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  1. johnwardle

    Number plates

    They were all made of aluminium, some had the silver edge but most did not, I remember seeing CL (civvy spec) Land Rover with white front and yellow rear reflective civvy style plates in the early 70s.
  2. johnwardle

    Number plates

    You don't need any documents for show plates, I have even bought regular plates for my car from mobile number plate traders without being asked for documents.
  3. johnwardle

    Number plates

    You quite often see a trailer selling number plates at larger steam fairs and classic car shows, they make them while you wait and are usually reasonably priced. I have even had military trailer number plates made with 3 rows of 2 digits.
  4. johnwardle

    RE: British Rations

    I like the 70s/80s menu, a choice of 4!, nowadays there are 20 different menus, 2 of which ( menu 1 & menu 11) are vegetarian, although it is quite common to get a veggie main meal in other menus. I display a current ration pack at shows and I can't believe the amount of people who tell their children that all the meals are dehydrated even though I have a sign as part of the display explaining that all meals are pre cooked and can be eaten hot or cold.
  5. johnwardle

    Ex service personnel who actually drove your MV

    I have had more than one person recognise the Military registration on my Leyland Daf and informed me that they drove it in Germany/Bosnia Bakabeyond or wherever and then commented on how handy the box body on it was for slkeeping in. And what a great truck it was. I don't have the heart to tell them that AT 47 AA spent its service life as a UBRE (Unit Bulk Refuelling Equipment) with 103 Bn REME. And as far as I know never left this country. The box body may have seen UN service as every time some paint gets chipped there is white paint underneath. According to the MERLIN report the box body was used for repairing FACE (Field Artillery Computer Equipment) for 3 RAH between 01/12/1982 and 22/07/1994 when it was used for repairing BATES (Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System) for 19 RA from 22/07/1994 until 11/12/2007. So the body had a more interesting life than the truck it is now fitted to.
  6. johnwardle

    Warthogs on sale!

  7. johnwardle

    Tyres on soft ground

    The tyre inflation valve on the Leyland Daf is a simple tap if the handle is in line with the outlet it is on, if it is at 90 degrees to the outlet it is off. It is that simple just remember to have the engine running to keep the air pressure up.
  8. johnwardle

    Bedford MK & MJ spares

    Spotted on Brightwells Live auction site, New seats, New drivers door, prop shafts and various other parts for Bedford MK & MJ, look for DMC 7BD in their descriptions.
  9. It isn't a twin trailer but a Jeep Dolly that attaches to the fifth wheel of the tractor unit and has another fifth wheel on the dolly that the trailer attaches to. Jeep Dollies are quite commonly used in heavy haulage. Their main purpose is to spread the weight over more axles therefore reducing the load on each wheel.
  10. johnwardle

    My Plant Pics

    The one with the canvas tilt and lowish headlights in the darker photo is a GMC M-135 from the early 50s which was a replacement for the GMC CCKW.
  11. johnwardle

    Who can verify a vehicle?

    Who have you contacted? The verification officer of the MVT holds the position voluntarily, as do all MVT officials and may not be available to reply to you immediately.
  12. johnwardle

    wanted, daimler ferret

    Unfortunately the Saracen was sold about 6 weeks ago and is now in a museum in County Sligo, Dave, who was selling it due to health issues said it was a shame that it was going to a museum as it was running superbly.
  13. johnwardle

    collecting militaria, what's the next big thing?

    I very much doubt it, the amount of specialised kit needed to maintain the current vehicles is mind boggling, I once saw a REME corporal almost in tears when his laptop crashed while trying to diagnose a fault on a Foxhound.
  14. johnwardle

    wanted, daimler ferret

    I believe that there is still a Saracen Command variant for sale in Melksham, I should see the owner tomorrow night to confirm that it is still for sale and if so what price.
  15. johnwardle

    Wanted RB44 Bates comm's body parts.

    BATES stands for Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System which is still in use today and therefore classified, all BATES equipment would have been removed when the vehicles were cast. The electronics repair body on my Leyland Daf was originally used for repairing FACE, Field Artillery Computer Equipment, then when that was phased out it was used for repairing BATES.