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  1. don't know if these help from Woolwich arsenal collection all taken at Marshalls
  2. Might be something to do with AS90.
  3. Clogged arteries Mr Ives? too much good food consumed from the sound of it. Stay well!
  4. Looks like an anti tank weapon with the short launching barrels, poss wire guided. MIlan??? Also seems to be the Royal Artillery Museums new reserve collection since there area number of exhibits I recognise from the Rotunda and other places.
  5. Aeroplane is a spitfire and the chassis to the left looks like a half track (m3) etc
  6. Sadly Firepowers own M40, priest and M44 no longer run, sexton may do with a lot of work. But even if they did landlords wouldn't allow it and the bookkeeper would have a heart attack at fuel bill.
  7. check the all important words of the Museums act in that they CANNOT SELL any item directly to anyone and that any item for disposal must firstly be offered to any other interested Museum,Once this criteria is follwed then and only then can it be allowed to be placed out to tender normally for scrap value. Happened at Firepower witrh forced closure of the Rotunda.
  8. Its a VW 1800cc industrial engine so shouldn't be a spares problem. Its all teh O rings and grommets and widgets for the oil drive that cost.
  9. RAF ran a captured example in the desert for some time, IWM have film which is also on show at Firepower.
  10. is it a camera gun that needs film fitted at the butt end? dial gives light values and distances
  11. wasn't there only the one Chinook at falklands the others having gone down with the overloaded atlantic conveyor and spare harriers. Claimed record sinlge lift of 80+standing room only.
  12. sorry willysbeen dragged around there so often by my Mrs, whose mother was born in cherry tree blackburn, and had her holliers there most years, personnally I never took to the place, beer was watery but got its own back when your kidneys were in need of emptying.Gynn Sq is definately the place i Meantalan
  13. isnt that round the stargate/cabin area near the mini golf/pitch&putt?
  14. tapped woodrow w anderson into google came up with a capt usaf 4.5 air kills +9 ground but no anderson for usn and Pycz comes up on a salvation army site giving mothers details, will keep nosing around There is a site accident report.com which lists a Woodrow w anderson KIA 1944 http://www.accident-report.com/crews/1944/NAME44A.html
  15. Tony My mind is going back to an Aeroplane article some (many) years ago about a USN squadron flying patrols from Devon/Cornwall in Liberators. Could some of your extar bodies have come from there? Alan
  16. there is another one from the other side but further away and with this new system of placing Images on forum Im finding it difficult to make it all work, and whats with this new screens to mark as read?
  17. didnt I post those some months ago from the official source books?
  18. Snag was in the 50's only a couple of people out of 100 could afford quad set, scrappies and garages,I have access to photos from 1952 that show what in that time were about £500 of military vehicles for sale, included triple CMP polstens, M6 HStractors, AEC A/c, Carriers, dingoes, and AEC Dorchester ACV's. Adrian B saw them last week. But a blokes average wage was about 50bob if he was lucky, so the most he could afford to play with was the family motor bike and side car and pay the rent each week from it. We are lucky today to have more playtime income. The vehicles that are sought after come from a different time and are lucky to survive, with on the whole laws keeping pace to allow the hobby to continue and long may it do so. Didnt Attlee, Truman and Stalin have the idea that to keep everyone quiet and placid keep em scared! or was that Logans Run?
  19. I have the old 7.5 car license and have quite easily driven the firepower Chevvy/Bedford Quad even with middle accellerator and outer brake. According to some books of the 60's 25's were towed solo only by RL 3ton as the vehicle did not allow the gun to overtake on braking,just about OK with Pig/Humber 1 ton, but not with standard 3/4 ton land rover as it could turn towing unit over. Other problem towing gun solo is that the arc of the spade does not allow the gun wheels to follow the track of the towing vehicle, you can't tow gun without limber with quad. Under age allowance, doesnt the quad/limber/gun count as a single unit as that was how they were designed to be used (C & U), if not then its going to F*** up the guys from the Garrison and any other individual who has found fun with playing with such kit. I respect the fact that Xantarmike has spent a lot of the last year with his nose in the rules and law of this country and his glasses stuck to the top of his head.
  20. Indeed a happy Birthday Adrian you didnt mention it when we met yesterday otherwise I would have made the coffee stronger. Alan
  21. The uniform worn by Admiral Horatio Nelson on board HMS Victory when he was shot and killed in 1805 at the battle of trafalgar. Officers uniform is the officers posession as they pay for it themselves, it is not issued by the government.NMM =national Maritme Museum. And you know steveo thats the one act that stops me wearing any sort of Military uniform if I could get one to fit that is.
  22. so your pig could have been one of these under constrution at Woolwich Arsenal in the early 50's. and they still had narrow gauge 18"track at that time. From The now dispersed accross the country RAWHS Collection
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