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  1. Hi all,'oily' here using Dad's computer.....:-D there are some more things I need a bit of help with, regarding my saracen, but I put them under the 'research' heading, by mistake .....please have a look, and see if you can help.... it is mostly 'vehicle record card' stuff, I'm trying to decipher what it all means.....:coffee:
  2. thanks Mr 'Safariswing'....... Dad has joined forum now.....
  3. Hello all, I'm Robert (Bob) Kill, 22782572, L/Cpl ex Boy Soldier,R.A.C. ex 3rd Kings Own Hussar, and eventually ex Queens Own Hussar. Served: Bovington 1952-55, Eiselohn-? Germany 1955-57, Aden (A.P.L.)1957-59, Tidworth for amalgamation 1958, Munster 1959-61. I can remeber most of the chaps I served with in ADEN, 4th troop: Sgt Tillott (Bushanab),(Royals), Cpl of Horse Hallett (Horse Guards),Cpl 'Taffy' Powell (RTR),Tpr 'Taffy' Davis (3rd Hussars),Tpr Jeff Addington (RTR), Tpr Ray Morely (3rd Carbonniers), Tpr Mick Parker(3rd Hussars, HQ Trp, Storeman) My connection/interest with military vehicles, started in the last 6 months of Boys-Service, at Bovington in 1955, we were introduced to Bedford RL's, Ferrets, Saracens, at the School of Tank Technology. Later in 1955 I joined my regiment in Germany, where I started my Tank Driver Training, in Centurions. I volunteered for a posting with the Aden Protectorate Levies (A.P.L.), where we went back my favourites the trusty 'Ferrets' I have quite a few stories to tell, regarding my experiences with all of the vehicles mentioned, some amusing, some not so amusing, and some downright scary.... Saracen with total hydraulic failure, downhill! on public road! ahhh!:shocked: ....(and I told my son NOT to get one!, but he did, see 'Oily's' Threads/Posts) P.S. I'd like to get in touch with any of the guys listed above, that's if they may be on here or if anyone might know them, but particularly I'd like to 'track' down George Jones 22782582, (3rd RTR) I have tried 'forces reunited, to no avail...
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