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  1. Looking for a good FWD Su-Coe gun tractor chassis, un-shortened. Interested in any FWD spares, project vehicles etc., etc. Any leads on vehicles also welcome please. Mel
  2. Rear Axle set from a CDSW. Inc. 2 x complete axles, mount frame, springs, axle straps & various brake rods. £600 the lot. Overall tyre track. Complete with hooks. One Only £300. Front Axle set. Inc. 2 complete hubs, axle beam, steering rod, steering box. £200. Gearbox & winch unit. With chassis mounts. Missing tyre pump & rear drive flange. £250. Road springs. £120 for the 6. Pedal cluster & bulkhead panel. £40. Located in Bradford, West Yorks. P.M or email me at mel41mat@googlemail.com Regards Mel
  3. Thank you for this info Richard. Kind Regards, Mel
  4. Hi There, Does anyone have any idea where the ‘Army Auxiliary Workshop B38’ was located in November 1944. Kind Regards Mel
  5. Hi Clive, yes it says painting, it is clearer on some cards than others. There also seems to be quite a variation in the numbers on cards, some are 2 digits others have 3 (up in the 100 range). Cheers, Mel
  6. Hi, I always thought the RLC Museum only had info for certain vehicles rather than the companies who built them? Cheers, Mel
  7. Hi All, Does anyone know what/who the initials 'C.I.M' on top line on the body plate from our 1940 Austin K30 GS truck refers to? Cheers Mel
  8. Hi All, Can anyone tell me what the painting 'BK' or 'Book' reference normally found in the bottom right hand corner of WW2 contract cards refers to? Is there a book somewhere with this information in? Cheers, Mel
  9. Hi Richard, You are correct and thanks for pointing out my miss wording 👍 Regards Mel
  10. Hi All, Looking for any rear body makers plates for the WW2 Matador similar to the picture but doesn't have to be that contract number. Cheers, Mel
  11. Hi, do you have any timing gears for an Austin K2 engine? Cheers, Mel
  12. Hello David, Great to see your truck & welcome to the forum. I too am an FWD owner, though I have a Su-Coe Gun Tractor for restoration. Here is a picture taken from the 'FWD Trucks' book by Robert Gabrick, unfortunately this is the only picture in there. Look forward to watching your progress with this. Regards, Mel
  13. Hi Russ, Yes on the ex-fire service one. Regards Mel
  14. Hi Russ, Yes I believe there were just the 2 types. It would seem that some of the switches were often in different locations on the dash though. I have 2 manuals showing the early dash and the light switches etc. are in different places!!! Are you going to put a GS body back on the red one? Regards Mel
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