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  1. New Vehicle Canvas

    Yes they are the same as Bedfords, although Comptons 2000 don't list prices, you may be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable they are. I work for the Land Training Fleet at Warminster, and Comptons 2000 supply all the canvas for the current army vehicles, we had a delivery of new canvas for the MAN SVs and I was surprised at how little they cost.
  2. bedford OYC

    It was restored by Don Wilmott from Marshfield, between Bristol & Chippenham, he was in the process of restoring another Bedford when he died suddenly at the age of 81. It was then bought by John Glanfield, who lived in Cambridge near Gloucester. John was on his way to a show when the Bedford ran out of petrol, after he had topped up the fuel he was checking the radiator when a car traveling at high speed ran over the warning triangles and cones that John had put out and ran into the back of the Bedford, the brush bar hit John in the chest, knocking him to the ground and the Bedford went over him and killed him, the front number plate is still bent where it went over him. So I lost 2 good friends who both owned this Bedford OY. I do still have an unused key ring with a photo of this Bedford if the new owner wants it pm me.
  3. Yes they are heavy, we could only send 20 sets at a time for disposal ( max 1000Kg per box). I handled hundreds of them when the Mastiffs came back from Afghan, most were covered in Afghani dust that stank.
  4. That's exactly how they are used. They obviously bought some from Whitham and believed their description. As I mentioned earlier, these traction mats are only issued to Cougar variants when on operations, some CES lists state 'Op Herrick only'.
  5. I just received an email from i-bidder.com about an online auction for various tanks, other vehicles and spares, including Centurion, Chieftain, T69, Abbot, CET, Antars, and lots of spares, some of which look NOS. The auction finishes on 6th December and the vehicles etc are located in Heywood Lancashire. I have no connection with this sale except that the Bedford OY X-Ray truck was previously owned by 2 friends of mine.
  6. I'll see if I can find a Mastiff operators manual and copy the relevant pages.
  7. That's it Tony, the traction mats are quite long, they are long enough to take all 3 axles of a Mastiff. On the subject of sand ladders, they are now called 'Traction Aids' and are supposed to be laid on the ground and driven over with no means of attaching them to a vehicle and no anchor provided. The only vehicles that currently have them as part of the CES are, Foxhound, Husky, Jackal/Coyote and RWMIK+.
  8. No, the technique is to place the traction mat as close to the stuck wheel as possible, unroll it then attach the anchor away from the vehicle then drive on to the traction mat. The anchor is to stop the traction mat from sliding under the wheel when the power is applied.
  9. Tony, these anchors are not for winching, they are for securing the traction mats to allow the vehicle to get out of soft ground, they are attached to the traction mats by a webbing strap and 2 carabiners which are missing from the set advertised. Mastiffs don't have winches fitted.
  10. No problem, I didn't want you to waste money on something that wouldn't be any use to you. By the way, the Folding Solar Battery Chargers that Whitham have on their auction site aren't worth buying either, they just don't work! It took us over 3 years to get rid of them!
  11. These items are NOT for Land Rovers, they are part of the CES for Mastiffs when on operations, the item in the Black Bag is another Traction Mat, these items are big, the stillage that they are in is 1 metre X 1.2 metres, and heavy, approx 100kg for the set, I know as I have moved a lot of them from CES kits when the Mastiffs came back from Afghanistan. Also beware of the Rudd Snow Chains for Land Rovers sometimes offered by Whitham as they are from Mastiff CES as well, so they are far too big for a Land Rover. There were 3 Snow Chains ( not 3 pairs) and 2 Traction Mats each comprising of 1 mat, 1 anchor as in the previous post, 1 webbing strap and 2 carabiners, the straps and carabiners are missing from this set, and quite often were missing from the CES kits when the vehicles were returned. We sent hundreds of these Traction Mats and Snow Chains to Whitham for disposal, so buyer beware these items are for BIG vehicles only.
  12. Road registering alvis shielder

    Firstly join the MVT, then contact the Verification Officer via the MVT website, she will then contact an appointed MVT member near you who will visit you and inspect your vehicle. The inspector will then send a report to the Verification Officer, who then forwards a report to DVLA on your behalf. This may sound complicated but it is quite straightforward and satisfies DVLA. This is a free service for MVT members.
  13. Theoretically yes, but the nuts on the clamps that hold the body on are welded on so it would be a lot of effort to demount it, this was done at VOSAs suggestion.
  14. No I haven't, that photo is about 6 years old, I would love to respray it, but I don't have anywhere to do it.
  15. This is the only photo of my Leyland Daf that I have on my iPad, I don't have any photos of the interior, basically I scrapped my old caravan on then put all the fittings in to the Radio Repair body. The criteria for a motor caravan is that it must have fixed cooking and washing facilities, fixed seating that may convert to a bed, fixed storage facilities and a table that may be fixed or removable. The important thing to remember is that all these things must be fixed.