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  1. Believe it or not, the same wire cutters are still part of the CES for CVRTs the oldest ones that I have found ere dated 1942! I have also found 1944 dated Trench Mirrors as part of the RARDEN cleaning kit.
  2. I see that you have both left and right handed adjustables, the big question is are they imperial or metric?
  3. Well I 'm going back to work on Monday, I should have been in Vienna this week, but that had to be cancelled. Curiously before I finished work last Friday I helped to prepare 15 Man SVs and 30 HEBE Land Rovers, just in case the army needed them. Let's hope that they won't.
  4. I have just been on the VE Day website, they are advising all organisers of VE Day events to cancel the events on 8th of May and rearrange them to take place on the 15th and 16th of August to combine both VE & VJ Day. Which will put the mockers on Lacock at War and other shows organised for that weekend.
  5. Like it Clive, at work Babcock bought in a rule that you should not walk within 2 metres of a running vehicle, so I made up a 2 metre long pole wrapped in yellow and black hazard tape as a mickey take. This pole is now getting a lot of use being used for "social distancing" with tongue firmly in cheek.
  6. No joy I'm afraid, all Clansman bits were disposed of years ago.
  7. Hi Sam, Neil has sold the Pig & Whistle, and is busy doing up some of his houses! We but still have the meetings at the Pig first Tuesday of the month, hope to see you soon.
  8. I'll have a word with the BOWMAN guys at work and see if they have any spare.
  9. Very neat Sam, I haven't seen you around for a while, will you be bringing this to this year's Lacock at War? Application forms can be downloaded from our website westwiltsmvt.org.uk. Maybe see you at Heddington. Did you manage to get that trailer?
  10. Are these what you are looking for? I have just found a pair of them in my shed while looking for something else.
  11. I have been contacted by someone who is researching his grandfather's WW2 history. His grandfather was in the Reconnaissance Regiment and drove a Number Light Reconnaissance Car I believe that there is one in Somerset owned by Les Jackson, which he was hoping to take to the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden. I know that these vehicles are VERY rare, does anyone on this forum have Les's contact details or know of another Number LRC
  12. I have just received the MVT chairman's report from the Trustees of the MVT Management Committee (the new name for the Council of Management ). The backlog of Vehicle verifications has been cleared and a new person has put their name forward to take up the position of Vehicle verification officer, although this will not be confirmed until the AGM on the 5th of April. So hopefully verifications we re commence in April. I will keep you updated as soon as I am,informed.
  13. My civvy Leyland Sherpa had a 1.7 litre O series engine, earlier ones had 1.8 litre B series engines, I believe that there was a diesel B series option and even the Land Rover diesel in the 300 series.
  14. The 6 wheel Kugel that I found on the interweb is captioned as "6 wheeled Kubelwagon replica, movie prop" the rear end doesn't look anything like a Kubelwagen, a Hollywood fantasy?
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