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  1. Actually depleted uranium is still radioactive "The enrichment process reduces the radioactivity of depleted uranium to approximately half of that of natural uranium". Apart from ammunition it is used for shielding isotopes because it is denser than lead or tungsten, obviously higher density is better for ammo also. In my job it is used to shield Iridium and Selenium sources, with the sources out the DU container still emits. You have basically 2 types of radiation to be concerned about, radiation exposure and radiation contamination. Exposure is the electromagnetic waves passing through your body like from an xray machine or isotope. Isotopes are split into Gamma, Beta, Neutron and Alpha. For exposure the larger ones are Gamma and Neutron as the pass through you at the speed of light and being large can juggle long chain molecules about i.e. DNA, sperm, white blood cells etc. The intensify of the exposure is 4 times higher if you halve the distance between you and it, so if it is in you hand the calculation gets interestingly high because even low intensities get rather high. Anyway lots of extra calculations are possible like whole body exposure or just hand etc. The biggest problem with depleted uranium is contamination as we are talking about digestion or internal contamination. DU on impact creates dust and it also corrodes. If this dust is ingested the oxides emit Alpha particles. In normal air a piece of paper stops them but if ingested they create the most damage to cell structure. It is quite a complex problem but the paper attached discusses the magnitude of DU contamination. toxics-02-00050.pdf
  2. The investigation into how an iron gate stolen from the Nazis' Dachau concentration camp in southern Germany ended up in western Norway may be complicated because "no useable evidence" has been found, police say. http://www.news.com.au/world/breaking-news/stolen-nazi-get-found-in-norway/news-story/aa7d99472fc40fc66d6e93a774aa7b6d
  3. The missing ships in SE Asia was very well known as was on the historical groups whilst I was there and nothing was done to stop it. Just about every ship of note sunk an the onset of the Japanese attack no longer exist, although designated war graves. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Prince_of_Wales_(53) In October 2014, the Daily Telegraph reported that both Prince of Wales and Repulse were being "extensively damaged" with explosives by scrap metal dealers.[41]
  4. I seen on youtube restoration guys in the states use magnetically attached blocks of copper on the back sides of welds to disappate heat and apparently leaves a flusher finish. You can buy them on ebay.... but your cold chisel process got me thinking a 4mm bit of copper bus bar sandwiched in would be interesting Found the link
  5. Slow news day as is on the Australian news website now.....At least there is a bit more accuracy http://www.news.com.au/world/british-treasure-hunter-says-wreck-of-mv-wilhelm-gustoff-on-which-9500-died-hides-hitlers-lost-gold/news-story/87225b20637ac887d2d353b44982b59c
  6. I would say it still means distress on military bases......... As on the rare occasions it occurred the squaddie that did it would be in distress or more to the point would soon be :-D Our military flags had a rope lanyard attached for unfurling. short bit to the top with the long to the bottom.
  7. I just bought a new house :-D:cool2:
  8. cheers....wonder what the weight difference versus buoyancy was
  9. Another interesting one http://www.lancers.org.au/site/Stockton_Bight.asp What turrets did they put on the LVT(a)4s?
  10. A bit of both as first step is rocks and nuts or something inside, to get rid of the loose stuff. Second is acid treatment Last is the sealant Each step is supposed to be hold in you arms and shake it or slosh it vigorously..... pretty sure the novelty would wear thin pretty quickly. I figure this would work on bigger tanks also especially with the tilt type mixers
  11. I have to reline a motorcycle fueltank and my plan is to ratchet strap it to the bowl for the 3 step process
  12. Also your builder mate will be happy as it will clean the mixing bowl :cool2: We used to chuck chain in ours to clean the bowl with light stone
  13. That's interesting. I was taught yonks ago a tappet spanner was twice the length of a normal spanner with a normal spanner being 10 times the jaw width. All the online definitions quote the same thing for a spanner as a tappet spanner i.e. "[n] a wrench having parallel jaws at fixed separation (often on both ends of the handle)". I guess the English language is being watered down......... Is a bastard file still one or is it just a naughty file now
  14. Would be somewhat rare in Australia as 152 purchased in 1955. If this one is from 1953 it is perhaps from the failed trials http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/morisset/cars-vans-utes/ex-army-1953-humber-fv-1600-4x4/1122613417?utm_source=criteo&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=LF- http://anzacsteel.hobbyvista.com/othervehicles/humbertruckph_1.htm
  15. Some of the milstds talk about preservation by spraying the cylinders with a special oil if left idle what model Jeep?
  16. This thread is an eye opener to what is getting dug up http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/Forums/showthread.php?t=329122&page=60 I just read page 60 back to 30
  17. I'd volunteer for this.....:cool2:
  18. fesm_ndt

    Job Offer.

    I hope building the museum will be a thread
  19. Best of luck This is a useful term for searches
  20. That would be sad..... not that i want to go back to my international trips anymore....but went to Duxford many times
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