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  1. Royal Enfield flying flea stolen

    Good to hear. Hopefully its in good condition.
  2. Churchill mk3

    That's going to be one heavy model when completed.
  3. Who's going out in the snow then?

    We only had a light dusting of snow here.
  4. Other uses for tanks

    Stuart Tanks sold Post war for 5$....including spare engine and tracks. Now where is my time machine.
  5. VL Myrsky, Finnish WW2 Fighter

    Wow, those Finnish pilots sure shot down a lot of enemy's.
  6. VL Myrsky, Finnish WW2 Fighter

    Looks a lot like the Dutch Fokker D21 which were delivered to Finland before the war.
  7. RN beach group D-Day

    Maybe some sort of plotting table?
  8. Ok, sounds fair enough. Its easy to point out potential problems for me. But do accept my respect for all those who took on this massive operation. Did they at least promote you to Major?
  9. There is one thing I don't like also. AFTER paying you find yourself in the position you HAVE to choose basecamp now, Veghel or Grave. And to give vehicle details I more or less gambled on Veghel, but what if my group decides to be in Grave ? Its hard to decide 2 years in advance! Or what if my vehicle can't make it and/or I have another one instead. If I knew this before I would have waited before registering and paying. Now I didn't have a option but to choose because I had allready paid..
  10. Thanks Joris! I understand.
  11. A bit unclear Can I only book as a person and not with a vehicle anymore? This is booked full; Don's forget to order your free VEHICLE tickets for the routes ! 0
  12. Panzer38(t) Recreation

    Great work! Would be great to see it when its finished.
  13. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Its coming along nicely by the looks of it. Keep up the good work and who knows I might stop by in the future.