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  1. Panzer 2 turret

    great work
  2. Panzer 2 turret

  3. Dorking covenanter recovery

    i thought it was a good show and was pleased they didn't try to take all the credit. i plan to go back down soon and bring the tank back to manchester
  4. Dorking covenanter recovery

    don't know if i'll do a review but certainly be something to talk about
  5. Nice collection of Tracked AFV's up for auction

    i'll be there and going to have a bid on a tank or two
  6. Dorking covenanter recovery

    the tank episode will be on the history channel at 9pm on the 23rd, hope it's more fact than fiction!
  7. Centurions from scrapyard

    there were another 2 that i know of. a conqueror and a chieftain
  8. 17 pounder gun sight

    i have 2 or 3 so not very rare.
  9. Centurions from scrapyard

    thanks robin great to see the tank in action. i had wondered why it seemed to glow in the dark and now i know
  10. Hello From A Prospective Daf 4x4 Owner

    i had a few and thought they were great trucks.
  11. Dorking covenanter recovery

    looking forward to seeing it
  12. Panzer 2 turret

    by the way the british gunners didn't need to move their heads whilst aiming the gun as the 2 pdr had free elevation and the gunner used his legs (assisted by a spring loaded seat) to aim and control the whole gun and mantlet. those early gunners were a special breed
  13. Panzer 2 turret

    that's a very impressive bit of fabrication.
  14. "Hunting" engine

    the esiest thing to do would be to have a fiddle with the volume control screw on the carb (not the stereo) might be a rich mixture making it hunt
  15. 1942 Humber Armoured Car MK IV "barn find"

    good luck with it mate