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  1. morris c8 fat

    Morris C8 F.A.T fan belt

    Thanks all for the help :-D
  2. morris c8 fat

    Morris C8 F.A.T fan belt

    :blush: Ok I know I should know it .But what is the Ferodo V number for the Morris C8 fan belt and any one got a spare?:cool2:
  3. there are some springs and pistons on evil bay at the moment but Morris commercial seems to bring up CD,s and other rubbish
  4. I wonder what became of the 50 odd Boyds anti tank guns sold in Exchange and Mart in 1977/8 shot gun licence required! :cool2:
  5. morris c8 fat

    1942 Humber Armoured Car MK IV "barn find"

    I want to hold it and hug it and love it and pet it. Sorry ia:wow:m drooling
  6. morris c8 fat

    Morris C8 Quad front drums and hubs

    ok i will start the bid at £20 for the pair if you will hold them I really want an:cool2: engine if it can be rebuilt though
  7. morris c8 fat

    Mark V/V11 Trench Water Cart

    Probably a long shot but in the 60s there was something like that in the old cavalry barracks Kirkey/mickman Colchester when the Foot and Mouth was going round it may have been the bleach mix I was only a little lad then but it stuck in my memory.
  8. morris c8 fat

    Morris C8 Quad winch

    pm me and i will send some photos via my phone
  9. morris c8 fat

    British 105mm Tank Shell Cartridge Cases

    primer is struck so not electric could be DM1101A2 LOSDAC-14-3
  10. morris c8 fat

    British 105mm Tank Shell Cartridge Cases

    the one I have is 105/617 DM60 LOS LM Z-1-23 It came from a CENT A.O.P. 26 Regt I think.
  11. morris c8 fat

    Scammell Explorer needing a new home!

    Also same seller baby one £1000.00:wow:
  12. morris c8 fat

    Fingringhoe Ranges , Colchester .

    I use to go down to a place called Friday Woods in the 60s wow that long ago there was all sorts once upon a time and I was forever being told off for bringing (STUFF).home that had to be disposed off as my dad was in the Army. I followed him and am still picking up old bits.
  13. morris c8 fat

    For sale: 12 x 12 tent

    I AM interested as I need cover for the Morris Quad to get some repairs done im in Southend on sea Essex.
  14. morris c8 fat


    big long shot but any one know if there is a workshop / garage space with electrics available end of september to put the Morris Quad up.