ;- Disc brakes ' independent suspension. engine and suspension subframes, power brakes and even flasher indicators, so thing have progressed. I started my motor apprenticeship in the early 1960 so have experienced lots of changes in the trade. I became a Lecture in motor vehicle and learned a great deal but as colleges did not allow us to keep up with advances in the trade my 5th year students were outstripping my Knowledge so I took early retirement and bought various military vehicles to have fun in bringing them back to life. Actually doing the hand brake was fidelity but OK the hard part is getting to it
  11. Just started the replacement of the shoes on the transmission brake on the FOX POLECAT To replace them :-take out seat ,undo transmission plates / covers , remove cotter pin and floor bracket on the forward reverse .. If a handbrake is present undo prop shaft nuts, remove 15/16 nut on the hub brake band. remove hub/ brake drum , this may be difficult and a puller may be required once out remove brake bands and replace. Sounds simple but 7hrs in a small space to remove is another matter and poor design + small clips/nuts for the mechanic causes longer time in a small space and for a 70 year old the old joints are stiff. I will need to let s With the poor design on removing the cotter it would not clear the front floor plate by 10mm so the front plate had to be disconnected to allow clearance. The brake hub would not clear the propshaft so the rear panel also needed to be removed to allow clearance for the hub to miss the propshaft just a litle thought would save a lot of time Looking at the brake failure I think the shoes have stuck on the drum and pulled the linings off. This vehicle has been stored for years in Museums and private collections and has only done 134 miles when I got it so it is almost new. but has had small issues to get it road legal and an epic sarga for registration A point when parking our vehicle over winter is to chock the wheels and leave the brakes off Well tomorrow I will build the hand brake up then complete the other side Sorry that the pictures have not come out in order
  12. Have fun I think the Green Goddess is needed to put out your fumes
  13. Dont we love the DVLA . Next time I have to register I first will buy a Green Goddess to put out my fumes
  14. Generally give way to the right was as the way I was taught in the middle sixties seems sensible otherwise chaos will occur There are different rules abroad
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