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  1. polston airbour gun

    hi Terry, are you still looking for info on the airborne Polsten mount? Regards Louis
  2. Hi Guys, Can anyone out there in the know help me to locate the following:- 1) Oscillators, Beat Frequency Unit No1 Mk1 or No1 Mk1* or No1 Mk2 ( alternativly the No2 or No3) 2) Signal Generator Unit No1 Mk1(WY0063) or No1 Mk2(WY0062) or No1 Mk2*(WY 0268). This Unit also has the non military description Marconi TF144G Signal Generator. These units don't have to be in working order but if possible to be externally complete. I have tried to up load some pictures to simplify thing but for some reason the last stage of draging the box across into the send window won't work for me. Should you be able to help please email me on 1ab.recce@googlemail.com or call on MOB 0798-1993476 or LL 0117-9584122. Many thanks Louis
  3. Trailer Project

    Hi There, You might like to concider what I did, I bought two sankey chassis where the axles are rated at two ton each then cut and shut with reinforcing to strengthen the Joints, add some steel cross members and deck out with scaffold planks. couple the break linkage up, lower the towing eye position to suit your vehicle if neccasary and add lights and with very little work you have a strong robust relitivly light twin axled trailer. Louis