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  1. i'll dig them out and have a shufti to see what condition they are in. i've also got a load of abbott shell cases and a few other bits
  2. all wrecks belong to and are administered by the defence training estate in warminster. they seem ok wioth the idea of selling them but they have to be offered for tender through normal mod disposals. if the wrecks are on an old range the area has to be cleared by eod first
  3. i had stuck plates on my centurion and managed to free them off with a steam cleaner
  4. there are plans afoot to remove all the hulks from mod land.
  5. the mk1 is worth saving but just make sure you have a lot of spare time on your hands before you tackle it
  6. lol the ships sails tomorrow. was not the message i wanted to hear tonight
  7. you have my respect. i can stick two bits of steel together but anything electric would be unlikely to end well for me i'm glad you persevered and overcame the problems. one more step toward the big day!
  8. i think you'll be surprised how easy it is, the only requirement is shiny steel surfaces . if you get it clean it will solder
  9. have you thought of doing the repair yourself using solder. it's really easy, i did one of my cromwell tanks and didn't struggle. just make sure the area is really clean. i used normal plumbing joint solder laid on top of the hole then applied heat with a blow lamp although you might want to use a large soldering iron as sometimes the flame made the joint dirty if it take take quickly enough
  10. i'll go with richards thoughts on small tractor final drives. whatever it is i'll bet you're glad you got hold of them
  11. always nice to meet a fellow lunatic. (there's not enough of us about). glad you got the final drives sorted, it looked to be the last major piece of the puzzle, apart from the tracks that is. keep up the good work. when you've finished we'll have a chat about something bigger
  12. i went up on saturday when the range was closed for a shufti and found the parts chris has already shown as well as a nice piece of side armour still with the idler attached.
  13. jon these are muff couplings and propshaft for your steering box, at least i think they are, if memory serves me right.( it's been a long time since i messed around with 432 series)
  14. if i had a pound for everytime someone said that to me, i'd still be skint if i can help out i will and good for you for taking on such an ambitious project and making it happen. not many about that could do it, myself included
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