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  1. I continue to be amazed by the skill you display on this project.
  2. I know the owner, met him on several events. Hopefully it was insured for total loss.
  3. Yes, I am interested if you accept a Albanian cheque and ship through Parcel post to my home in the Ukraine.😁
  4. You're forgiven Degsy. We all make mistakes, even me.
  5. A Chevy should have a closed cab. I presume someone grafted a GMC cab on it then?
  6. Surprised to see a Dutch Daf 126 so far from here. What is that 2 axle GMC looking truck?
  7. Thanks for the reply. There are more things in life than military vehicles (I am told). Take it easy and succes when you continue.
  8. Any updates? I love this project.
  9. Cafe Rene, named after Allo Allo?
  10. Nice, looks good. Guess model building pays of on a 1:1 scale.
  11. Love it. So much more different than a standard tamiya kit.
  12. Looking good. Its a nice vehicle.
  13. I was wondering. Couldn't it be possible to remove seat backrest altogether and affix something similar directly to the wheel arch behind the seat?
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