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  1. 79x100

    1944/5 Norton 16H 500cc

    The frame number is given as 94020. This contract was curtailed at W96400 on 12/6/1945...so the chances are that by the time it had been through the Chilwell system and sent overseas, it did not arrive in time to see any wartime service. It ought to have later spec parts such as the 7/8" handlebars. It's a project but the auctioneer's estimate is probably about right, considering what people pay for non-runners these days.
  2. 79x100

    Matching numbers

    Yep, that's Nick Thomas's web site and he runs the FB page too.
  3. 79x100

    Matching numbers

    There is a very helpful facebook group dealing with this sort of thing - WW2 British Army Jeep Research...I don't particularly like the way FB is taking over from proper forums but it does sometimes succeed at bringing a lot of information together. I'll pass on a link if the mods don't mind.
  4. 79x100

    Paint Colour - 2 Gallon POW tins

    The slightly bluish grey on the cans in the MLU thread look to me like the colour known in the pre-war official nomenclature of paints held by the R.A.O.C. as "Grey, ammn" which was commonly used on markings and colour codings. It would seem a logical shade where the colour had an indicative use. I'm not sure where ammunition grey would be detailed though.
  5. 79x100

    Searching IWM Photograghs online

    Since the latest update, IWM has been next to impossible to search and seems completely random. It used to be possible to search by 'collection' code and go all the way through. It even seems to give zero results using search terms for photos that I know are there. I really can't work it out. Images are much better quality now than they were a few years ago but finding them is something else.
  6. 79x100

    OGEL again

    The whole thing is a farce of course, especially as no other country is remotely interested in the movement of historic vehicles within the Schengen zone. As far as I can tell, there is no scheme for the temporary importation of vehicles to the UK...and what happens if a visitor to W&P from Europe 'exports' his own vehicle permanently from the UK when he returns after a week ? In terms of 'our' motorcycles, Ron...I'd be extremely surprised if anyone could show that some old side-valve clunker had been adapted for military use. They certainly wouldn't recognise a civilian-painted example.
  7. 79x100

    The Sun newspaper - 22nd August 2018

    Sadly, it's not good publicity for the MVT....and has The National Trust taken it upon itself to ban anything relating to the Third Reich from all of its properties, under all circumstances ? The intellectual capacity of the complainant was demonstrated in this comment :- "My descendants are from Europe, and although I don't know by name who perished, I am sure members of my family did die in the Holocaust." " I wonder if she's given birth to any ancestors yet ?
  8. Ah, parts from Jean Duchamps' emporium for the restoration of ex-French Enfields !
  9. Lex, it wasn't on here...I mentioned it to my wife....Daft really, I had the cash waiting...I can't afford a divorce though ! A lot of those base depots had French civilian staff. I imagine that once the British left, the locals would've been in pretty damned quick ! It's a fully ribbed Norton tail, so suitable for the single fixing number plate. Is that bracket BSA ?
  10. Lex, with a bit of luck, you might find traces of the serial number under the French registration. The lack of a stamping on the cases seems to be unusual for this contract / RASC machines of this period. I made the mistake of announcing it as a forthcoming project before I had it in my hands and it didn't go down well here. I won't make the same mistake again 😉 The early Norton tailpiece is worth what you paid for the bike ! Most of these WD/Cs would have been destined for second-line RASC, like the 3SWs so probably ended up at Corps level. It may of course still have been in a depot at Nantes or Laval. The on / off aspect of the final evacuation from the western ports meant that many stores were not efficiently destroyed (For which we can now be grateful).
  11. 79x100

    Royal Enfield WD/L project.

    Shelley made various jacks for Austin and other manufacturers, as well as their own Norton SWD outfit of course. There were definitely connections there. Apparently they made some jacks for BSA three-wheelers too.
  12. 79x100

    Royal Enfield WD/L project.

    R.T. Shelley had Talboys (of Talflow air filter fame) in-house and according to Peter Roydhouse (who rode works Norton triallers in the 1940s and '50s), They made the mudguards and tinware for Norton. Perhaps they contracted out to other manufacturers as well. The Aston Brook / Bracebridge Street area of Birmingham included so many famous names from the industry as neighbours. Who amongst us has not confused Ariel and Enfield tool boxes at an autojumble ? 🙂
  13. 79x100

    Royal Enfield WD/L project.

    The field stand and the primary case inner, along with the Shelley tools in the toolkit hint at some slight connection between RE and Norton. Details lost in the mists of time though.
  14. 79x100

    Royal Enfield WD/L project.

    Does the box of tricks help a lot, Ron ? Most of the accuracy of a fag paper is lost when tapping the pinion on / tightening it. I can imagine that a more accurate indication of points opening might make that even more frustrating :-)
  15. 79x100

    Bedford mw camouflage pattern

    Some of my Dad's signals unit with the K5 Portee to GS conversion that they finished the war in Germany with. It looks as if only the tilt on this one had disruptive.