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  1. I wonder if they put the wood across the roof to cool the cabs down. To this day in Malaysia you can still see trucks they've ripped the roofs off and put wooden ones on.
  2. The Australian equivalent RAEME is colloquially refereed to as Royal Australian Easy Money Earners I went from RAA to RAEME and there was a distinct difference :-D Great pictures, thanks for sharing
  3. An auspicious start...... covered in mold and grime
  4. Battle of Bullecourt: Search to find missing tanks that led to Digger disaster http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/archaeology/battle-of-bullecourt-search-to-find-missing-tanks-that-led-to-digger-disaster/news-story/cc433c89ca3668a1f89b95035c118415
  5. Bah Humbug...... your restos are always quickly achieved :-D. Great to watch Which brings me to the next point of interest, what's your plans for the next one :cool2:
  6. good to hear it doesn't stink anymore we did a mates car with it over 20 years ago and had to drive with the windows down
  7. What is " fish oil " and what does it do please? Not heard of it before. Same purpose as Waxoyl........I tend to think Waxoyl is better so will be an interesting discussion. You coat the inside of everything with fish oil which retards rust.......yes it stinks Maybe Waxoyl is less effective here due to the heat... looking forward to see the pros and cons of each
  8. Found this...maybe? http://www.towingandtrailers.com/trailer-parts/trailer-couplings/spare-parts-for-trailer-couplings/parts-for-bradley-doublelock-couplings/parts-for-bradley-doublelock-hu12-coupling.html
  9. I met one of those ex free Polish veterans on my first international trip in 1994. We had an interpreter on a course called 'Stan' with an impeccable UK accent. He had fought in Poland and then with the free Polish Forces in the UK. As you said after the war he had a new life in the UK after the war, family etc. But he went back to Poland when his mother was dying. Once in they would not let him exit back to the UK. As you could imagine he had bitter memories of the Soviet era.
  10. Some photos and videos are up on the site http://www.nautiluslive.org/album/2016/08/21/rediscovering-wreck-uss-independence Next dive is on Friday
  11. This guy sells spares for French stuff sometimes http://www.lys-tout-terrain.com/renault-trm-2000-plateau-nu_cd1_585.html Framery has a good website http://www.framery.fr/12-renault-trm-2000
  12. Looks Interesting http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/archaeology/deep-dive-scientists-set-to-explore-sunken-world-war-iiera-aircraft-carrier/news-story/4830fe8fab1ebebfcf7b23276c322fb8
  13. I was reading somewhere recently that the canvas shrinks a bit the first time it is soaked. Is that your experience?
  14. Definitely don't think people aint interested, I know I don't like to post in a thread too much in fear it might get sidetracked. I am watching your 5 step rebuild as when I finally get the Acmat unpacked in November (hopefully sooner) I want to follow your concept, i.e. front bit first and proceed towards the rear. Plus you are doing a fantastic job.
  15. No....just in awe of the chassis polishing a few posts back maybe envious
  16. What to stick in on does bring up some amusing thoughts
  17. 19207 seems to be generic for fuel system components in US military TM's However.......... 11599015 is PUMP,VACUUM: wiperbooster, 11599015 (192071) as shown on page 215 of this document http://www.imfmotorpool.com/TM_9-2320-218-20P_Sept74.pdf
  18. I can't write what my thoughts are as has a lot of f words in it. absolutely fdevestated for you I was only just marveling at the recent video of it moving and was looking forward to reading how it was done
  19. I have to agree TIG filler rods have additional metals in them. But I have heard that using thing strips of parent metal on Land Rover repairs is common as the old series ones in particular were a weird alloy. Stress corrosion cracking would not be a concern as it is a service induced defect requiring stress (either inherent or applied and a corrosive environment). There are many types of stress SCC. This type of cracking grows over time and the bit you are looking at welding is not highly stressed. Aluminium needs to be perfectly clean, use a proper welding cleaner, not something like brake cleaner as the residue gives of phosgene gas when heated......not good. Preheat and maintaining the heat is one of the bigger issues as the thicker sections will suck the heat out and cause cracking. I think welding as the last resort would be because it would damage the armour hardness, but again thats no big deal unless you need to be bullet proof. I have never delved deep into CVRT armour but often it is the outer surfaces that are hard with the centre normal. If you have an alloy composition I can dig around for a welding procedure
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