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  1. RAK 15/2 Water Heater

    If you need any spares for RAK15/2 let me know as I have a few parts available and also copies of the manufacturers instruction manual complete with loads of spelling mistakes.
  2. Vehicle ID - Albion AM463?

    There was one of these advertised for sale on this forum in July 2016 with some very good photos
  3. Oil equivalent chart

    There was a comprehensive oil equivalent list on this forum in 'Clives Corner it lists both British and U.S military oils & greases with civilian equivalents. It seems to have vanished now maybe you could contact FV1609 and see if he still has it, if not I have a hard copy of it that I could e-mail you.
  4. RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    I think that it is a caravan with a lorry parked behind it, if you enlarge the photo and look at the wheel arches they are tapered towards the lorry bonnet end, suggesting that the lorry bonnet is at the back of the caravan.
  5. I agree with you Baz, these Mowags were used as a mobile target for infantry small arms, not anti tank weapons, the view out of these is terrible, armoured screen at the front and just very small viewing slits on the side. The turret is fixed and the gun is a dummy, and no other armament, this would not make a good recce vehicle. I believe that they used a Dodge WC 51 chassis with the engine at the rear, a friend used to own one and it was an absolute pig to drive. Rumour has it that the people that drove these on the ranges were doing it as a punishment. There was one in the reserve collection at Bovington a few years ago, I don't know if they still have it.
  6. DAF T244 Alternator

    The correct alternator for a Leyland Daf T244 is 90 amps, the NSN is 6115-99-255-3125, there is no manufacturers part number on the 711 (parts list) but there is a FV part number FV2034150. I would suggest finding a good auto electrician and getting a quote for a rebuild, I had the alternator on my FFR Land Rover rebuilt for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
  7. WANTED: DAFF T244 Parts

    The jack handle is used to tilt the cab, so if you have the correct jack you are sorted, alternatively the handle of a cheap 2 tonne trolley jack also fits the cab pump. The auxiliary air line connector is a tap with a threaded end located on the right hand chassis rail above the spare wheel, if you have the tap I have a N.O.S. Inflator hose available p.m. me if you are interested. I'm rather surprised that you need air tank drain valves as they don't wear out and very rarely get damaged, they work by pushing them to one side, don't try to pull them downwards. There is a full set of Leyland Daf manuals including Operators Manual and Parts List available for free download, I think they on Overlander.com, but a search for Leyland Daf 4x4 manuals will find them.
  8. DAF T244 Centre Diff Lock

    The parking brake on a Leyland Daf T244, being air operated, works on all 4 wheels, much to the amusement of my MoT tester, yes he did try it!
  9. New Vehicle Canvas

    Yes they are the same as Bedfords, although Comptons 2000 don't list prices, you may be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable they are. I work for the Land Training Fleet at Warminster, and Comptons 2000 supply all the canvas for the current army vehicles, we had a delivery of new canvas for the MAN SVs and I was surprised at how little they cost.
  10. bedford OYC

    It was restored by Don Wilmott from Marshfield, between Bristol & Chippenham, he was in the process of restoring another Bedford when he died suddenly at the age of 81. It was then bought by John Glanfield, who lived in Cambridge near Gloucester. John was on his way to a show when the Bedford ran out of petrol, after he had topped up the fuel he was checking the radiator when a car traveling at high speed ran over the warning triangles and cones that John had put out and ran into the back of the Bedford, the brush bar hit John in the chest, knocking him to the ground and the Bedford went over him and killed him, the front number plate is still bent where it went over him. So I lost 2 good friends who both owned this Bedford OY. I do still have an unused key ring with a photo of this Bedford if the new owner wants it pm me.
  11. Yes they are heavy, we could only send 20 sets at a time for disposal ( max 1000Kg per box). I handled hundreds of them when the Mastiffs came back from Afghan, most were covered in Afghani dust that stank.
  12. That's exactly how they are used. They obviously bought some from Whitham and believed their description. As I mentioned earlier, these traction mats are only issued to Cougar variants when on operations, some CES lists state 'Op Herrick only'.
  13. I just received an email from i-bidder.com about an online auction for various tanks, other vehicles and spares, including Centurion, Chieftain, T69, Abbot, CET, Antars, and lots of spares, some of which look NOS. The auction finishes on 6th December and the vehicles etc are located in Heywood Lancashire. I have no connection with this sale except that the Bedford OY X-Ray truck was previously owned by 2 friends of mine.
  14. I'll see if I can find a Mastiff operators manual and copy the relevant pages.