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  1. fesm_ndt

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I wonder if vapour degreasing would clean the entrapped oil out. Best cleaning system ever made. Normally found in RAAF (RAF) NDI labs. The original chemical is banned but I believe they use a replacement.
  2. fesm_ndt

    Merredin war museum

  3. fesm_ndt

    Merredin war museum

    ok finally went past this place and was open.... Was amazed to see the Dorchester. Some bits for sale in the rust pile I worked on both the rotary wing displaysand in my youth...so brought back a lot of memories
  4. fesm_ndt

    Dorchesters, still lurking there?

    I saw the Dorchester in Merredin today. The owner has passed away and is heading to the east coast after being bought by another collector for a tidy sum
  5. I took some close up of the markings as perhaps the gunner guys might be interested
  6. fesm_ndt

    Old Photo

    I just saw this on Facebook, wondered about the date etc etc
  7. fesm_ndt

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I just got back to the big city......I'll dig the book up tomorrow. I remember at trade school we used to have to mark it out with presets as couldn' scrap aircraft tubing
  8. fesm_ndt

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Those small little engineer books used to state mandrel radius and also offsets depending on thickness. I have one of those books at home but I am in the middle of a desert at the moment. But as you are leaning towards there must be someone who can bend it up exactly the way you want..... maybe motorcycle restoration place..as smaller exhausts....just have to think of something that uses small bore piping... boat plumbing????
  9. fesm_ndt

    Flying tank

    I'm guessing the landing would hurt
  10. fesm_ndt

    Flying tank

    I saw this on Facebook and I don't recall seeing the photo before
  11. fesm_ndt

    Old chassis

    I saw this on Facebook with a cheap price...anyone know what it Is?
  12. fesm_ndt

    Parts wanted

    As in really bad? I am curious if it was ever a military one
  13. fesm_ndt

    Australian Finds

    I can see them....... another weird glitch????
  14. fesm_ndt

    Parts wanted

    Interesting that these are based on the Tetrarch as when I first saw it I thought it looked more like a tank road wheel set up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vickers_VR180_Vigor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_Tank_Mk_VII_Tetrarch
  15. fesm_ndt

    Parts wanted

    oddly enough i saw one for sale in Australia this week on facebook the seller want 3500 aud but might be able to haggle for parts