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  1. I think for my part what I will remember about this years show will be, the faces of the gurkhas with **** up to there elbows smiling from yet another disgusting toilet cubicle. And all the miserable unfriendly Officials who were always ready to make you feel awkward for any minor indescretion you may have inadvertantly caused. One day when I went to get some water in the chevy I was accosted and demands were made about the relevance of my movements, fair enough it was early in the week and it had got muddy, ill get my water and park for the day no worries, as this happened a couple of kids on pit bikes rode on through obviously friends of the 15 yr old officials, hands were raised nothing was said.i noticed similar occurances and blind eyes turned over the week. Upon leaving coming down out of the kitcheners field through the mud 10 blokes pushing a stuck campervan , I came through leaving 30yds gap got 3/4 way through then got shouted to stop , tried to explain that I need to keep rolling as towing a trailer and I might get stuck. When I got up to the top was verbally abused by some ****head and chastised and was actually told that I should have just got stuck and cause the other vehicles leaving behind to get stuck aswell. Maybe this is some of the reasons for sundays fiasco. I appreciate that I was probably in the wrong and theres alot going on that we dont really have to deal with. But who likes a bolliking when there on holiday? I think this was around my 16th yr of attendance.i should imagine we have taken around 20 different mv over the years, not an imps member so pay full price every year, costs hundreds in fuel over the 300 mile round trip.hundreds on camping/canvas etc...thousands spent on the stalls.we always try to make a good camp and paint up a vehicle each year to bring.always a good buzz beforehand shall we get this or buy that, dont forget were changing this over or adding something else, this goes on for weeks beforehand.this is what I always loved about the show, nowhere else had the same appeal. This is now tainted by the nonsense, I will not attend again. Maybe the gurkhas should man the gates and the others can clean up the s###! We have paid for our own toilet facilities for the last few years and the pump shower we bring Is perfectly adequate, so the old showers and toilet debate is irrelevant.
  2. After checking through the camping gear ready for the off in a few days,the lovely layer of dust on canvas reminded me of last years show. I see on the w+p website that some seeding was undertaken and from the pics from last september looks pretty good. No further mention or pics of how it all looks down there now, atleast that I could find. Im hoping for buttercup covered rolling meadows.:cheesy: whos had a look?
  3. just to add, the canadian built version of the dodge wc 52 although asthetically the same is narrower by around 6" at 77" wide. arguably this makes for a much neater rear end in my opinion, and will also squeeze into the garage a little easier.lol jimmy
  4. great work howard, im looking forward to see it in the flesh. do army cars still have any of these trailors? jimmy.
  5. that vehicle is every bit as fun as it looks. after the weekend we had i cant stop thinking about it .an obsession is developing. looks like i may be having a sell up...
  6. nice one mark, glad you are coming. am already looking forward to seeing it in (on) the water. see you next weekend. jimmy.. late entries will still be welcome, please contact stuart @ somerleyton for details.
  7. not long till this show, hopefully with the weather we have been having it looks like this could be a great family weekend. check the site www.somerleyton.co.uk for the details. anyone wishing to attend, i have a copy of the booking in form to give out. let me have your emails and i will pass it on. jimmy. amphibious vehicles especially welcome and most wanted please
  8. paul, would be great to rendezvous if possible. are you not coming to bolero? i was thinking if i left hardwick around 4.00 pm sunday afternoon the roads should be reasonably clear. if all goes to plan i should be eating a stunning mixed grill in the pub by 8.00pm. :-D
  9. i was thinking of driving on to the w+p show after bolero in the weapons carrier. is anyone else planning something similar.? jimmy
  10. i dont mind in the slightest. im sure there will be room for a couple of extra people with us. jimmy
  11. nice work. whats the plan, will it remain stock?. ive got one of these aswell. its diesel powered with a straight 6 york. i do have a 6.2 v8 diesel to fit in eventually,i think the cummins would have been a better choice but i came across the 715 gearbox adapter plate to fit the v8 so i went with that, just got to get a bellhousing to fit it. over here in uk this stuff is a little harder to get. and most 6.2diesel were fitted to auto transmissions of course.im sure the ebay will help. keep the pics coming jimmy
  12. forgive my ignorance but, im guessing its the bottom runner, could it be removed and repaired reasonably with a cemical metal ,and replaced the other way up? this would stop most of the water getting in! would be a cheap easy fix. i have a steel top on my 715 and without looking im sure it could be easy enough????? :undecided:
  13. i can remember not so many years ago when you had to pay for a scrap metal skip to be delivered to work, or having to pay to have a knackered car collected. now with the prices of around 150 tonne (est)for scrap ferrous or 1000,s for non, you can realise why theivery is so rife, surely if you are guilt free and that way inclined things could never have been so good,which is why things will only get worse untill the laws change. my concern is also that with all these materials etc being shipped off to china to help there fantastic economic growth, what the hell are we likely to be paying for things in the future when we import it back again as something else. prices of raw materials from the steel stock holders are now enough to make your eyes water, this has a knock on effect with customers not wanting work done where neccessary or if they do, screwing you down on costs which can only really be acheived by narrowing down on material thicknesses which obviously means less strength and quality. i think there is a much more disturbing underbelly issue to all this. another fact is the historical loss, when its gone its gone,and all for a little unscrupuless cash in hand money.:cry:
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