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  1. eddy8men

    Various parts

  2. eddy8men

    Various parts

    half now, half later
  3. eddy8men

    Various parts

    i'll have them bob if they're still available
  4. eddy8men

    Daimler Dingo starter

    richard merry xmas and thank you from me also. i haven't heard of a starter motor with an over ride before. i'll keep that in mind. much better than a big screwdriver and a lot of sparks
  5. eddy8men

    Daimler Dingo starter

    i have just bought a dingo in the states and the starter motor has just packed in before they got it to the port. i did wonder if it was the the seller asking for a replacement but that doesn't seem to be the case
  6. eddy8men

    Panzer 2 turret

    i'm also looking into having track cast so will follow this thread with even more interest. i had considered use old track melted down to make the new, that way you know you're getting the right manganese steel. there's a foundry near me that i've got in mind for doing the casting. you could even do it yourself if you had the time and inclination
  7. eddy8men

    Centurion Tank engine manifolds

    i could use those
  8. eddy8men

    Panther and Tiger panzer parts

    i have a maybach dynamo and magneto/distributor
  9. eddy8men

    propane gun simulator circuit boards

    hi colin i fancy having a bash at a gas firing besa. put me down for one. cheers
  10. eddy8men

    WW2 treasure hunters

    the where is sorted it's the when that needs a bit of thought !
  11. eddy8men

    WW2 treasure hunters

    i was due to take part in this series but they asked me too late and we just couldn't get anything in place before the filming started, however on a plus note i have 4 tanks to dig up when i get the time
  12. eddy8men


    it has another 200hp
  13. eddy8men


    great work, hope all goes well
  14. eddy8men

    Wanted Cromwell engine and turret

    there will be turrets being made soon for cromwell if you are interested in a repro