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  1. Just found this on the great bay, a Scammell Explorer for those with more restrictive parking space! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LANDROVER-6-X-4-RECOVERY-/150930340017?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item23242638b1&_uhb=1 :-D
  2. A number of years ago the taxi-ways at the airfield I work at where dug up and re-laid. During the excavation work a scrap wing from a Hawker Hunter and a scrap fuselage from a Vampire/Venom where unearthed. Scrap metal values must have been pretty low back then when they were buried. Though I do still find it a bit odd.
  3. Not quite the article you were after, but will this do? Smiler
  4. Nice, I first started looking a bit more seriously at old trucks after seeing a multi-coloured one of these on ebay for not too much money. Really wish I'd had the money and the space at the time to home it.
  5. Smiler

    SAS War Diary

    Have you try'd ikea?
  6. Try http://www.28dayslater.co.uk if you haven't already found it. Also very good.
  7. Smiler

    Upcoming Auction

    There's a few old toys in there I'd like, though that Escort RS Turbo looks a bit out of place!
  8. Ah, not quite as big as the badges then. Still, 70ft is going to take some beating!
  9. That's nothing, you should see what's been put up amongst the Fovant badges in Wiltshire! No pics I'm afraid but according to the local paper there's a very large poppy been laid out to a similar size to the surrounding badges.
  10. Looking at that photo as a rank outsider (don't have the space or funds for an HMV at present) I can only think that perhaps, after seeing the general public cooing over the old military vehicles being paraded in front of them, perhaps he thought he should provide a reminder that death and suffering was also involved. Just a thought, it would be pretty pants if it was just done for effect.
  11. Spotted that too, it's on my doorstep so might take a look for a relative of mine if he's interested. Also see there's a 1950's Commer Q4 on there! Yippee! Only I'm skint and have nowhere to put it. Buger! :cry:
  12. Ludgershall? Bottom! That's where I live! Nothing here now as far as I know/can see. :undecided:
  13. Look what I just found while googleing for images of a truck! Lego and old military vehicles. Who could ask for more?! http://fiveprime.org/hivemind/Tags/ambulance,ww2 Smiler.
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