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  1. johnwardle

    Clansman HF Antenna

    I have 2 different length bottom sections, not middle as I put in my previous post, 5985-99-630-8455 which is 1 metre long, and the other bottom section is 1.26 metres long which doesn't have an MSN on it, the middle section 5985-99-630-8456 is 1 metre long and the top section 5985-99-649-8410 is also 1 metre long. The screw thread at the bottom of the middle section is a lot bigger diameter than the thread at the top of the middle section therefore you can't join 2 middle sections together, but you can join the bottom (8455) sections together. The 4 metre HF antenna would be top middle bottom and bottom. I hope that this makes things clearer.
  2. johnwardle

    Clansman HF Antenna

    I used to use top middle and bottom on my 109 FOR, the middle sections for the front are longer than the rear ones. I have a set of middle sections and the carrying/storage tube available if you are interested.
  3. johnwardle

    DAF T244

    You could try Undercover Covers, which is a trading name of Comptons 2000, although dealing more with the ex military market. They both have the same phone number and e-mail address, so it may be better to ring them than e-mail.
  4. johnwardle

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I totally agree Tony, I have never been to War and Peace because I disagree with paying to exhibit my vehicle, the organisers say that it is a charge for a week's camping, but as my vehicle is fitted with everything that I need including a toilet it is a charge for parking. I help to organise Lacock at War and we are proud of the relationship we have with both exhibitors and visitors, our toilets are spotless and regularly checked, we don't charge for campervan or caravans (they use the National Trust car park at no cost ) and we go out of our way to make sure the exhibitors and traders are happy. Admittedly W&P is vastly bigger, but if you look after the people that make the show (exhibitors and traders ) then they will keep coming back. Lacock at War is on the 18th and 19th of August, see westwiltsmvt.org.uk
  5. johnwardle

    VIP toilets

    Just hope that the use strong paper and their finger doesn't go through!
  6. johnwardle

    VIP toilets

    A small premium? £30 quid for the weekend!!!
  7. johnwardle

    Good day to you all.

    Hi Ashley, I used to own a MUNGA a few years ago and it was fitted with a Nissan Micra engine, which fitted quite well and drove very well, as it bolted straight on to the original gearbox it retained 4 wheel drive and Nissan Micra engines are easier to come by than Auto Union two strokes, speaking of which beware of Wartburg two strokes they look very similar to the Auto Union but run in the opposite direction.
  8. I have just been speaking to someone who used to own an FH70 about your problem in getting drive to the wheels. You need to lower the gun until the drive shafts are almost horizontal then press in the pin on the drive shaft collar and it will lock in to place. If the collar is not locked in place it won't drive the wheels. Extreme care must be taken when locating the collar on the wheel as you have to reach over the wheel to press the pin and minor adjustments in the height of the gun barrel may be needed.
  9. johnwardle

    Fowler Traction Engines WW1

    There is someone on this forum (I won't mention his name) who owns an ex Boer war 1899 Fowler, he is a regular poster on here and I know that he has photos of the Fowler in use in South Africa, maybe he will see this thread and post the photos.
  10. johnwardle

    Stewart & Stevenson

    I've never seen a Daf with a Steyr cab, the Leyland Daf 4 tonne cab is a Leyland Roadrunner sleeper cab, although visually similar the only items that could be interchangeable between the Steyr & Leyland Daf cabs would be the door mirrors.
  11. johnwardle

    LGV mot ??

    I wouldn't bother contacting the MVT I am a MVT area secretary and I have not had any information about the. MOT testing changes. I have had a look at the DVSA website and I can understand your confusion, it doesn't explain how to go about getting a MoT or how you get the most recent safety inspection certificate that you have to produce to the relevant authorities. This seems to me to be legislation thought up by someone that has no concept of the classic heavy vehicle world. This legislation was probably thought up by the same people who decided that MoT testers now have to check that brake discs and pads are not missing!!
  12. johnwardle

    Military headlights with sealed beam units

    My guess is that they are 12 volt, I had a problem with water getting in to one of the headlights on my Leyland Daf, I searched the internet and couldn't find 24 volt sealed beam headlights anywhere. If you need some 7 inch headlights that take H4 halogen bulbs I just happen to have some new ones for sale.
  13. johnwardle

    Spotted today....

    It flew over heading east at 16:30 then about 15 minutes later a bright yellow biplane that I couldn't identify flew over also heading east, maybe that had been at the same show.
  14. johnwardle

    Spotted today....

    Thanks for that Richard, I'll keep an eye out for it on the way back.
  15. johnwardle

    Spotted today....

    Yesterday afternoon we heard a twin engined plane approaching and we were very surprised to see a Bristol Blenheim fly right over our house heading west towards Warminster. I checked the Blenheim website and the only event it was attending this weekend was Old Warden, so the big question is, where was it going?