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  1. 20" for road wheel and 19" for the idler. don't me why they made the idler an inch smaller!
  2. i'm not sure why the tag wouldn't apply to all tanks but if you want to give it a good home i'd like it for my covenanter
  3. i tow my dingo on a 3 axle trailer and have done hundreds of miles with no problems. it's also under the weight limit of 3.5t just make sure the towing vehicle is rated to pull and that the tow bar is as well
  4. pretty sure it's oep220 in the steering box
  5. nice one mick, much appreciated.
  6. that's a fair price, i'll take them for the asking price. cheers
  7. type "throat mic" on ebay and you'll get thousands of hits. it might be easier and cheaper to get a motorbike intercom kit and fit it inside whatever headset you want
  8. about 5m away from the pit entrance is a hump in the path, there's a piece of churchill track sticking up from the ground. i have a feeling the hump is made up from bits of tank that was bulldozed out of way during a clean up.
  9. lol i was there on saturday it's the hull mg plate from the left side of a cromwell great minds think alike!
  10. don't build a replica a13, if you want to get stuck into something early then how about an a9. i know of a wreck that is recoverable. much better to do a resto than a replica
  11. i have some spare damaged track links you are welcome to
  12. nothing happening at the moment. far too busy working. although i have built a new shed for it.
  13. i dug one up a couple of years ago but before that another forum member dug some up near dartmoor but they were in such poor condition they were scrapped
  14. pretty sure shaun mitchell took over the carden loyd
  15. cromwell was 1.5 mpg on the road but i was averaging about 0.3 mpg when at a show due to constant turns and gear changes
  16. not many people would make the inside as good as the outside. good for you mate. if a jobs worth doing
  17. mike just saw the merredin post. it's valentine track in the pic.
  18. thanks richard, i didn't know that
  19. going rate is £10 per link for nos track, there's a few quid there mike. even if it's worn
  20. something that i've just started using and been very impressed with is hydrochloric acid aka brick cleaner, you can immerse the part or just cover the surface. works great but only on steel, if ally or brass then just a 30 second dip is all that's needed. good for small parts that would be damaged by more aggressive cleaning. brings up brass shell cases like new
  21. so basically someone has bought it from the landowner and flogged it to someone else. wish i'd have thought of that
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