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  1. The link doesn't work for me. Maybe because I am in the Netherlands?
  2. Only just saw this. Very sorry to hear he passed away. We spend some time during A&E 2012. IIRC we also went to the pub. When he fell ill some years ago I contacted him a few times for moral support. Quite recently I thought about him and considered contacted him and I guess I forgot. Please convey my sincere condoleances to his son and sorry for not knowing it earlier. I think its him on the left in the photo? To Degsy, Rest in peace.
  3. Good to hear things are getting up to steam. Enjoy and hopefully I'll be able to visit in the future.
  4. 15 years sounds very good to me. I once drove the Dodge on a tuesday and on the friday after that the battery was completely dead. Luckily I had a old spare that was just good enough.
  5. Welcome A jeep is simple enough although electrics is a bit of black magic to me. Have fun with your jeep!
  6. Wow, what a joy that must have been.
  7. This morning I got the news that my WW2 veteran friend Owen passed away. He was a Batallion sniper in the 53rd Welsh division, East Lancashire regiment. I met him years ago at the liberation festivities in Den Bosch which was liberated by the 53rd in Oct 1944. Also the only 53rd Div monument in Europe in in the city. I allways enjoyd his company. I am very glad I saw him last October and he instantly recongnised me and called out Olaf!. He was getting forgetfull I was told so I was soo happy he recognised me. Rest in peace my friend, till we meet again. (Portrait photo by Beverly C.)
  8. Sooo, I am looking for building plans or such for Ww2 barries, if available. I mean the red/white beam you put across a road. I did a searc and some photo's are there mainly of the germans crossing the Polish borders but maybe there are manuals (US?) who specifically adress this. Thanks
  9. I agree with above although judging a future market is a bit of a dark art. Bring someone knowledgeable when inspecting the jeep
  10. I continue to be amazed by the skill you display on this project.
  11. I know the owner, met him on several events. Hopefully it was insured for total loss.
  12. Yes, I am interested if you accept a Albanian cheque and ship through Parcel post to my home in the Ukraine.😁
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