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  1. Only have one if you are still in need?
  2. My Morris commercial jack is that colour, bit like John Deere tractors
  3. Pair of wheel scotches. These are the smaller ones, would suit Morris quod etc. £120
  4. The only one shown in the repair aids is for a cv 30-cwt. might be the same colors mark
  5. For sale tiny Tim charging set, runs very well, starts with rope or battery. £150
  6. Hi Tomo.t Diameter of the wheels is 38 1/2" hope this helps.
  7. Hi, can anyone identify this pair of wheels? the tyres are Dunlop and thee are hubs and an axel with them.
  8. Hello, David, It's Mark Gillatt. Still, at the same place, you came to look at the Cromwell many years ago.
  9. 56" here you can have, will cost you a sausage. I can take to Newark auto jumble tomorrow if it helps.
  10. Nash quad in kids play park, Data plates where missing.spotted today in North Argentina.
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