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  1. 2 June the Harley WLA and WLC guys are getting together on the coast, details on the Facebook groups. The Brit DR's will mostly be based at Etreham, best bet is to watch the WM20 BSA forum site for info. there will be rides pretty much everyday. German riders, there's usually a number, at the last big gathering I saw one big group and a few guys on their own, they looked very impressive. I did hear a rumor they wanted to keep themselves to themselves as they didn't want to cross paths with the Allies out of respect I think it was, which I respect..however on talking to a few of the Brit DR's including myself there were no ill feelings and personally would have liked to have ridden together. If there is a record run it is just Allied if I recall, but if any German Riders are reading this, pretty certain you'd be very welcome, I have no issue, of course some will have strong feelings but pretty sure if any rider turns up to ride with anyone the etiquette is always just to ask around and check its OK as you would on any ride. I'd love to see some German motorcycles, I will look out for them and always have a chat, so image there would be a place at the back on the big rides out, I'm happy to ride side by side with any DR anytime.
  2. Hello All Just renewing my insurance at the moment, I've moved everything over to Cherish / APlan for multi motorcycle, I'm in for £134 with them...Footman James however wanted a renewal from last year £169 to £358! Safe to say it wasn't hard to choose. Thankfully my old policy isn't one that auto-renews, which I have heard they can do..
  3. Greenlanekit

    Triumph 5SW

    Looks interesting Ron...hope alls well,
  4. Hello All Been a while since I posted. Looking for a new toy and looking to pick peoples brains. Recently missed out on a Staff car or two so thinking these Russian side cars motorcycles seem tough, can get myself and 2 passengers on and seem a bit of fun. I know nothing about them, parts, reliability. I know there is a Civvy model and a military model but not much else. (Not too keen on the Chinese version) So any thoughts, advice please be very well received it be just, for the odd run out, no major trips and my pot of gold wont stretch to a proper German one sadly...although a project might be considered, even a WLA..Thanks, Kit
  5. Hi Sam, there were a few, try asking the Guys on the BSAWM20 forum a few chaps have Fleas and will tell you everything from washer size to paints ;-) My experience of paints - Dont use enamel as I have it chips far to easily but does patina well, some OD is porous. Some Fleas were Brown some OD, depending on what year yours is and what you want it to rep. I think late war most things were the US OD as it came Lense / Lease from the US. http://www.wdbsa.nl/
  6. With a great deal of sadness 'Nan' is for sale, almost parted with her last year but couldn't as some of you may recall but now due to continued lack of a 9-5 this is it and time to let her go. If you look closely in the airfield scenes of the Brad Pitt film 'Allied' you'll spot her. My Grandfather drove one of these around his airfield as many Ground Crew did. -1942 Fordson Industrial that has a few 'Standard' bits added over the years. -High Gear, cruises at 16 mph with govn'r -Complete with Brockhouse Mk3 Trolley, as used on Memphis Belle, may split but they make a great rig. Recently painted the same OD as 'Nan' -Great reg ---XAF -New Water pump -New mag -New rear tyres -New leads, plugs, Dizzy cap -All new oils, comes with what I have left gear/Engine oils/manuals -Approx £50 of Kerosene in a 205 ltr barrel -Refurb'd steering wheel -Narrow wings & foot plates replaced with newer ones -Behind the tool box there is the usual frost damage & on the head, when stripped they are very old repairs don't leak or cause any cause for concern. -Correct and extremely rare military tow hitch. -Photos of her refurb. -Brass extinguisher Short video I made to show a mate of mine done about a month ago called 'Basic Fordson N starting' from cold, 2nd turn start..Another on a very leisurely cruise to the pub £6000 for the pair. Highly desireable Fordson, rarely on the market coming from RAF St Eval in Cornwall nr Wadebridge which was a Costal Bomber Command base of which there were 3 towing bowsers mainly. Kit mobile 07824 345159 Located nr Milton Keynes
  7. Please drop me a line if you have one or a copy, thanks...
  8. Well the front wheels aren't budging atall, has anyone had the same issues as me here?
  9. This is whats on it currently, next week I'm painting the trolley to green..
  10. Hi Trolley Friends So after the ex-wife didn't clean me out, I held onto everything but the Austin. The bomb trolley I have needs tyres, they are 18x7. Options- fit forklift ones which have an unsightly tread pattern, fit lawn mower ones which are not for road use but might work, find others. I have found others but are sizes 18x7-8? What ever that is or 18x7 tubeless. Questions- will the 18x7-8 fit, will tubeless work , can you fit a tube inside a tubeless if I need to, grass tread ones might not hold the weight but I'll be doing very few miles on the road to local shows. What are we thinking Gents?sorry I'm at a bit of a loss, can fit forklift ones as a last resort. Also still having trouble getting wheels off, undone all the nuts, not touched the hubs and won't budge, any one know the drill
  11. So it seems to me that this is quite a poor decision to make, what do you think? You can't erase history and historical places. I think that clearly although rather one terrible Chap and not the kind you'd invite round for tea, these kinds of places should be kept as reminders of what can happen when things go very wrong in the human race. The Berchegarden, Bunker in Berlin are all places I think should have been or be kept as a reminder. I do understand why they were destroyed as the world just wanted to eradicate everything and stop Neo nazis but now we are 70 years on these places do hold hugely significant historical importance in the world. Seems a huge loss to society as a whole this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3844584/Hitler-s-house-Austria-DEMOLISHED-stop-neo-Nazis-flocking-place-born.html http://www.itv.com/news/2016-10-18/hitlers-house-spared-demolition-but-will-be-disguised/ http://www.scrapbookpages.com/EaglesNest/Berghof.html
  12. Oh yeah sorry forgot that bit :-) I've had him up for £5k, I'd take £4800..
  13. Great little car, totally solid...solid running boards, all body panels, fitted sunroof, military Austin engine serviced 30 miles ago, 4 door saloon with traceable history from the Austin register. The '46 is just the same as the pre-war production apart from the solid rare bumper as pre-war had bumperettes. 'Harold' the Alligator nose Austin 8 came from Ireland and we used him so I could take my children to shows and events this year. Brand new bearings and cones at the front, new leads, plugs, oils, shock brackets and new fully refurbished Lomax shocks, He only needs a speedo cable and I would suggest brake shoes for next season. Happily does 40-50mph Would make a great Staff car or keep as is, he is ready to show, go and even register for film work. New bigger vehicle forces sale, located in a dry sealed storage unit near Woburn. We took him out last weekend to a rally and everything is tickey boo as it should, all he needs now is a new, warm, safe and caring home MOT and Tax exempt, Cash at time of purchase please.
  14. I maybe stupid but... My insurance company don't offer Classic commercial vehicle breakdown cover, does anyone know where I can get some?
  15. Selling some vehicles I've been looking after to thin out, not me the 'barn' :-) Fordson N Ind 'Nan' as we call her is a 1942 exRAF Tractor, came from RAF St Eval, high gear which crusies at 16mph happily. New oils,plugs,leads,fully greased, correct tow hitch which is actually a Hens tooth which I found for £400! new narrow wings, rear tyres, 28 rear rims reg is 'XAF' Mag is currently being rebuilt. She started out as an Industrial and has had a few bits changed over the years ie EN27 Steering column/EN27 Seat spring, still retains a few Ind features and the PTO pulley is in v good condition, the block is welded from frost damage which is behind the tool box and is no issue plus the head and again these are very old proper repairs-very common and not an issue Speaking to an ex WAAF at St Eval they had 3 on the airfield. Just been used in the WW2 film 'Allied' towing a full complement. Pics of the resto I did. £4k an extremley reluctant sell, ex RAF ones they hardly ever come up and I only wanted a genuine one. Mk3 Bomb trolley Brockhouse, in red primer currently, in very good condition for age and was used in Memphis Belle film, tyres alright but need replacing really although easily sourced-open to sensible offers, again its painfull to sell it genuinely.. Austin Eight '46 4 door saloon with sunroof. known as an 'Alligator nose' Black, pretty new brown interior, totally solid and no rust anywhere, paint job is 7 out of 10, military recon engine which does smoke a little on start but I don't do enough miles in her to worry, running boards are spot on which are unavailable. Just serviced her, cleaned out the oil pump/gauze, new plugs, leads, brand new front shocks and brackets. This is exactley the same as a pre-war to 1943 apart from the rear bumper which could be cut to bumperettes, then you'll have a really nice staff car, only real job to to is get the correct front badge which I'm waiting to get hold of. Fab happy fun little car we call 'Harold' quite a rare car but parts are readily available from a few helpful specialists £5k Please email or call me, 07824 345159, located in Milton Keynes area.
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