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  1. Dewald supplied trucks to the french government during the war, but also in the years after they had substantial contracts for military use and from building contractors. As the article in CU says, they must have been prisoner of their own concept and when the time came to modernize they missed the boat. Charles Dewald is considered as the inventor of the hydraulic tipper. If you look up his name in google patents you'll find a patent of a hydraulic ram, US 1.237.309, where oil is supplied through hollow journals. This is obviously done in order to avoid the use of a hose, which back then could not withstand the high pressure. The hydraulic system of my truck has disappeared but you can steel see the holes where the ram was fitted and the pto on the gearbox.


  2. The first picture is also in the french book 'les camions de la victoire'. It is a Peugeot, not sure about the model - probably a 1525, like the one parked in front of it. They were called 'camion-bazar', most if not all of these were built on Peugeot chassis according to the writer. 1923 seems a bit late indeed.


  3. I don't know the exact year, but should be about 1920-25. It was originally on wooden wheels with solids, there is one other survivor known, at the Fondation Berliet in Lyon. It is really in a very good condition.

  4. I thought I'd post this while waiting for an update on the Thornycroft test drive. We finally picked up our new restoration project, a Dewald KL truck. It has been modified with tyres in 1941 and is in quite good condition. Here are a few pictures, will post more next week.








  5. Hi Steve and family! As many others have said already and will say: well done! It is quite an achievement to bring a 100 year engine back to life. If it is only the valve timing that needs to be adjusted, well that is a minor thing compared to the other work you have done. I would say too that the valve timing is a bit far off, especially on the inlet side. My guess is to advance the inlet by 24° and the outlet by 12° and see what happens. Inlet open at TDC is way too late. An impulse magneto will definitely help, not sure if you need a choke though when everything is adjusted as it should. Is there a way to prime the engine? You are quite right about the modern fuels. I had to change the nozzle on the Peugeot from 145 to 125 because it smoked too much. 

    Best regards


  6. It is amazing what can be achieved using modern techniques! That spider will fit better than new I am sure. I have used my old Halifax slotter and horizontal milling machine a couple of times to make internal and external splines, not quite as precise as wire eroding but it does the job for what I need it.

    Wonderful job on the Thorny, not long now before it will move under its own power!






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  7. Hi Tim

    Instead of uploading all the pictures again would it be an idea to copy the text of the thread and the pictures into one or more documents that can be added to the thread and downloaded from there? It would at least give you some more time.



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