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  1. The other side of the family had the surname Magub, several with John as a first name.
  2. That's an amazing response - Thank you. Having read through the post and seeing the initials, opens up other possibilities. My Grandfather was Joseph O. Carr, who's initials don't seem to match. However, he has an older brother, William Carr, who was 5 years older, born in 1887. He went into the Gordon Highlanders in WW1. He's a possible contender. My Great Grandfather down the Carr line was John R. Carr and Great Great Grandfather was James R. Carr. Neither seem to fit in the with initials you provided, but William, Joe's brother could well be the man who took part.
  3. Well this battery has lasted a minimum of 15 years that I know of with no other care and occasional use, so it's working for this one.
  4. I went over to visit the Dodge this afternoon before the year is out. It's been three months since it ran on its trip out to Tanfield 1940's weekend. Even though it is still on a 6 volt electrical system, it burst into life after a good prime and a few presses of the starter to suck the prime through to the engine. I warmed it through and checked the oil pressure, brakes and lights. I also moved it a couple of feet inside the container to avoid sitting on the same spot on the tyres all winter, then took the battery out until spring. The battery has been fed with a couple of acid tablets per cell and is now on a nice slow charge in my workshop.
  5. From my first post......"The first medals specific to competitions appeared in 1907, 1908 and 1909 for the Queen Alexandra Cup, in 1909 for the Bell Trophy " 1909 timeframe fits for my granddad's life. Much later and my dad would have known about it.
  6. It doesn't fit the other side of the family history, but who's to know if it was traded for smokes or won by shooting. Only my grandfather would have been available to take part at the time. I'll probably never know how it came into the family, but at least I've found out a little about it.
  7. My grandfather is the only one likely to have handled weapons, being in the Royal Engineers in WW1. I don't know if he got involved in shooting prior to joining up.
  8. He would be 50, still at sea. My other great grandfather was also at sea, a little younger. Neither had any connections to shooting as far as family records go and they go back to the 1700's.
  9. No, they don't fit the time. Both too old. It would be my grandfather if anyone but can't see a connection.
  10. My dad wouldn't have been born and my granddad would have been about 17 for the 1909 Bell Trophy, but I'm not sure what connections he would have had in Tyneside to put him into a shooting competition.
  11. I struggled to find any decent image of th RAF crest. That was all that was useable. Don't know about the Wellys. EDIT - Had another search for RAF crests today and still can't find anything suitable.
  12. Next trip to my dad's house in Beverley, I need to bring the Typewriter home to make some headings for each section of the album.
  13. As can be seen in the Sunderland Flying Boat image, each corner has two little flaps which made an ideal pocket to catch the edge of the corners on the opposite page. There was only one solution, a little PVA glue under each one. 150 photos, 600 corners, 1200 little paper flaps to lift and glue down!! A little cross eyed, I finished them last night. I also unbound the album, and added a little PVA glue along the edges of the pages at the binding end, hopefully preventing the pages fanning. It was all tied back together this afternoon and I'm very pleased with the finished result.
  14. December 8th - RAF Photo Album Update I Finally finished assembling my RAF photo album, but it took quite a while longer than expected! Each page has three photos with traditional photo corners, although I added some glue to the backs of the photos. However, because of the way the album is bound, the pages could slide over each other a little, like an old fashioned fan opening. This caused the photo corners to tangle up with each other!
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