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  1. All, thanks for the replies! That file would indeed be very interesting to see! 6288025 is higher than the range I posted, are there any chances of finding anything in the 6285436 - 6285600 range in that file?
  2. I have Rob van Meel's 1944 copy of this list, this runs as high as W.D. number L 6277385. Now, I am looking for W.D. numbers allotted to a contract in 1945, so they are likey are not included in the listings up to 1944. Who has a later census listing for "B" vehicle W.D. numbers ranging around the Z 6285436 - Z 6285600 mark? Thanks in advance!
  3. guy quad GS 1944

    Fantastic find! Seems Guy drivers had a tendency to crush the mudguards.... picture source:
  4. Unusual wheels

    Could it have been fitted with a solid rubber tyre?
  5. Gaz 67b

    Great find! I had a close look at one of these at Beltring many year ago. While they look like "a jeep" and are of course of the same in general layout, they are vastly different from the US quarter-ton family. Very interesting and very basic!
  6. Hi, I had the same issue on my PC. Very annoying as I could find my way around the forum as easy as I used to. What I found to fix this was to go to the top right hand corner of the screen, click on the menu and then click on the "full version" option and then the non-mobile (small screen) layout re-appears. HTH!
  7. Bedford MWD restoration

    Your MW looks gorgeous - very well done!
  8. buried and abandoned tanks

    Here's another one which was scrapped.... Source: http://www.amphibiousvehicle.net/amphi/L/buffalospecial/buffalo.html
  9. GMC CCKW 353 Use by Polish Forces in WW2

    Reviving an old thread with a link to a webpage featuring an usual GMC - Royal Navy Mobile Met Unit See http://cloudobservers.co.uk/memories/ashore/rn-mmu/ Who is going to recreate one of these units?!?
  10. Normandy Tank museum auction results

    One thing I heard is that one of the bidders who bought a lot of the items for a lot of money from the museum thought all of the kit had actual 6th of June 1944 provenance..... :undecided:
  11. Just bought this in Norway

    Any pre-1950s car needs an export licence.
  12. buried and abandoned tanks

    Fully agree, preserve and conserve it properly in-situ. And I would love to see it placed back in its spot in the ditch where it stood most of it's life. I think there is no more poignant memorial than a tank (/aircraft/etc.) preserved on the spot where it was put out of action, including it's battle damage. There are quite few of them, sadly some of them are "cleaned up" on moved onto a plinth - like the Sherman at Beffe, Belgium. Source: http://www.shermantank.nl/M4A3(76)W.htm
  13. Ford blitz

    Lars, Why not join Maple Leaf Up, that may help sourcing the bits you are looking for: http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/index.php Cheers, Hanno
  14. ford canada

    I see a rectangular civilian dash, so that means it was built around 1942-1943. Reinforcement of the chassis would mean it was a 3-ton truck. There a lots of differences between Ford and Chevrolet, so if you are looking for spares for your Chevrolet it would be best to trade what you have for Chevrolet parts rather than trying to modify the Ford parts. On http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums we have a number of French people, they may be able to help you find what you need.
  15. buried and abandoned tanks

    yes guys, buried tanks do exist - just need to find them and dig them up