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  1. I'll have a dig out at the weekend and let you know exactly what I have. John
  2. I have a few of these with the J bolts, how many are you looking for? The lifting shackles go in the slots on the top corners of the box body, I may have some of those as well. Have you checked the locker on the front of the box body as the lifting shackles should be stored in there?
  3. johnwardle

    What book are you reading at the moment?

    D-Day through German eyes by Holger Eckhert, very interesting book which is made from interviews with German troops defending the invasion beaches. The interviews have been translated by the daughter of the original interviewer who was an official German war correspondent. There are two books in this series and are available for free download on Amazon unlimited.
  4. johnwardle

    Longleat Military Spectacular

    They would prefer British vehicles, but they will accept vehicles that were used by the British Forces.
  5. johnwardle

    Longleat Military Spectacular

    I haven't had any replies to this yet, anyone interested? Maybe I should have mentioned that last year they gave us free food vouchers.
  6. Wonderful films, they made me want to rush out and buy a Scammell, but then I realised that finding keen, eager young chaps to crew it would be impossible, so I will have to keep looking for more REME training films like they used to show us Arborfield in the early 70s.
  7. johnwardle

    Despatch Rider MT 360

    By what I can remember seeing when they were in service, 95 pattern combats with a green open face helmet and black gloves. So nice and easy to source.
  8. johnwardle

    Multibank engines

    There's one in the Tank Museum at Bovington, and I know of another although the top 2 cylinder heads are damaged.
  9. johnwardle

    The Sun newspaper - 22nd August 2018

    To quote Richard Branson, any publicity is good publicity, maybe I should thank the Sun for the free advertising. If you look at the comments about Lacock at War on the Sun website they are all in support of the show.
  10. johnwardle

    The Sun newspaper - 22nd August 2018

    There was NOBODY in SS uniform at this year's Lacock at War there were 3 re-enactors in black Kriegsmarine uniforms, with white caps. If there were people in SS uniform why aren't there any photos? I am working with the National Trust to come to an amicable solution. Yes I am the same John Wardle
  11. As Area Secretary of the West Wiltshire MVT, I have been asked to help in providing some Military Vehicles for the Longleat Military Spectacular. Taking place on the 29th and 30th of September, at Longleat House and Safari Park in Wiltshire, they are looking for British Military Vehicles of all types from World War 1 onwards and also British re-enactment groups. This will be their second event of this type I was at last year's and it was very well attended, with current Military Vehicles, marching band, serving military and a parachute display at the end of each day. A contingent from West Wiltshire MVT displayed their vehicles alongside the current ones. We were very well looked after by the Longleat staff with proper flushing toilets available to those that camping overnight. Anyone wishing to be part of this event please contact me by pm
  12. johnwardle

    Clansman HF Antenna

    I have 2 different length bottom sections, not middle as I put in my previous post, 5985-99-630-8455 which is 1 metre long, and the other bottom section is 1.26 metres long which doesn't have an MSN on it, the middle section 5985-99-630-8456 is 1 metre long and the top section 5985-99-649-8410 is also 1 metre long. The screw thread at the bottom of the middle section is a lot bigger diameter than the thread at the top of the middle section therefore you can't join 2 middle sections together, but you can join the bottom (8455) sections together. The 4 metre HF antenna would be top middle bottom and bottom. I hope that this makes things clearer.
  13. johnwardle

    Clansman HF Antenna

    I used to use top middle and bottom on my 109 FOR, the middle sections for the front are longer than the rear ones. I have a set of middle sections and the carrying/storage tube available if you are interested.
  14. johnwardle

    DAF T244

    You could try Undercover Covers, which is a trading name of Comptons 2000, although dealing more with the ex military market. They both have the same phone number and e-mail address, so it may be better to ring them than e-mail.
  15. johnwardle

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I totally agree Tony, I have never been to War and Peace because I disagree with paying to exhibit my vehicle, the organisers say that it is a charge for a week's camping, but as my vehicle is fitted with everything that I need including a toilet it is a charge for parking. I help to organise Lacock at War and we are proud of the relationship we have with both exhibitors and visitors, our toilets are spotless and regularly checked, we don't charge for campervan or caravans (they use the National Trust car park at no cost ) and we go out of our way to make sure the exhibitors and traders are happy. Admittedly W&P is vastly bigger, but if you look after the people that make the show (exhibitors and traders ) then they will keep coming back. Lacock at War is on the 18th and 19th of August, see westwiltsmvt.org.uk