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  1. Jessie The Jeep

    I've been spending again! My '43 GPW

    The snow has gone here now too. I always try to get out straight away before it gets dirty, slushy and freshly gritted.
  2. Jessie The Jeep

    I've been spending again! My '43 GPW

    The 2019 Season Begins Out in the Snow - February 2nd The first trip out for the 2019 season was to play in the snow! This was the first time for both Jeeps in the snow together and it was a lovely sunny day for it. We stayed local and found a couple of places with decent backgrounds not far from home. Both Jeeps had a good hose down upon their return, concluding their first trip out of the 2019 season.
  3. Jessie The Jeep

    My Flying Control Jeep

    The 2019 Season Begins Out in the Snow - February 2nd With a couple of days of snow fall and a nice sunny day, I couldn't resist and had go go out Jeeping. Both Jeeps have been out in the snow before, but never together; until today. Since my daughter had a morning dance class and an afternoon dance rehearsal, we only had a couple of hours free over lunch. We stayed local and found a couple of places with decent backgrounds not far from home. Both Jeeps had a good hose down upon their return, concluding their first trip out of the 2019 season.
  4. Jessie The Jeep

    My Flying Control Jeep

    Once the silicone mould was cured, polyurethane casting resin was poured into the mould, but with a number of carbon fibre tows laid into the mould to add strength to the resin. They need drilling for the mounting screws, then painting and fitting. Hopefully they will be a little more sturdy, but if all else fails, aluminium casting is the next step. I've done home casting of aluminium before, but it's far more effort than resin casting, hence trying this first.
  5. Jessie The Jeep

    My Flying Control Jeep

    January 29th - BC-348 Handles For some time, the handles on the BC-348 receiver in the Jeep have been broken and re-glued several times. They are in a bit of a vulnerable position, especially the front one. They were carved and sanded from a block of modelling polyurethane resin, which while easy to shape, it was also brittle. They could really do with being cast from aluminium, but for now, I'm looking at a quicker option. One of the original handles was glued back together and the cracks filled and sanded. I then built a styrene box around the handle to pour a silicone rubber mould.
  6. Jessie The Jeep

    Ryan PT-22 Recruit

  7. Jessie The Jeep

    Ryan PT-22 Recruit

    In July 2016, I got the chance to fly a Ryan PT-22 Recruit. While Les the pilot took it up, the rest of the flight was mine, including the landing, with Les talking me through it all and "ghosting" me on the controls just in case he needed to take over. It was a fantastic experience and when I found out there had been a PT-22 resin conversion kit for the inline engined 1/72 scale Special Hobby Ryan PT-20, I started looking for one. It took a while to find as the kit was out of production, but got a second hand one through a model forum. It's taken a while to finish the model as there were lots of modifications to the kit, some of which the resin conversion didn't cover. However, the model was completed this week and the framing was finished today. The fullsize aircraft
  8. My daughter and I won one of the Airfix Christmas competitions in 2017 and the prize was the D-Day Battlefront set. Due to other modelling projects, it's taken until now to get it on the bench. In December last year, we were about ready to start and were thinking about the layout. We considered it unrealistic to have a Sherman and Tiger that close together, without one being blown into a thousand pieces! So we decided to leave the Tiger I off the diorama and replace it with a Willys MB, which were being sold cheap at Aldi. This is the progress so far, much of it her own work, though with lots of guidance.
  9. Jessie The Jeep

    My 2018 Season In Pictures

    I know some of the local guys had a road run out there a while back, but I've never been. Do they have events on across the year, and if so, when are they? There never seems to be enough free weekends. I wanted to go to Brougham Hall near Penrith, but that clashes with Elvington that I'm already booked in to.
  10. Jessie The Jeep

    1944 Flying Control Dodge WC51 - The Story So Far

    December 31st On the last day of the year, I went to give the Dodge one last check over before the winter weather really sets in. I added another gallon of fuel as the tank was getting low, and gave the engine a good warm through. Clutch and brakes were exercised, lights checked and the truck moved in the container to avoid tyre flat spots. After it was nicely warmed through, the engine was shut down and the battery was removed. I brought it home to add some acid tablets and give it periodic charging over the Winter until things warm up again in the Spring.
  11. Jessie The Jeep

    My Flying Control Jeep

    All back together again! It wasn't as big a job as I first thought when I started cleaning paint off all the rust patches.
  12. Jessie The Jeep

    My Flying Control Jeep

    With the fender attached, the battery cable clamps were attached, along with a small earth wire. All the nuts, bolts and machine screws were then touched up with olive drab. The seat was then bolted back down and the radio electrical box on the side of the Jeep tub bolted back on.
  13. Jessie The Jeep

    My Flying Control Jeep

    December 8th - Bodywork Repairs After a day and a bit for the paint to harden, it was time to re-fit the fender. As with the Ford GPW when I rebuilt that, fitting the fender was a bit of a battle. The top rear and top front bolts were fitted loosely to support the weight of the fender. Then I started fighting to get all the other holes to line up. The hat channel needed a G clamp to pull it in to allow the bolts to start in their threads. The two lower bolts where the bracket had snapped were fitted next, followed by the other two rear and two front grill bolts. That left the step bolt until last. It was a little tricky slotting in the plastic washers, but once all the bolts were in by a few threads, it was then an easy matter to tighten them all up.
  14. Jessie The Jeep

    My Flying Control Jeep

    The rollered finish turned out pretty good so then I painted all the mounting hardware. I also made some plastic washers for all the bolts. These would go between all the mating surfaces where the fender contacted the Jeep bodywork or chassis. These plastic washers, only about 0.75mm thick spaced the metalwork apart slightly, preventing dirt and moisture from being trapped between the metalwork. This tiny gap isn't really noticeable, but allows me to get the hose pipe in to give them a good rinse out. The white styrene washers were also painted olive drab.
  15. Jessie The Jeep

    My Flying Control Jeep

    December 6th - Bodywork Repairs On Thursday 6th, there was lots more filling and sanding first thing, then a coat of primer. After that had hat time to harden, with a little help from a heater, it was given a light key with a Scotch pad and then I was ready for the olive drab. Because of the cold outside, and the cramped conditions inside, I decided not to spray the side of the Jeep. Instead, it was brush painted and before it had too long to dry, I went over with a mini paint roller to even out the brush strokes and to matt the surface off.