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  1. The red wheel nuts hold the 2 halves of the wheel together NEVER undo them unless you have let ALL the air out of the tyre. You could run without run flat inserts and use a standard commercial vehicle flap instead, this will prevent the inner tube getting nipped between the 2 wheel halves when putting the wheel back together.
  2. Could the A frame thingy visible behind the engine that has been removed be some kind of engine steady that would be fitted to the replacement engine when it is ready to be installed then attached to the inside of the hull? The reason that I think this is that the A frame has a gap at the apex so it couldn't be used for lifting.
  3. It could possibly be for an Austin K9 Series 3, they were multi fuel but were not taken in to full service only a small quantity were used. If it was used in K60 engined vehicles surely someone on this forum would recognise it.
  4. While browsing Milweb I am amazed at the prices that some seller's are asking for their vehicles, £15,000 for a UAZ469!!!! Even more optimistic a Diamond T 986 Wrecker in need of full restoration advertised at €123,456!!!! Do these advertisers really expect someone to pay these asking prices? Although I do know someone who advertised his Leyland Daf DROPS for £ 30,000 and sold it for the asking price, it was very tidy and had quite a few spares, but he was gob smacked that someone bought it for £30,000. Now the lovely Albion CX22S That is a lovely truck, I often wondered where it went after 2008 Kemble MVT show, I was on the judging panel which awarded it 'Best Heavy Vehicle' before it deservedly won Best in Show, if only I had 12 grand spare.
  5. I have just got hold of some current ration packs courtesy of 4 Scots, they are now packaged in plastic bags. There are now 14 menus which come in 7 boxes box A to Box G each containing 2 menus ie box A has menus 1 & 2 box has menus 13 & 14, there are also 10 vegetarian menus again 5 boxes each containing 2 menus, these are labelled box VA to Box VF.
  6. Quite a few MAN SV Trucks for sale at Brightwells most seem to be in good condition with low Kms.
  7. There is very little air conditioned storage on most MoD bases unless you call the building that we store Jackals and Coyotes in "air conditioned" due to the holes in the roof. Leased Japanese 4x4s are used in the White fleet as general runabouts, not on exercises or operations. As to what will replace TUM, TUL and Wolf, who knows, you can bet your bottom dollar that it won't be the new Defender.
  8. Sorry Chris, dashed predictive text.
  9. No they weren't EPVs I have driven both of the DPVs that were in this auction and there was no ballistic protection at all on either vehicle.
  10. There is a book 'SAS Panthers in Detail' featuring Barry Pococks Pink Panthers, the ones in the auction, I think that the book is aimed at modeller.
  11. OLD is Oil Mineral Detergent, OX90 is synthetic.
  12. Neither did the Americans, but there are plenty of American re-enactors at Pickering. There were a lot of Canadian in Ryedale during WW2, but you don't see many Canadian re-enactors at Pickering.
  13. I agree, when they transformed Levisham village into Le Visham a French village under German occupation it was very tastefully done. I am fed up to the back teeth with these snowflakes that go out with the sole intention of being offended. We had the same at Lacock at War last year although it transpires that the complainant was having a go at the National Trust who she thought organised the show. Having a military event without an enemy is like having a boxing match with only one person in the ring. If anyone is wondering how I can have views on events in both Yorkshire and Wiltshire, I grew up in Ryedale and worked in and around Pickering for many years, I have ljved in the South West for about 30 years and I am the area secretary of the West Wiltshire MVT which organises Lacock at War, which has NOT banned German re-enactors they chose not to attend this year.
  14. I don't know how many of the bikes and quads were Barry's, but I am surprised that the green Pink Panther went for quite a bit less than the pink one as it was in a lot better condition and fully equipped. Maybe the bidders thought that it had been painted green not realising that they were green when delivered to the Army.
  15. Some results from this auction, RSOV ( Rangers Special Operations Vehicle) £49,500, First Gulf War 110 DPV £48,375, Pink Panther 10FG97 £47,250. I can't find any more information on the other lots as I have had great difficulty in logging on to Bonhams website. I will try to get more information at our next MVT meeting on Tuesday.
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