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    Ingoldby Transporter reference

    Thanks for the info regarding the book. I am now considering what other vehicles to do, but it would be nice to have access to some measurements. This one is on hold until I get more info, although I took it out to South Witham for a short photo shoot Paul
  2. cenuij

    New (ish) member

    Thanks for the welcome, Oh, I already want one. Over the years, I thought my favourite vehicle would be a Scammell Explorer, but I've recently opened my eyes to a wider selection. Paul
  3. cenuij

    Ingoldby Transporter reference

    Thanks for the replies, I thought that the IWM may just ignore me. I may explore that though, they may not. Thanks. Paul
  4. cenuij

    New (ish) member

    Hi Michael, Thanks for the welcome. I live in Lincolnshire, but originally from Northants. Paul
  5. Hi, I am new to the forum and would like to contribute at some point. I am a 3d CAD designer and decided to use my abilities to create some 2d drawings and 3d CAD models of rare older vehicles that only exist in photographs and drawings. Because of this, I may have to use odd methods to get measurements (often guess work). I have searched the internet and came to the conclusion that only a single photo of the 'Ingoldby transporter' is available. A problem if you would like to build a model or reconstruction. I have included some images of the 3d model I have made so far. I would appreciate any comments regarding mistakes and I would also be happy to accept new info on this vehicle, particularly the drive train, axles and such. When finished, the 3d models can be used for 3d printing if anyone wanted a scale model. Or if I get enough info with detail, I could create full 2d drawings for manufacturing a full scale replica if someone was mad enough to build one. Hope you can help and enjoy the pictures. If you have any idea's of other vehicles that could be tackled, then let me know. Paul
  6. Hi and happy new year. This is my first post although I have been a member for quite some time. I don't have a vehicle, but I browse the forum often and drool over the restorations and vehicles. I have been interested in history and military vehicles since I was a nipper. some great work here. Cheers Paul
  7. Hi, Been on the side lines when it comes to Military vehicles, always loved them since i was a wee boy. Not been in a position to give one shelter and feed it. My names Paul, i work as a designer for a large yacht manufacturer in Northants. I build 3d models all day. I have recently became aware of a Scammell Explorer thats looks like its on the edge of destruction and i am trying to pluck up the courage to ask both the owner and my girlfriend about saving it. That aside, i am building a 3d model of the Explorer and i want to get the best detail into it i can. (if anyone has pictures of the chassis the would be gratefully accepted). Well thats me, glad to be here great forum. Thanks Paul