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  1. eddy8men

    Panzer 2 turret

    i have to agree with you there, just got to get the buggar working
  2. eddy8men

    Panzer 2 turret

    i'll be interested to see how you get on with the wheels, polyurethane rubber is something i've considered doing on tank wheels. hope it goes well
  3. eddy8men

    Cent parts book

    thanks bob. i now have 4 centurions so i've a feeling i'll be needing it
  4. eddy8men

    Cent parts book

    i'll have it bob if it's not already sold. cheers
  5. eddy8men

    Dig for Victory Show


    look forward to going
  6. eddy8men


    thanks bob
  7. eddy8men


    Funnily enough that was the only piece missing ;)
  8. eddy8men


    i'll take it bob. cheers. i'll put it on the covenanter
  9. eddy8men


    hi john you could speak to peter grieve at flight engineering in leeds. he rebuilds meteors and merlins and will have figured out most tricks involved in the process tel. 0113 2430792 regards rick
  10. eddy8men

    mk1 stolly

    a friend sent me this on facebook. too many projects for me to do it but someone might need a challenge
  11. eddy8men

    latest purchase

    nice tank
  12. eddy8men

    Leyland Daf Army Truck - Mechanic Required

    by the way a 4x4 truck doesn't need under run bars for MOT
  13. eddy8men

    Shipping Canada to UK

    i'll keep my ears open for you
  14. eddy8men

    Q. Re QF 75mm on Cromwell

    great work. it's hard enough doing it with all the bits in front of you, so trying to figure it all out from pictures and drawings is something else. well done
    1. eddy8men


      got quite a few still on the shelf but thanks for the heads up. cheers rick