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  1. i have 4 for sale in holland in a used condition price 50 pound for the set
  2. oke i do that how many rims do you need hans
  3. i bought a farm trailer with these rims and would be deliverd to me end of the year and that trailer is breaking for parts and the split rims are for sale
  4. i have a complete set of 4 wheels with tyres for sale of a hotchkiss i can bring them to the war and peach revival price 150 pound
  5. there is a tilly engine with waterpump for sale on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Austin-Ten-10-Tilley-engine-/252715240786?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 no conection wit seller hans
  6. a freind of my bought a few years ago the same wheels on a car jumble in hollandand they told him that these rims came from a morris hans
  7. do you have the towhook for the back i have 1 for sale if you need him regards hans
  8. i can help withe a set of springs and the casting for the leg on the side of the trailer
  9. this generatoer trailer is for spare parts to restore my other one
  10. there must be a picture in the Belgium national army museum where is a bedford mwd withe the same trailer and they say it is made in 1945 in brussel but is have not seen the picture not yet
  11. this trailer is sold several years ago to me and is used in the Belgium army it has the Belgium markings en triangle abl marked reflectors and light on the mudgaurds
  12. it is not possible to see the film in the Netherlands
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