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  1. Hi Bassetts, So is it real or repro, have to admit there are many odd details on this Kubel, have you any more information to give it some authenticity? cheers PAUL H
  2. Hi John, Bad luck, so you never went at all even by car ? Am still looking for photos and film of the NOTEK Colume runout, must be out there somewhere, any ideas.. cheers PAUL
  3. Hi John, Live near Portsmouth, I think I know a George out that way but with a KS750, so did you eventually take a bike to Normandy or were your problems all happening at home? Photo attached of the two high mileage bikes. cheers PAUL
  4. Hello Brdgs Bram, Well all I can say we must have been in two different St Mere Eglise's, went into St M-E on maybe four different days with a group of German motorcycles, met others there also (no uniforms worn of course, never have done), not one problem, Gendarmes everywhere, but no problems, the Borse was great.. Same in all the towns and locations we visited between St M-E, Utah Beach and area, Dead Man's Corner, Carentan, Isigny, Omaha Beach and area etc., etc., Have been going to Normandy with German vehicles ever since 1989, never ever a problem anywhere. But we do not wear uniforms, maybe that makes the difference. cheers Paul lN
  5. Hi John, Ouch ! that looks a bit serious, our group also had problems, one R12 and one R75 off the road and eventually trailered back to the UK, but my R75 did 1110 Km altogether and another of our group's R12 did 1300km, both without fault. Probably luck of the draw I guess. cheers PAUL
  6. Hi, Anybody on this forum attend the Notek event ? Regarding St Mere Eglise, many German vehicles present on many days, virtually none with French resistance markings and weapons were everywhere, ever other Jeep seemed to have a 30 or 50 Cal mounted. The Notek column got 75 German vehicles and was a very good runout, they managed to put seven Schwimmwagens into a local river. cheers Paul ,
  7. Hi, Back in 2006 there was also a discussion about the Munsterlager Pz 38(t), in that it really was a Stv m/41 SII, it was pointed out that one of the most noticeable characteristics between a SII and and SI/Pz38(t) chassis, was the different size gap between the 2nd and 3rd roadwheels, it being a much larger gap of the SII chassis. The then curator of the Swedish Axvall Museum made the following comments to me by PM about the chassis;- The SII chassis differed from the SI chassis in having upgraded and therefore heavier frontal armour, in addition the new 162HP engine needed approximately an extra 100mm in the engine bay for it to be fitted. This resulted in a new engine bay compartment for the SII, which was approximaterly 200mm longer than the SI. As the rear pair of roadwheels were positioned approximately the same distance from the rear of the new engine compartment as with the old engine ccompartment, it followed that the gap between the front and rear pairs of roadwheels was increased. This also increased the length of track on the ground, and importantly satisfied the need to keep the heavier SII ground pressure the same as the SI, this increased length was the equivalent of one or two extra tracklinks top and bottom of the track run. cheers Paul Hocking
  8. Hi Neils, Thanks for the body maker information, AG Ferrum is a rare maker of tehse bodies, maybe one day you can let me know the chassis number . many thanks and regards Paul
  9. Hi Niels, Excellent work on a very interesting vehicle. Do you know the manufacturer of thsi SPW ? Is it possible to post the chassis number for interest. cheers PAUL ___________________________________________ 1940 lEpkw Stoewer R200S 1942 Infantrie Karrier If8 1943 BMW R75 sKrad
  10. Hi, Yes absolutely so, for the Tiger II, my mistake, . the Panther also taken to Sweden from France (as mentioned in the article) was originally a Befehlpanzer of Stab / SSPzRgt 2, its tactical number was 99, the other two Befehl Panther in the Stab of SSPzRgt 2 were 97 and 98. As the article said the Panther is now in Munsterlager painted as a Befehl Panzer of the Pz Lehr Division. And the captured Panther in the above film, #232, is also from Pz Lehr division. cheers PAUL
  11. Hi, This E100 is seen at the Henschel test facility called Haustenbeck in Northern Germany. Its the same facility that Bovington got their Jagdtiger and Porsche turreted Tiger II from, along with this E100 and a 17cm "Grille" self propelled artillery gun and another Tiger I, the last three long since scrapped. The shot up Tiger I is not the same as the one mentioned above. A second Tiger II found here went to Sweden as a gift and now, I believe, only the gearbox exists. cheers paul
  12. Hi, not sure myself of its origins, but the chassis number shown and quoted, is not the chassis number, its the engine number and is shown to be on cleaned up area of the engine itself, this is quite normal of course. So what its true chassis number is.......... ?? There is a small plate on the front armour that normally carries the chassis number, its there and you can see it in some of the photos , but whatever stamped numbering it carries is not mentioned at all. cheers paul
  13. Hi, Unfortunately cannot see your photos, there is just a red X in a square, however thanks for the explanation, I am sure you are right, here are a couple of photos of an item I saw in Germany last year at a Oldtimer Treffen. Interesting stuff. Agh !, your photos have just appeared. cheers Paul
  14. d Hi, Do not know anything about the function or usage of these items, but the Mai 1944 VW82 parts book has this diagram for a supressed vehicle, and definitely shows the same arrangement of RF Filter Unit (item 2) and Ballast Restors (2x item 3) as per the Horch photograph . My limited understanding is that these three "boxes" are standard for most small vehicles, hope it helps. cheers Paul
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