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  1. I think it is a relevant topic as most the people in here are in the susceptible age range. Also it is an unprecedented event. interesting info yesterday on the news was that people with A blood types are 63% more prone to serious symptoms. So be a safe as you can.... if you refuel your car wear gloves
  2. you might have seen this already https://www.pickles.com.au/campaigns/Online-Centurion-Battle-Tank-ARV-Sale
  3. ps did you see they tank bits I posted in merredin.... not sure if any of that track or wheels were of any use as they were lojoking at selling also
  4. totally unintentional....... but I did realise after I posted most of my is riddled with hidden airstrip so most likely bits all over the place but really remote... ie 7 hours of desert road driving well a bit less as Mr has no speed limits so was sitting on 130...140kmh when I went up that way when I was a kid the govt had banged oversized star pickets into all the runways as the drug runners were using them
  5. maybe we can scale it off my boot.... I'll me asure it tomorrow... is it a big difference?
  6. everything is bigger in Aus 😂
  7. I might be going up that way in a few months
  8. my guess is maybe peanuts as they don't know what it is..... I should of asked if any othere hunks of steel were laying around... from memory about 3 hours ne of Alice springs
  9. Spotted this in the middle of nowhere at a place called Tilmouth Well really off the beaten track...I would bet they don't know what their footpath is
  10. all sounds good... I hate seeing something like this going outside the family.... maybe they all moved down here after the war
  11. I like it all started with a magazine for a gun
  12. great thread...great fab skills
  13. Well I assume it's UK as the address is to a Mr E.W. McDermid (I think) at Prestwick Ayrshire... can't read the street. Anyone got any contacts in that area that might be able to find relatives?
  14. I wonder if vapour degreasing would clean the entrapped oil out. Best cleaning system ever made. Normally found in RAAF (RAF) NDI labs. The original chemical is banned but I believe they use a replacement.
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