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  1. looking at most polish cars that i see on the streets of the uk i wonder how they could be legal any where.
  2. wear a good quality dust mask would be a good start
  3. think i would be inclined to get standard parts in better condition when in good condition and when hot the seal is adequate especially for a engine that sits behind crew.
  4. scaffolding poles are a very similar diameter yes i know they are alloy or bannisters can sell u some new ones i might even have some floating around!
  5. bannisters will no doubt have them or put u onto a lead where u can find one.
  6. think you are missing the point my post reflected many earlier discussions about vehicles posing as ex military to get into war and p cheaply, this can easily happen on any forum when one is new to it, am in no way suggesting that a ford transit is not a draw for many of us on this forum, i for one love seeing them displayed in ever more imaginative ways!:cool2:
  7. cor that took a while fluf !:-D, nothing wrong with un transits for carrying small cargo around, but who apart from you wants to see one on display at war and p? parked in the support car park maybe!
  8. its not overly easy from parts of sussex, for me last year it was a 100 pounds in fuel for a return trip.
  9. just give the mike to me i will give the mops all the stats on fscs they can handle!!!:cool2:
  10. most shows i go to i do visit the arena at least once on a two day show but after a while u do become choosy about which shows you will go in arena ie does commentator know what he was talking about when wp was at hop farm one commentator didnt like ferrets ,sometimes arena at shows are so bloody small and too many vehicles its just boring to go in, probably best two are hop farm with lots of fscs being driven quick and capel a local show where must of be going around arena at well bit than 5 mph!!!:cool2: had the ferret drifting around corners !well away from mops in case any of u lot go all h&s on me!
  11. yeh just slow down russkies for maybe 36 hours till it all went NBC!!!!:cool2:
  12. see a lot of people might have been, by friday , there a week or more already and if the forecast is rubbish and parked next to your pride and joy has been a UN marked ford transit ! well why not go home on friday!:cool2:
  13. regards sunday , it would be good if the show finished at 3, which would give owners time to get home sunday none of this do not pack your camp up till 6 on sunday or u might not be invited back bollocks!
  14. they did build a little bank this year about 3 foot high to the side of arena bit of a token gesture really!
  15. lauren theres good patches of land and some not so good! as in a lot of things !:cool2:
  16. and thats the crux of it the site can never be changed enough to be as good as the hop farm when show at hop farm used to take fsc in arena quite alot and that was being camped by fun fair, new site wouldnt dream of it ,all the time there is a caveat that the race course cant be disturbed the site will always be a compromise for us ,for rex its better no dealing with third party ie hop farm staff, bosses!:cool2:
  17. it is what it is agreed however any one who says its as good as the old site is talking ( balderdash!) :-D
  18. chances are as lee stated by Just sitting in fsc and starting her up /stopping going into fwd/reverse there is a fair chance that pedal will come back up .has your friend tried this?:cool2:
  19. component going over centre? move fwd reverse lever pedal might come back up?
  20. read my thread on ferret cooling probs turned out to be, after lots of other options tried, to be the valve that sits on top of rad not allowing system to pressurise properly
  21. shame lee especially at hop farm your pics were useful to check out extent of water ingress! into camp site!:-D
  22. well just back from capel and what a great show, weather on the whole good and hot ,layout great with more exhibitors and members of public this year, only second year of show, my brother managed to get a brand new 7x9 ridge tent ex army for 35 quid so he was well happy with that, good nr by local pub onsite bar food also good, lots of mvs plus a ot being thrashed around a very large arena also the superb t34 and t54 being driven properly! nice to run my ferret 1/2 the only one there with( bins and a spare wheel hah hah )around arena on Saturday ,money raised for help the heroes all good, top job by arena commentator very listenable ,really is a nice event plus they take the time to thank u at end of show for being there which is nice touch and a lot of events could learn from that! oh and on a sun the arena events finish at a good time for mv owners ie 3 pm, as u can tell top show, this will i feel continue to get bigger and bigger every year .:-D
  23. regretting selling your cvrt tent ? cant be without one ?
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