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  1. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I just got back to the big city......I'll dig the book up tomorrow. I remember at trade school we used to have to mark it out with presets as couldn' scrap aircraft tubing
  2. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Those small little engineer books used to state mandrel radius and also offsets depending on thickness. I have one of those books at home but I am in the middle of a desert at the moment. But as you are leaning towards there must be someone who can bend it up exactly the way you want..... maybe motorcycle restoration place..as smaller exhausts....just have to think of something that uses small bore piping... boat plumbing????
  3. Flying tank

    I'm guessing the landing would hurt
  4. Flying tank

    I saw this on Facebook and I don't recall seeing the photo before
  5. Old chassis

    I saw this on Facebook with a cheap price...anyone know what it Is?
  6. Parts wanted

    As in really bad? I am curious if it was ever a military one
  7. Australian Finds

    I can see them....... another weird glitch????
  8. Parts wanted

    Interesting that these are based on the Tetrarch as when I first saw it I thought it looked more like a tank road wheel set up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vickers_VR180_Vigor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_Tank_Mk_VII_Tetrarch
  9. Parts wanted

    oddly enough i saw one for sale in Australia this week on facebook the seller want 3500 aud but might be able to haggle for parts
  10. Australian Finds

    This is from a military show in Cannington. Was nice to see the Model T that was restored in this thread on display...................... a Carrier, a rusty as hell Jeep which I really like, and a few other vehicles. The quality of restoration is impeccable and had a great chat with Bruce who owns the Carrier
  11. Australian Finds

    I thought I post different MV related stuff as I come across is around Australia during my travels. This artifact is located on a plinth by the Perth Zoo. I thought the artillery guys might like it.
  12. Interesting http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/radioactive-find-reveals-the-race-to-stop-hitler-developing-nuclear-weapons-may-have-been-closer-than-we-thought/news-story/75b016d006151db3eb7acfc8cc37550d I recall that huge submarine sunk off Africa was supposedly carrying nuclear material also
  13. WW1 finds and discoveries

    the shop has something else I am looking at so will see if it has any markings
  14. WW1 finds and discoveries

    Would this be a vehicle wheel or wagon https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/casuarina/other-antiques-art-collectables/rustic-items-available/1158882174
  15. Adelaide airport visitor 1962

    I did some volunteer work on the one that was left in Perth. It was originally at the airport entrance then moved to the Bullcreek Aviation museum late 70's. http://www.raafawa.org.au/museum/avro-lancaster#!Lancaster_14_19 A lot of errors in the website. No mention of its French Maritime service and the black and white shot I believe is at the original location at the airport as you can just see the Mosquito on the left, which as far as I recall rotted away. edit... the original post of Lancaster WU16 is the one now in the museum over here