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  1. Here´s a Auster I photographed in June 2014 at the small airfield outside of Stockholm. It hasn't flown for quite some time. Don't know the story on this, unfortunately. H-Göran Norén
  2. Closeups of the hull. Rusty, perhaps, but I've seen worse....
  3. "has been withdrawn" No wonder, apart from all the aforementioned wrong things on this Jeep is the fact that he also sports the all important "TP35" / "TP25" markings above each wheel... WHO the heck started this practice? Ten years ago not a single Jeep, or any other MV for that matter, bore these tire pressure markings. Suddenly almost every single Jeep out there has to have TP35 above the wheels. After searching my quite substantial, it runs in the 1000's, WW2 photo archive, I still have to come up with any photos showing US Jeeps with the TP35/TP25 on them. I have had three (3) grainy images sent to me where markings can be seen, two of them saying "tire pressure 35" and one "TP35". I have a number of British Jeeps with the markings, but then mostly just "22" or "28" and no "TP". At least this Jeep had not "been in the D-Day invasion in the morning of June 6" Goran N
  4. Here are a few photos from Model A Ford Garage showing the gas tank fairly well. I guess a regular gas tank from a US Model A should be possible to use? Keep us posted, Goran N
  5. Not updated on the whereabouts of Valentine tanks, so where does this originate from? Sherman's appear on and off, but Valentines are hens teeth, as far as I know. Goran N
  6. My 1945 Dodge WC51 was refurbished/rebuilt at the same factory in august 1955 before delivery to the Norwegian army. Goran N
  7. Using a Canadian built Windsor Carrier saves you from using more than one carrier in the build, though =) Goran N
  8. Alan, you'll be the first one to know. =) Cheers, Goran N
  9. My friend purchased a Dodge WC54 at Nato auction in Norway in the fall/autumn of 1993 and decided to mark it as a MP vehicle, just to be different. He showed me a wartime photo of a group of WC54's parked in a square of some town (in Europe most probably) with a MP Dodge parked in the background. It was not the sharpest of photos, but you could clearly see the "Military Police" marking above the windshield. I bought my own WC51 in April 1994 and we both drove down to Normandy that year. My friend got a lot of comments on the MP marking and he showed the photo around to people so they could see that it was legitimate. I have a feeling that the practice of MP marking has taken off since then. One reason for not going the ambulance route is that a lot of WC54's that came out of Norway didn't have the typical ambulance equipment in the back, but had been used as radio/signals cars in the Norwegian army. My friend moved and I lost contact with him, unfortunately. If I get hold of him I'll see if he can supply me with a copy of the original photo. MP WC54's did definitely appear before the end of the war, but perhaps not in any large numbers. Goran N
  10. Hyvää. Welcome here, you'll find plenty nice and knowledgeable people here. Greetings from the neigbouring Sweden Göran N
  11. You should get in touch with those here on HMVF that have restored and/or own a Tilly. I did a search and came up with this thread, for example: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?13054-Austin-10-ligth-utility-quot-tilly-quot&highlight=austin+tilly The Tilly's a great little vehicle and a hoot to own and run, I've heard. Good luck with your resto. And by the way: we LOVE photos of ongoing restorations here =) Goran N Here's the Tilly in the thread above in "as found" condition =)
  12. That's indeed good news for the halftrack owners around the world! The Americans have been trying for a long time to put together a deal to manufacture them, in the US if possible, but nothing yet. The Dutch beat them to it, and I am not surprised. My educated guess would be that it is Staman Trading who's behind this? They already manufacture (in China BTW) new tracks for Shermans, and at a price that's not too shabby. Which is why I think, and hope, that the prices will be within reach for most halftrack owners and restorers. There is a Latin American manufacturer that produces tracks for the halftracks still left in some of the Latin American armies. But the discussions with them didn't produce any results. Reports say that quality and high price didn't add up to much. One cannot help but wonder if Staman haven't decided to produce them by the same Chinese company that manufactures the Sherman track? The Chinese manufacturer also produce the type of rubber tracks in halftracks for that type of vehicles which use tracks. The Isareli company that owns the molds and machinery used to make the tracks for Israeli armies halftracks, and which have been sold in the last few years, will probably not be able to sell their machinery for a whole lot of money now.... Bite over too much, and all that. Goran N
  13. Here's a bona fide original British Airborne signals Jeep. Restored and owned by Emil Bruce, Malmköping, Sweden
  14. Here's Ernie's Jeep cleaned up, and I did a quickie job to remove the stains etc. Goran N
  15. How much do you want for it, Peter? Seems to be suffering of mold/mildew at the top of the pages.... Any idea of the cost of postage from the UK to Lidingo/Stockholm, Sweden? I like the cut-out image of the Churchill, that would look nice printed on cotton canvas and put on the wall of my study =) Goran N
  16. Hello Ondrej, Welcome, the problem is finding WW2 Lend/Lease vehicles in the first place. The relatively few vehicles that found their way into private hands were worked VERY hard, and spare parts were of course very difficult, if at all possible, to find. The few that remain are both expensive and usually there's not much left of them. I worked in the mid 1990's for a company that did business with Russia and was offered WW2 Jeeps, German tanks, and lots of other items. It turned out in the end to be either post war vehicles, i.e. the Gaz 67B the seller said he had, turned out to be a 1950's Gaz 69, and so on. Once is was offered a Studebaker US6, which was a total wreck, no engine/gearbox, the rear axles were missing and the cab was 70-80% rusted away, still he wanted the same money as I would pay for a completely restored one in the West. So I said no thank you.... I would rather buy a nice Dodge WC, GMC CCKW or other vehicle that was part of the lend-lease program, and restore it as a Soviet army vehicle. I know a guy in Poland who can supply you with plaques in the Russian language, as per how they were equipped during the war[ATTACH=CONFIG]98032[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]98033[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]98031[/ATTACH] Good luck, Goran N
  17. These are the ones I had on my computer: Good luck, Goran N
  18. Hei, tervetuloa tänne, We're a friendly bunch of people who try to help out each other whenever we can. I am situated not too far away from you, a boat ride across the sea. I live on Lidingö and can see the Siöja Line ferries from where I live. Where's in Finland are you? Any special field of interest? Goran N
  19. A mess!? This is almost turn-key condition compared to some other German armor I've seen that now is in complete running condition. The extremely high value of German armor makes virtually any project worthwhile to restore. Goran N
  20. There were three distinct different versions of cab, and the walk-thru one (last one) came out in mid 1944, if I'm not mistaken. Goran N
  21. We have all seen the M41 jacket that appeared in "Saving Private Ryan", "BROOKLYN N.Y. USA" But does anyone have pictures of period use of markings on jackets? I have, somewhere deep in the crevices of my photo collection, a photo of a G.I. lying down on a pile of rubble where there's clearly stuff written on the back. I haven't seen the images for ages, and would like to find out if someone else has one, or more, that they can share? Prefer G.I. M41 jackets, but anything's welcome =) Goran N
  22. Here's a picture of what's supposed to be an original one: Goran N
  23. I can understand your frustration. The quality of many of the replicas out there is truly appalling. Some built of out MDF board and still fetches a ton of money to buy. Best bet would be to get complete drawings, including CAD ones, so you can male your own. I have bought the complete plans for a number of machine guns used on WW2 vehicles, M1919 30 cal, Ma Deuce 50 cal, Vickers K, etc. and they're great! You will only need to have the drawings printed at a print shop, into A3, A2 and A1 sizes [few of us have printers at home that can handle those sizes =) ] The complete package, for each type of gun, costs only 9.99US$ (!). For that price it cannot be beat. Here's a link to the webpage: http://www.john-tom.com/ForSale/ForSale.html#Browning30Cal Good luck, and let us know how you're doing. (We love photo's here too) Goran N
  24. I am interested in buying a Dodge D15/T222 as was used by the Popski's Private Army (see picture) among others. I might have a ex. Norwegian army, newly restored, frame off/factory fresh, (Febr 12, 1945) Dodge WC51 to trade with. Trade plus money, or straight trade depending of state of the D15. War&Peace would probably have been the perfect place to find one, but I couldn't make it there this year This ad was, wrongfully, placed in the "American vehicles" section. Goran N
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