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  1. johnwardle


    According to the Royal Enfield history websites and British Forces Motorcycles by Chris Orchard and Steve Madden, the largest bike built by Royal Enfield during wartime was 570cc. I used to know someone who worked at the Westwood factory, he was a wheelbuilder, but sadly he has died. As the factory closed 48 years ago you will have great difficulty in tracing any previous workers. Whoever told you about a Royal Enfield 700 single obviously got their facts wrong as they never existed.
  2. johnwardle

    MK without army plating certificate?

    There is no such thing as a military plating certificate, they are issued by DVSA (VOSA), if the previous owner registered it as agricultural, then it would not have a plating certificate. My suggestion would be to get it MoTed at a DVSA approved testing station and ask them for a new plating certificate.
  3. johnwardle

    Leyland DAF 45 150

    David, p.m. sent with part numbers. John
  4. johnwardle

    Leyland DAF 45 150

    I think that you will find that the clutch in the military Leyland Daf 45/150 is a lot beefier than the civvy Leyland Daf 45 which was a 7.5 tonne and designed for road use only.
  5. johnwardle

    Leyland Daf Army Truck - Mechanic Required

    Where are you in the south/south west?
  6. johnwardle

    Bedford MK

    A Google search for Bedford MK manuals brings up a link on gov.uk>uploads which has a pdf for MJ operating instructions and it's free! Digging about on that site may yield other manuals.
  7. johnwardle

    Cvrt front numbers

    49 AT 19 is shown as being issued to QOY , Queens Own Yeomanry, my dad's old TA regiment on 13/07/1995, until 27/04/1999, there were 3 squadrons, Y Squadron based in York (my dad's lot), C Squadron based in Cheshire (the late Duke of Westminster's unit), and A Squadron based in Ayr. So as your vehicle served in both the RAF and the Army, Bovington will hold the record card.
  8. johnwardle

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    Hi Mark, which version would you like? G.S., Dry Air Charging, Welding or Water Tanker.
  9. johnwardle

    Who's going out in the snow then?

    I was jokingly offered a Jackal by the RQMS(T) to get home from work yesterday, wish I had taken him up on the offer, one and a half hours from Warminster to Westbury a total of 5 miles. With a Jackal I could have driven down the verges, added bonus of not having a windscreen to scrape.
  10. johnwardle

    British Army Jackal - The Logic of Exposed Crew?

    What you can't see is the Top Secret invisible force field that protects the occupants but allows them to shoot out.
  11. johnwardle

    LED headlights

    HID and LED lights are totally different, to change to LED is a simple bulb change. HID lights need a transformer and new wiring. As a Bedford MW is MOT exempt I would give LEDs a try, safety over originality anytime.
  12. johnwardle

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    Hi Lizzie, pm me with a list of what vehicles that you are looking for and I will scan and e-mail them to you.
  13. johnwardle

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    Hi Lizzie, I must have missed this post, here is a photo of the load bed of a F.V.16104 Truck, 1 ton G.S. Welding, 4 x 4, MORRIS MRA1. The description is " The plant is a 'Plant welding electric, single operator, engine driven, output 300/400 amps.' with a dropping characteristic. There are cupboards which hold the necessary items of welding kit and a portable table for use in the field. The welding generator is bolted to the floor of the vehicle with the engine radiator at the tailboard so that maximum draught can be obtained.
  14. johnwardle

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    I took a photo from the book with my tablet, the cylinders are permanently fitted so they are not in cups. The full description is "There are two delivery points from the 10 air bottle reservoirs of which 4 are large bottles and 6 small. The bottles are clamped to the body sides and are permanently connected to each other and the engine. Cupboards are provided for accessories". I was given this book a week ago and it is an absolute gold mine of information on 1950s & 60s soft skin vehicles, for example the average mpg for this vehicle is 13.2!
  15. johnwardle

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    Photo from another angle showing the layout of the air cylinders, in the description of the F.V.16103 in the Data Book of War Department G.S. B Vehicles dated 1960 it states that "There is in the order of 1 ft 6 in space available round the compressor" sorry about the quality of the photos