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  1. I don't post much on the forum anymore, personal reasons etc. I'm not sure on re-enacting, does death need to be rerun ? to teach a new generation of the horror of war? I think the losses recently for the sake of a grey men will inform their generation. I've watched living history and reenacts , and to a certain extent i feel uncomfortable, almost embarassed, at some of the overweight Walter Mitte's trying to carry out fire and manouvere :confused: I've seen some very very sad people living in parallel universe's and unfortunately this was War and Peace, but likewise I've met some stars. When it comes down to it I think it involves connection and memory... Sealed knot and like reenact some of the bloodiest conflicts of man, and we just watch, as we have no personal attachment, but WW2 we still have relations who we have heard 1st hand from. As a child I listened to my Uncle, airborne who fought thru Italy then Normandy. Those stories and others mark you and give you a physical link. I feel there is a place to inform, but to rerun battles of which there are still survivors, suffering physically and mentally, I think not necessary. We are meant to be the most intelligent life form on earth What the hell went wrong?? Just my views HF
  2. I don't post much anymore, but this whole sorry saga really extracts it. Brown is just a socialist and a derrier licker nuff said. What always gets me with these bun fights is the Vets are stood rain or shine for the 'dignateries' to arrive who then plonk their fat overfed asses on some plush bit of velvet while men twice their age stand in rank, as they always have done taking the crap from these muppets. About time these grey little politicio's waited, bowed and perhaps handed the drinks to the real Dignateries who gave life, limb, sanity, and freedom for these grey men to play politics and power. Hardyferret 'come dear revolution, as your taste is so bitterly sweet'
  3. Liberator or mitchell crash site late 1944 or early 45 Huntick near Lytchett Matravers. BF110 1940 near seven stars pub Winfrith nr Wool Ju88 1940 area of Morden bog! near Bere regis that list is about 1/2 the list!! HF
  4. Hello the Triumph looks like an early speedtwin iron barrel etc pre 1953 i think sure i'll be shot down, and looks like a sprung hub Regards HF
  5. Uncle, BEF then volunteered for 1st Airbourne intake fought all thru Italy etc and then Normandy and Germany, had an appendix the night before his lift to Arnhem... always thought himself a lucky bugger!! Uncle, Tank crew in France, hit badly and ended up in a early plastic surgery for months after. Father to young, but South African rifles just after the war, and some contract work:cool2: Grandfather worked at Vickers and De Havillands involved with Barnes Wallis, very skilled engineer, but never talked much, also was a fire warden. Father in law , Navy worked on ship repair at Alexandria, he too never said much, but you can imagine going thru the ships as they limped in.... It can be quite interesting sarching the family history, mother has traced us back to Irish pig farmers and mad Jocks of the Sutherland clan. What bloody chance did I have:confused::confused::confused: Hardyferret:yay::yay::sweat:
  6. Allo, Sylvain, So nice to have you, on board, my french could do with some practice too. What trucks and van's are you interested in ?? Please tell us some more Regards HF:-D:-D:yay:
  7. Ouch !! That's a lot of wonga for a 70's bike nice condition, but it's brand new really:cool2: Thank's for the help, Superalce would be nice.. Ta HF:yay::yay:
  8. Anyone got amilitary Guzzi good bad or ugly for sale, or a lead Ta HF:yay:
  9. What happened to him vanished without a trace, into cyberspace ?????? Who did he upset?? HF:???
  10. The Neanderthal retards were in attendance, cracking one of my indicator lenses and nicking the Quad's radiator cap....... HF
  11. Rumour has it someones in for a battering :sweat::cool2:
  12. Tankfest 2008* The most explosive weekend in Dorset! Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th June. Bit of a conflict here as this date clashes with Kemble & Royal Signals at Blandford................... what is a person supposed to do :confused: here we are, 5 min drive from Bovi, armour plated, and best of all...... BRITISH ................
  13. Ok lets see if the grey matter works, Where am I As you walk towards the guardhouse, parade ground slightly below you to the left, carry on past some accomadation to your right and there is a hill behind. Pass out through gate with guardhouse to your right over the bridge and turn left, and about 100yds is the pub see you there :beer: :beer: :beer: Where am I :-D :-D :-D HF
  14. hardyferret

    Fantasy Barn

    My barn 1 Mk 1 pig 2 wheelbarrow 3 Can Am bombardier 4 Rover 1 VPK 5 Saracen 6 Ferret 7 Stolley 8 Centurion (sex on tracks) 9 Bedford RL GS 10 Scout heli ( so I can sit in and reminisce) And a few other toys HF :-D :-D :-D
  15. I have been having a surf around the various political party website local and national. And it is disturbing, how the following keeps appearing 'The ease of which deactivated weapons can be reactivated' Where has this misinformation come from? Some mindless font of dross, at this point the editors of The Daily Sport and The Sun please take a bow for some cracking editorial masterpieces........ Not A real counter propaganda war has to happen, gun crime happens for mainly one reason, turf wars. Why do we have turf wars, drugs and the resulting wealth. There is a glimmer of hope on this front that the classification of cannabis is to be possible reversed with possession once again a properly punishable offence, not just a warning. But the whole thing of drug culture has to be reversed from the 'its only a bit of blow man don't be such a pussy' Also the glamorisation of guns, Arnie, Sly,Bruce etc really have to answer as role models to millions, but we have all agreed on this old favorite :whistle: How about drug supply convictions, parole for good behaviour no option, 2nd offence double the sentence? Harsh, comes under eggs and omelette's Same sort of tariff for gun crime. The belief of liberal minded, try to reason with these people has been proved useless. So no carrot, try the stick. I have been lucky to work inside HMP Verne on Portland, not the highest security but pretty high. The standard of living, the amenities are better than what I enjoyed as a recruit I know some will say anyone deserves certain standards, but come on. If the regime was harder, just maybe these thugs would consider. And this is what needs to be broadcast to the public, banning legitimately held weapons solves zilch, and not just the guns but why are they being used? This is similar to what I will be sending to my MP and other political candidates in Dorset, and will post their replies Off the soap box and to bed Hardyferret :-(
  16. Unfortunately, this whole saga is riddled with politics, and stinks, of power grabbing and bull :angry: :-( :-( I can see what Jack would like , but in this instance and I mean this sincerely and not harshly, wishful thinking. Majority of us are fed up with the never ending stream of legislation and PC But I will talk to Jack as it is only right, but feel this is too important a subject for restraint, apart from exceptional circumstances Regards Jerry AKA HF
  17. Before we go any further The Govt minister Jacqui Smith intends by what ever means to make a name for herself, by whatever means, namely on the back of a child's life. Gun crime will not cease or diminish until the punishment is suitable. To our moderators, I find the statement that any political comments will be removed draconian, and is not the way to discuss openly what is now happening. If the debate gets heated, so it is a very emotive subject and will stir many passions, but please do not censor people wholesale on political views, 60 years ago a man and a dictatorship were doing such a thing :-( These people who we elect, are accountable and not beyond reproach, so why can they not be criticised for the beliefs and views of them and their parties. They will use us as scapegoats, and if need be hang us out to dry if it suits their needs. But we have to be decent and play according to Queensbury and have a good innings :whistle:?????????????????????????????????? I bet in not too long one of the tabloids is going to link us- deacts-gun crime- possibly neo nazis and have a field day so if we haven't had our verbals and a parley, sorted our differences and united they will have us divided The suggestion of going with the positive and the idea of licensing ? Maybe better than losing all :dunno: and we look concerned and responsible, what do others thing?? Would like to see a few more of the membership on here, and their views!!!!!! Hardyferret
  18. For me personally the Lancaster, but this is second to the Mosquito, Grandfather worked for Vickers then De- Havilland, the grace and sound of the Mosquito is without equal. Was lucky to watch one in the 70's at a Biggin Hill show HF
  19. Spot on Neil, in the back of Istanbul behind the bazaar, i was in a very dubious gun shop, being offered an AK an older one with the lovely orangey red chipboard furniture No ticket, no questions, just sterling :schocked: and a big box rounds. When I declined I was asked did I want something bigger :shake: :shake:. At this point I made my farewells quickly :whistle: And that is how easy it is and I would have had change out of £100 :shake: :schocked: :shake: Yes once again easy option target the innocent law abiding citizen, what a power seeking uninformed bitch. So read my previous post and get weaving with the letters etc :-D :-D :whistle: HF
  20. Apart, from helping with the foreign policy implementation whilst sporting DPM, pretty much a confirmed petrol head. Lets think, built Lotus 7 from scratch, not a kit, into old metal Rover 100's 90's etc, still into scuba diving and country pursuits ohhh errr so un PC. Old tractors Ford E27n's and Fergie's used to swamp our yard with Mrs HF starting to threaten allsorts :shake: Just a sucker for the infernal combustion engine :-D :-D HF
  21. I agree with you all, these morons deserve to have the urine extracted morning, noon and night. But they believe in their purpose, and we do not matter, or warrant any real consideration. I can already hear the answer when we protest, " But if the banning of deactivated weapons saves a life how can you protest against this?" If the law was strict enough these criminals would think twice. More importantly, email write, call your local member for parliament. If time your other political candidates, nothing like a bit of poor innocent public for the opposition to champion Better still go to the horses mouth Jacqui Smith? If they come under a concerted barrage, they will listen,as this is votes nothing more nothing less. Reminding them of history law abiding citizens means ZILCH Please please sit down and use 1/2 an hour very productively This is happening now not next month or year Hardyferret
  22. When will they wake up, and realise it is the hand not the gun . Overhaul our prison system, stop listening to the liberal minded pacifists aka Longford etc. Introduce an element of harshness to the lives of convicted criminals, so they might just think that maybe the crime ain't worth the time. Do away with parole for good behaviour, if your in prison you should be behaving. 20 years means 20 years At the moment there is not the punishment to suit crime, and I think the vast majority consider prison a joke or interlude. Oh and by the way I have been to prison :schocked: :schocked: As a contractor :-D and even the Prison officers despair :-( You may notice I neither condemn or condone capital punishment, as i can never decide completely, so how could I ask another to do so. To be honest I feel life an I mean life is a far harder sentence We are I think heading for some hard, troubled and difficult times HF
  23. Pre 95 deacts easy to reactivate. Yeah right, for those who don't know, Iam an engineer, I have just looked at my pre95 SLR, which has a great lump cut out of the chamber, a slot of about 10" cut into the barrel and filled with weld. Also the working parts are heavily cut about. Perhaps one of these W*nk*rs would like to show me how you reactivate this without it blowing up in your face. Well I said recently,about a power seeking MP looking for the main chance, and we have it. If you want to be really controlled, forget fascism, BNP etc. Get a good Socialist :whistle: Look at Russia, we will soon have our own NKVD :schocked: Big decision do I sell my deacts along with all the other sheep and basically agree with yet another piece of senseless and useless legislation or are there just for once, a few of us who give these idiots a hearty royal salute. I am starting to feel backed into a corner, and fed up with being dictated to whilst more unsavory elements of our society enjoy unparalleled levels of freedom. So I for one will say B*ll*cks legislate some of the weirdos cranks and freeloaders in our society then beat on my door. Now people have to really make their minds up Goat or Sheep?? Fed up HF
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    Part Names

    Now then Now then, What about the pull through and the heavy bit on the end ;-) ;-) HF :-D
  25. Though I have given up, i still believe in the right of everyone, and anyone irrespective of gender or creed or religion to smoke. Oh and to have a baby, even if their not capable, and we will champion their rights. Signed HF The Peoples Front of Dorset, or was that the Dorset Peoples Front
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