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  1. Cheers, the Liberty MK III to MK V are pretty similar, and I think the final version in the Crusader was the MK IV differences were governor speed and a few other things, will check it out..
  2. Yea we are reaching out to them too.
  3. Looking for a maintenance manual and spare parts list for the Nuffield Liberty MK V tank engine used in the Centaur.
  4. Looking for a maintenance manual and spare parts list for the Nuffield Liberty MK V tank engine used in the Centaur.
  5. Wanna go up for a Shufti huh.......
  6. Looks like a bit of a turret ring too, yes that track would be useful as some spare bits for some of us..
  7. I know this HSC, it is one of the last few hundred made.
  8. Glad we aren't chasing the same bits!!!
  9. You can go and drive the dozer until then
  10. More pics on the FB group Tank, Cruiser, Centaur A27L, Cromwell A27M Group
  11. Well some have seen the movement of the Centaur from Kevin's location, the project is now mine and it will go with the other Centaur Dozer that I have, (she is continuing the restoration at this time at track and wheel http://trackandwheel.co.uk/, and will be upgraded to a Cromwell MK IV (meteor) I will just add info and updates here instead of doing a new post, fingers crossed on a few more Centaur/Cromwell/Cavalier projects to add
  12. OK great, much appreciated, Tobin will also get with you (think already did), about doing some other bits and bobs and some additional work like some cutting, welding etc.
  13. I figured Adrian, but we haven't got to go over a buyers list yet...so I will take much of what you got as you say...
  14. I have a few projects coming up and I am looking for some bits. Cromwell/Centaur 75mm muzzle brake, barrel and bits, Merrit Brown gearbox, final drives, final drive sprockets, auxillary charging set (Delco Remy), turret spot lamp, starter motor, turret hand traverse gear and brake, telescope mounting for main gun, and for hull gunners Besa, Cromwell/Meteor fuel tanks, oil tanks, header tanks, radiators and fans, drain pump, C02 storage (fire bottles), all round vision cupola (MK I ) and No 4 episcopes, or a MK II with No 5 episcopes and No 6 episcope, base junction, books, maintenance manuals (Centaur and Cromwell). If you have stuff not listed above shoot me a PM anyway, we may take it! A24 Cavalier: looking for manuals or books.
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