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  1. morris c8 fat


    I think he maybeon about the number 5 body
  2. morris c8 fat

    Morris commercial water pump reconditioning set

    if no C4 takers can I have it please
  3. morris c8 fat

    Morris commercial water pump reconditioning set

    would it suit a C8 ?
  4. morris c8 fat

    Vehicle type

    Morris Commercial C8 Quad ? though the butttler side light seems too high
  5. morris c8 fat

    For Sale Wheel Scotches

    damm to late again any one else got a set for a quad
  6. morris c8 fat

    Morris C8 F.A.T fan belt

    Thanks all for the help :-D
  7. morris c8 fat

    Morris C8 F.A.T fan belt

    :blush: Ok I know I should know it .But what is the Ferodo V number for the Morris C8 fan belt and any one got a spare?:cool2:
  8. there are some springs and pistons on evil bay at the moment but Morris commercial seems to bring up CD,s and other rubbish
  9. I wonder what became of the 50 odd Boyds anti tank guns sold in Exchange and Mart in 1977/8 shot gun licence required! :cool2:
  10. morris c8 fat

    1942 Humber Armoured Car MK IV "barn find"

    I want to hold it and hug it and love it and pet it. Sorry ia:wow:m drooling
  11. morris c8 fat

    Morris C8 Quad front drums and hubs

    ok i will start the bid at £20 for the pair if you will hold them I really want an:cool2: engine if it can be rebuilt though
  12. morris c8 fat

    Mark V/V11 Trench Water Cart

    Probably a long shot but in the 60s there was something like that in the old cavalry barracks Kirkey/mickman Colchester when the Foot and Mouth was going round it may have been the bleach mix I was only a little lad then but it stuck in my memory.
  13. morris c8 fat

    Morris C8 Quad winch

    pm me and i will send some photos via my phone
  14. morris c8 fat

    British 105mm Tank Shell Cartridge Cases

    primer is struck so not electric could be DM1101A2 LOSDAC-14-3