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  1. welshbayonetww2

    Strange tracked Toy find

    Daiya Tracked Rocket Launching vehicle Look like one of these. motors removed and painted green: Daiya (Japan) battery operated Tracked Rocket Launching vehicle - scarce tinplate example is orange, with tinprinted detail including 2 x Titan and Saturn United States Airforce Rockets, bare metal tracks
  2. welshbayonetww2

    Deactivated weapons at military shows.

    To save argument, why not take a copy of the home office rules with you?
  3. welshbayonetww2

    9x9 tent

    pm sent.
  4. welshbayonetww2

    9x9 tent

    Hi I was looking for £300 for canvas and frame. Shipping extra, but I've no idea how much, although I could take to malvern. regards, Doug
  5. welshbayonetww2

    9x9 tent

    I've got a couple for sale. whereabouts are you? Doug
  6. welshbayonetww2

    19 set vehicle mounted

    Hi, I have a glass insulator set available if your interested. Doug[ QUOTE=Chris Suslowicz;478318]I have not seen the the block type before, but that looks to be only for a receiver aerial. The glass insulator with the metal mounting is RAF, I think, and has a metal pipe on the back, and a knurled nut on the aerial end. They were used on aerial junction boxes (Co-axial cable to wire aerial, etc., for ground stations but probably had other uses.) The two glass bowls... are for the 'blackout box' on the front wall of a radio box. They fit into two Tufnol or Paxolin squares about 0.25" (5mm) thick, and have butterfly (wing) nuts on the end to attach wire feeders (to variometer inside and aerial base outside). There is a complete unit on eBay, but I will make no comment regarding the price! :wow: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-British-Insulators-W-T-Aerial-Lead-In-No-12-ZA-0891-WS19-WS22-WS52-WS53-/151588268923 It does have useful photographs of the assembly. Regards, Chris.
  7. i have a spare one. pm sent. Doug#
  8. welshbayonetww2

    South Cerney Vintage show

    south cerney airfield http://www.glosvintageextravaganza.co.uk/
  9. welshbayonetww2

    Hi All

    welcome to the world of Jeeps! whereabouts are you based? Doug
  10. welshbayonetww2

    Has anyone seen the Eurodeacs yet?

    still requires magazines to be welded in i see! even for pistols. what a mess! EU specs are a farce when you look at the whole reason we are in this mess. do you think the rest of europe will follow EU specs?
  11. It's a good point,but the reason there is so much agro is that most of the euro don't have our high standardstandards. Our deacs are butchered to death, but others seem reluctant to follow us. There was an opportunity in 2007 for them to do it, but no! Now we have the risk of losing our hobby.
  12. welshbayonetww2

    Help from members in South Wales

    hi, The most obvious starting point is somewhere like ancestry.co.uk and work through the census records. There are a lot of other records which would be helpful. I'm from south wales myself and now am into the problem of Jones marrying Jones which makes life a bit more difficult !!! Doug
  13. welshbayonetww2

    WW2 British GS jeep trailer measurements

    hi, there are several threads on here. Just put in "10cwt" into the search box. Doug
  14. Happy to sign, but why is the Ministry of Justice objecting to it? Doug