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  1. The Jerry Can spout shown in the photo is still in use today by the British Forces, curiously it doesn't have a breather tube which was fitted to longer spouts which are no longer used.
  2. Hi Steve, some measurements from my Leyland Daf T244. 1, Rolling Radius 560mm (tyres roughly 30% worn) 2, Wheelbase 3950mm 3, Centre of front axle to front bumper 1335mm 4,Centre of front axle to rearmost part of cab 660mm 5, Centre of rear axle to rearmost spring hanger, I couldn't measure this on my own. 6, Ground to bottom of chassis 795mm, note my truck is fitted with a Radio Repair body weighing approx 1.5 tonnes. 7, Chassis depth 257mm, flange width 80mm, overall chassis width 860mm. The chassis is parallel and flat from cab to rear. 8, The top of the rear tyre is level with the top of the chassis rail. (See photo) Hope that this helps. John
  3. I bought mine from uncompany.com, an electric airsoft one. It weighs 4 Kg the same as a real one is mostly steel and very convincing. Uncompany.com is based in Hong Kong but I had no problem with delivery.
  4. What dimensions are you looking for? I could measure mine and get you any measurements that you need.
  5. As your Land Rover is an FFR variant the socket will be 24 volt so be careful what sat nav you use, alternatively you could wire in a voltage dropper to give 12v at the socket. By the way, I have a Land Rover inspection light with plug, spare plug and Land Rover TUM, TUL and Ambulance handbook for sale. Pm me if you are interested.
  6. Not if they were heading north east from Leconfield.
  7. A Westland Wasp helicopter has just flown over our house heading west, probably the Army Air Corps Historic Flight unless anyone knows of a privately owned one.
  8. First check the gearbox oil level, get the temperature up to 80 degrees in neutral then check the level on the dipstick. The 'cold' mark on the dipstick is the absolute minimum to prevent damage to the gearbox, don't be surprised if you need more than a gallon to bring it to the correct level.
  9. Are you sure that they are Penman covers and not Sankey wide track ones? All the Penman covers that I have seen are a vinyl material like Land Rover Wolf canopies.
  10. Nothing has fallen off any Challenger 2s that have been on display at shows that I have been involved with. I find it a bit odd that someone with little experience of military vehicles is involved in a project on a Challenger 2 I am also surprised that there are decommissioned Challenger 2s out there.
  11. The frame is definitely for a Warrior CV8 powerpack I see them every day at work. The semi circular bits on the uprights are where the transmission output shafts are located when the powerpack is being transported or worked on. Not a lot of use in the civvy world I'm afraid.
  12. Will we see it at Heddington in a fortnights time Sam?
  13. As area secretary of the West Wiltshire MVT I was asked to inspect a Ford Jeep that had been registered as a Willys in 1976, the owner and myself hunted high and low for the chassis number which was not in the usual place on top of the left hand chassis rail but couldn't find anything. As the chassis was definitely Ford with the square crossmember, we were rather confused. The owner rang the person who had done the restoration of the Jeep and was told that on this particular Jeep the chassis number is on the outside of the left hand chassis rail behind the bumper. The stamping seems original and suggests a build date of May 1944. Has anyone seen a Ford Jeep chassis number in the same place or can anyone suggest why it isn't in the usual place?
  14. No, the 'Lost Gold of World War 2' is set in the Philippines and is on Mondays.
  15. I'm sure this is the same Green Goddess that was in series 3 episode 1 of Supertrucker on television, collected in Somerset and delivered to Harome in North Yorkshire, the village I grew up in and where my mother still lives.
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