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  1. https://www.ebay.de/itm/132813615442
  2. Will be for sale, but want to know more about it first
  3. Anyone know any thing about this instrument? For what kind of artillery? How common is it?
  4. Hello Would I be allowed to use some of your photos in the Norwegian MV magaine Mud & Snow for an article about vehicles in Norway pre WWII ? The magaine is the clubmagaine of the norwegian MV club, so not a commercial magazine. redits will of course be given, and an example of the magazine can be sent to you BEst regards Rolf S. Ask Please answer to email rolf@hustegning.no
  5. Thanks Jack, but remember, never sell a walking mans pint glass...
  6. Thanks Hanno I even have bought me a C15 and getting it home sometime in the spring. But will not have time for it until late fall... Ohh... and do still have some of my other vehicles, and got a pile of motorcycles... so definitly back Rolf
  7. David, e-mail you street adress. Rolf
  8. Hello folks. I am back To you who have tried to contact me via e-mail, I have lost all my e-mails and adresses, so please try once more at rolf@hustegning.no I will slowly put out some MCC parts when I find time to do so, and have put up for sale Pistons in the for sale part here at HMVF, so check out. I will not have time to search in the stock for special items due to much work and hopefully building my new house, so be patient and check in for sale part here. And to you who bought some pistons earlier, I have found a new scrapper ring for you so please e-mail me and it will be in the postal system asap. Rolf
  9. Do you have a part number for the seal? Perhaps I have some in my stock. Rolf
  10. An idea to get broken bolts out is to weld a nut on it... that means put a nut on top and weld inside it.. but guess that is not an option in thsi case since you would not use heat due to the rubber boot. And I do have some od bolts and things that followed the MCC parts I did buy. Perhaps I have one bolt for you if you put out a picture and size og it.. Rolf
  11. Jukka Many very nice pirctures you have taken. I am always so amased seeing all the big dioramas people put up. Would be nice to bring my Chevrolet to Beltring one Year. Hopefully the ferry from Norway to Newcastle is back soon.... But perhaps I must do with an airfligt to England one Year soon, and just camp in a little tent at the show. Rolf
  12. Hi JeeperFINN Nice to know there will be more Chevrolets up and going Last time I was at Beltring was back in 2007 and did take pictures of all the Chevrolets I didd find. I think there might be 8 to 10 Chevrolets there every Year so theyh are not that many of them. I do not know of any extra bed for them, but for sure if I find one I'll inform you. Make sure you take a lot of pictures at the show and put them out here. Have a nice trip to the worlds biggest show Rolf
  13. That I appreciate very much !!!! I plan to start restoration on my Chev 1,5 ton so it would be nice to be able to kit it out with some cargo too... And at our meeting last month, somebody finaly started with dioramas. And this have given me a kick to get all my stuff down from the shelfs and show them and make a diorama of some sort.. Rolf
  14. q: does this jeep have four whell drive only on the rear wheels or also four wheel drive on the front wheels too?? And since I live in Norway a right hand driven Chevrolet C60L is not that common... But when I was polled over by the road legals for an inspection they did not bother to check if there was any light on the truck. Their consern was that "why are you sitting on that side?" Well the steering wheel is her I told them... Answer: "yeah I see that, but you must sit on the left side when driving it..." And then he wanted to check it to see if it had any good working brakes... So I climed out, and he in.. And nothing happend... "The gaspedal is not working" he told me.... I think you are allredy testing the brakes I replied.. The gas pedal is in the middel.. Then he just looked at me and climbed out.. "Have a nice trip" and he went away... Rolf
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