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  1. Welcome! Yes! I am an olive drab addict... Alamo 1943 GPWJeep
  2. Chris, Welcome to the H.M.V.F.! I have been to Victoria (I am from the other side of the 'Big Pond'!) in 1997 for the 25th Anniversary of my wedding. Lovely place. I have a GPW Jeep. Yes! I second Tony B., please, send pictures of the collection! Thank you! The alamo
  3. Welcome to the H.M.V.F.! My compliments for your 1942 Bedford, I have a 1943 GPW Jeep. the alamo
  4. Tony, since I was a teenager in my dreams there were an Harley-Davidson WLA and a Jeep. I have been able to get a GPW Jeep in 2004. An H-D is too expensive and I doubt I shall be able to buy one. However, I have a third choice: a Dodge Weapon Carrier!!! I love it! However, I live in a condominium in a big old city and a BIG problem is where to park our daily car (not enough garages), go figure where to to find a place for a Dodge weapon carrier!!! It is a dream, just a deam... Ciao! The Alamo
  5. Karl, Welcome to the H.M.V.F.! The Alamo
  6. Kev welcome! Get a WWII Jeep! An American friend used to say: "Remember: Real Jeeps are olive-drab, all others are wannabees". Thealamo
  7. I am a reenactor and I have a 1943 GPW Jeep. I collect military rifles both softair and dummy (such as the ones produced by the Spanish firm Denix). I have been many times to W&P and to Military Odyssey, where I meet my friends of the Mediterraneo Group. I also collect die cast military vehicles in 1/43 and 1/32 scale and 54 mm Britains model soldiers. the alamo
  8. Hi to all! I would like to receive info on the water can for the M1917A1 Water Cooled machine gun. This machine gun was mounted on the jeeps and I wonder what did happen to the water can: I cannot believe that it was just lying on the jeep floor rocking/rattling all around!! I suppose the can was fixed/attached somewhere on the jeep floor, but where and how? I have books on the jeep but I have not seen any photo showing it. I also need the original ammo can to be attached to the D7431 MG jeep mount: where can I get one by mail? Thank you for any help! Ciao! Alamo 1943 GPW Jeep MVT member NRA member
  9. May 11 2011 I have just obtained a dummy Browning M1917A1 water cooled machinegun for my Jeep. Now, I need the correct cradle D7431. I do not need a real one, it is too heavy (and, perhaps, expensive?) I prefer a replica. The dummy water cooled is a little more that 7 kilos (around 15 pounds) and a real heavy cradle is useless. Any suggestion where I can buy one? I also need the correct ammo can and a water chest. I am a reenactor and I am in Italy and we here do not have (yet!!) problems with the VCR. Any help suggestion is most welcome!! Thank you! Ciao! Alamo
  10. May 11 2011 Hi to all! This is my first posting. I like 'green machines' and since I was a teenager I dreamed to have a WLA Harley-Davidson and a Jeep! Five years ago I was able to buy a GPW Jeep: my wish come true! I go to War & Peace and to Military Odissey and enjoy them a lot. I also am a reenactor. I need help in getting a replica mount for a dummy Browning machingun for my Jeep and I am posting my request in the gun section of this Forum. Please, check it! THANKS a lot! Ciao Alamo P.S. Why "Alamo"?? Because I am a fan and a student of The Alamo (Texas), remember the famous 1960 John Wayne movie?
  11. Mar 11 2010 I am a new member. Have an interest in military vehicles and I have a GPW Jeep. Am from Italy and go to War & Peace and Military Odyssey shows. Also am a reenactor (a G.I.) and I collect 1/43 scale die cast military vehicles. Have an interest in military railways HO-1/87 scale. Ciao! The Alamo
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