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  1. jon these are muff couplings and propshaft for your steering box, at least i think they are, if memory serves me right.( it's been a long time since i messed around with 432 series)
  2. if i had a pound for everytime someone said that to me, i'd still be skint if i can help out i will and good for you for taking on such an ambitious project and making it happen. not many about that could do it, myself included
  3. no worries i'll dig them out tomorrow and put up a pic, if you need them you can have them in exchange for a crate of foster's
  4. really coming along now john, excellent work. i think i might have the steering box to engine propshaft somewhere as well as the half moons that connect it to the final drive. let me know if you need them and i will have a shufti for them.
  5. i'm sure we'll get to meet up, i might even come over to your workshop for a mooch one day.
  6. i'd love too but i still owe the guy a chunk of money so it's still sitting in his yard but it won't be long before i can scratch the rest up. to be honest it was an impulse buy as i bumped into the seller at malvern and made a bid on the spot. he accepted and i then had to come up with the money from somewhere the day i sold it i vowed to buy it back one day if it ever became available.
  7. The T16 restoration story has had a happy ending. I have just bought it back from the dealer i sold it to 6 years ago
  8. thanks mick. my dingo leaks like a sieve so those part numbers will come in handy. cheers
  9. took these pics from a mates dingo
  10. hi chris the first pic looks like the inner hull plate. the second is an upturned engine deck. like definitely cromwell/centaur. i'd like to go up for a look around
  11. i'll have them bob if they're still available
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