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  1. yes mate you did me a good turn. my original box is repairable but it's nice to have a good one that requires no effort
  2. yes richard. i've not unboxed it yet but it looks nos. (way too busy with work)
  3. Nothing happening as the engine guy has got another job working at a college so not sure how h3 wants to proceed. It's the last real bit of the puzzle i need
  4. wheels have been bought. thanks for the tip
  5. thanks i'll take it off and have a shufti at the seals.
  6. i need a clutch master cylinder if you have one
  7. you've been a busy bee mate. excellent job so far
  8. i bought the cent with the tree growing out of it
  9. hi tom i have a 4 speed box, the gears are a little worn but it's usable. i also have the output gear that fits into the diff. you will also need the dished flange as well but i don't have one i'm afraid.
  10. 20" for road wheel and 19" for the idler. don't me why they made the idler an inch smaller!
  11. i'm not sure why the tag wouldn't apply to all tanks but if you want to give it a good home i'd like it for my covenanter
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