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  1. Hi John, Thanks for having a look for me, could you let me know when you have a complete set as I would like a set? Regards Jack
  2. Hi John, Great job you are doing! Do you still have any of the engine decal sets for the Hercules engine? Regards Jack
  3. Hi all, Does anybody know where I can get torque bar rubber bushes for the diamond t 969? Regards Jack
  4. Hi SDT16, Thanks for getting back to me. However I have managed to find a local one! Thanks again Jack
  5. mullvane

    Diamond T Wiring Harness

    Hi all Anybody know of or have a wire harness for a Diamond T 969A for sale? Regards Jack
  6. Hi all, Does anybody have or know of a complete front bumper assembly for a Diamond T 969 for sale? Regards Jack
  7. Hi Michael, That's the one! Yes I would be interested in having it. How much do you want for it? Regards Jack
  8. Hi all, Does anybody have or know of a Diamond T rear crankcase seal for sale? Regards Jack
  9. mullvane

    Diamond T 969A

    A couple more pictures showing the bell housing having been cleaned up and painted. I recently bought some repro data plates and have to say the quality of them is first class! More pictures to follow soon!
  10. mullvane

    Diamond T Chassis number

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the reply! The resto is coming along slowly, the front axle is now off and the bell housing is in the process of being painted. Glad to hear you have finally been able to get a body, I had been offered another wrecking gear myself! I have looked on the body info plate but have not been able to make anything out of it as it is so corroded. Does your Diamond T have tie downs on the rear chassis? Regards Jack
  11. mullvane

    Diamond T 969A

    Hi all, We finally took the engine out today, I did not appreciate how tight a fit it was in the chassis! Prior to us taking it out we fired it up and at first we got a oil pressure reading of 50 and once it had warmed up to 160 degrees it droped down to 25 which I have been told is about normal for a Hercules Regards Jack
  12. mullvane

    Diamond T 969A

    Hi MACCDT, A while back you said you had a pair of headlights and brackets for sale for a Diamond T, just wondering if you still have have them? I did try and get in contact with you as soon as you said about them, probably the private message I sent didn't reach you? Regards Jack
  13. mullvane

    Diamond T 969A

    Hi all, Heres a short clip of the Diamond T running Regards Jack
  14. mullvane

    Diamond T 969A

    Hi MACCDT, PM Sent
  15. mullvane

    Diamond T 969A

    Here are a couple more showing the cab being removed