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  1. Hi Lee Great reports....looks like its getting wetter and wetter Have you had a look in Medway Field? Wonder if our plot is oK East Anglian Fighting Vehicle Group, just inside the field and on the right Cheers Andy
  2. Thanks very much for the wiring diagram, it will be very handy. My Beaver is a Mk2 and I purchased it about 5 years ago from Steve Carter, put the engine in had the injector pump seal fixed and got it running. Then fixed the brakes and have been using it eversince. Also have another chassis with axles for spares. When I get it out next time I will take some pics. I was very lucky to get a set of extension tynes and the correct hook plus some of the mudguards. I think there is another set of extension tynes locally that may be available if anyone is interested. Andy
  3. Hi I'm a new member to HMVF and wonder if you may have a wiring diagram for a Beaver? I can supply a photocopy of the parts list but need a wiring chart to help me with my ongoing rolling restoration. Andy
  4. Hi Mark Spent last night going through the tread....you are doing an amazing job on the replica, look forward to seeing it. Andy ps I've got some pictures of the one at Samur...If you want I will try to upload them
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