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  1. As per this picture of a Commer Q2 tractor:
  2. Hello Barry, any updates available, please? Thanks!
  3. Hi Cheers

    for the pic, i did a bit more looking and found that Canadian units had the ---/1 after their unit number but this did not happen until 1943, the front wing on the ambulance could be a replacement,

    but most likely came to aussie in May 1942, the search goes on



  4. Came across this picture the other day: Bedford MWC serving with RCAF squadron which added the (unofficial) Maple Leaf roundel to their ground vehicles. This was eventually adopted as the official national marking after WW2.
  5. Talked to a Chev C8A owner the other day, he still drives around on 1940-dated tyres. "Better than new ones as they were made from natural rubber", he claimed 😨 I just keep my fingers crossed he never causes an accident...
  6. Couldn't agree more. Here is the only known surviving Stuart VI Recce: http://www.mapleleafup.nl/cmpvehicles/stuart_vi_recce.html
  7. Just put in my "vote" to express my interest in a set of 9.00-16 tyres with Trak Grip pattern Please keep us posted on the progress of your tyre project. Would happily cross-post to Maple Leaf Up Forum if you want more prospective buyers? http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=6644
  8. Heard about this D15 a lot, good to see you're tackling the job of restoring it Pete. Following this with interest!
  9. All, thanks for the replies! That file would indeed be very interesting to see! 6288025 is higher than the range I posted, are there any chances of finding anything in the 6285436 - 6285600 range in that file?
  10. I have Rob van Meel's 1944 copy of this list, this runs as high as W.D. number L 6277385. Now, I am looking for W.D. numbers allotted to a contract in 1945, so they are likey are not included in the listings up to 1944. Who has a later census listing for "B" vehicle W.D. numbers ranging around the Z 6285436 - Z 6285600 mark? Thanks in advance!
  11. Fantastic find! Seems Guy drivers had a tendency to crush the mudguards.... picture source:
  12. Could it have been fitted with a solid rubber tyre?
  13. Great find! I had a close look at one of these at Beltring many year ago. While they look like "a jeep" and are of course of the same in general layout, they are vastly different from the US quarter-ton family. Very interesting and very basic!
  14. Hi, I had the same issue on my PC. Very annoying as I could find my way around the forum as easy as I used to. What I found to fix this was to go to the top right hand corner of the screen, click on the menu and then click on the "full version" option and then the non-mobile (small screen) layout re-appears. HTH!
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