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  1. yep pigs, most likely on Lightweight forum. Still haven't seen one in a yard only the museum. I tracked down the story on the SIMBAS armoured vehicle but the trail went cold 2 years ago. The Pinz is in final stages of repaint....... finally, have rego, tax, insurance etc
  2. and this one was in a Landrover breakers yard in the UK
  3. i forgot about the fire trucks
  4. G'Day, I'm an Aussie in Malaysia. I rebuilt a Lightweight in the UK last year and shipped it to Aus and did a crosscountry trip. Being based in Malaysia I have been scrumaging around junk yards here to find a project. As a result I find the odd bit of interesting stuff which I post on different forums, in case someone wants something. Not a dealer, just someone with crazy urges when seeing a nice bit of camo. I am currently rebuilding a Pinz Regards Mike
  5. yep the only military contract and last was to Malaysia. Diesel ones... We threw some diffs in a sea container a few months ago. Apologies I was bleary eyed last night. The jeeps are KM410 derivitives, the white polis wagon is an Iveco and some Volvo C303's. The Roman Brasov's are around 96 era. regards Mike
  6. most likely best buy at the moment are these Roman Brasov 4x4 trucks [/url]
  7. I thought I would post some finds here in Malaysia as we helped send some gear back recently to UK.
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