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  1. There's some pictures of the camp in this newspaper article which came out yesterday. https://www.shieldsgazette.com/news/people/campaigners-on-mission-to-turn-east-boldon-world-war-two-site-boldon-camp-into-heritage-centre-490571
  2. I've just been told that the letters were on the buildings long before the paintball club used the site.
  3. It's something to look into if the club still exists and can be contacted.
  4. It's not currently for sale. Another thought. These are older pictures. Present day graffiti is certainly on top of the black squares. However, at some point in its recent history, I believe the site was used by a paintballing club. I wonder if they added codes to the buildings to assist in their wargaming.
  5. An article about the site appeared in the paper today. There are pictures of many of the buildings. https://www.shieldsgazette.com/news/people/campaigners-on-mission-to-turn-east-boldon-world-war-two-site-boldon-camp-into-heritage-centre-490571
  6. There's a group looking to turn the site into a museum. They are currently researching the site and trying to find people connected with it, but it's early days yet.
  7. I was at Stainton in 2007/08. None of my photos show any lettering on the buildings. I think many of them have now been demolished. The events I attended were to mark some history boards being erected around the site prior to the redevelopment.
  8. PH is right next door to FH. KH is the huge warehouse opposite, so they don't seem to fit within a grid pattern.
  9. PH isn't on the building which is obviously the pump house, due to fittings still there. So that seems unlikely. FH for fire house made sense at first, but not after seeing the other codes on site.
  10. I need some help with some lettering on some military buildings, on what was an Anti-Aircraft Ordnance Depot. The only photos I can provide are from the gallery of the website about the camp - http://boldoncamp.co.uk/gallery.html On the pillars on the front of the buildings, are a black square with a single or double letter code in white. Picture 8 in the gallery is FH, picture 10 is KH, picture 11 is PH and enlarging picture 15, the far pillar appears to have the single letter G. Do these codes stand for anything that went on within the building, or are they just letters to identify the buildings within the camp, to aid those working there find the right building?
  11. As a result of this loss of history, a local group is hoping to acquire the site to develop into a museum. A recent local government development plan for the area ( now I believe at the consultation stage ) suggests the site will remain off limits to housing development. While many of the temporary camp buildings to the North of the site, have long gone, there are a number of brick and concrete buildings still surviving on the rest of the site. Many of the buildings are in poor condition, with collapsing walls, missing roofs, covered in graffiti, but still restorable pieces of North East history. It is a large site covering 7.6 hectares and while a great deal to restore and maintain, the space would allow events to be held in future, with space for displays, trade, camping and parking. While there is a great deal of work to bring the buildings back into use, they would provide a huge amount of under cover space for exhibits and exhibitions. The pictures shown here, show "Jessie" in the new "Ordnance Depot" markings at the entrance gate to the site and the road from the gate back into East Boldon. I hope to follow up this report with more information and photos soon. The site is private property, hence the shots by the entrance gate for now. The Tuesday evening photo shoot was for a newspaper article, to raise awareness of the site and the group's plans for restoration. More details about the project can be found on their website and Facebook pages. http://boldoncamp.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/boldoncamp.co.uk/ This Google Earth image shows the site.
  12. East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot - August 13th OK, so with new markings made in early August, what have "Jessie" and I been up to? Well, we've been out to a local World War 2 site that until recently, I hadn't heard of. The site is East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot, which is only 7.5 miles from home. The site was an Ordnance Depot for a number of local Anti-Aircraft batteries, including Red Barns Farm, where I used to keep the Dodge. The site was built in 1938, in anticipation of war with Germany. It was to supply ammunition to local anti-aircraft and other gun emplacements guarding Tyneside and Wearside. It was also used post war to become a temporary home to a medical unit, a bomb disposal unit. There was also a POW camp, No.8 POW Platoon, a hutted camp attached to No.20 B.D. Squadron of the Royal Engineers, still being used in 1947. A similar camp at Killingworth was bulldozed and converted to housing in 2014/15. With the development and quarrying of the land where the various other North East anti-aircraft batteries were, Boldon Camp is now the last remaining major above ground Word War Two site left in Tyne & Wear.
  13. :-) Yes, but the scratch built parts are much bigger!!
  14. Another year and once again it is Happy birthday to "Faith" the Flying Control Dodge. This time, it's a big one!! 75 years old today!!! First time out, shortly after purchase in September 2010..... .....and again this year at Bowes Railway. Attached is a copy of the original build card, showing completion of each stage through assembly.
  15. Yes it was worth it. OK, so it's in quite poor condition, but it is the very last example. How many more times in history are we just going to scrap the last example of something because at the time, we feel it is worthless. Worth every penny to save a unique piece of German and English history.
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