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  1. pretty sure shaun mitchell took over the carden loyd
  2. cromwell was 1.5 mpg on the road but i was averaging about 0.3 mpg when at a show due to constant turns and gear changes
  3. not many people would make the inside as good as the outside. good for you mate. if a jobs worth doing
  4. mike just saw the merredin post. it's valentine track in the pic.
  5. thanks richard, i didn't know that
  6. going rate is £10 per link for nos track, there's a few quid there mike. even if it's worn
  7. something that i've just started using and been very impressed with is hydrochloric acid aka brick cleaner, you can immerse the part or just cover the surface. works great but only on steel, if ally or brass then just a 30 second dip is all that's needed. good for small parts that would be damaged by more aggressive cleaning. brings up brass shell cases like new
  8. so basically someone has bought it from the landowner and flogged it to someone else. wish i'd have thought of that
  9. not guilty mate some other bugger had that churchill away
  10. the steering tillers on a 432 are really long to give you enough leverage to stop the buggar. make them as long as you can
  11. how many people got to see it on the downs, much better to restore it and put it on display. it's also been slowly stripped of parts over the years, how much longer before there was a hull and nothing more!
  12. the famous bob grundy green
  13. i like everyone else has struggled with getting the correct shade, however bob grundy has found the exact colour and it can be purchased from hmg paints in manchester, infact i'm picking up a 5l tin tomorrow and will let you know the code
  14. nice find. he seemed quite pleased with it
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