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  1. John Still alive then.............. The vendor is clearing out his collection so I would think its a no, Diesell from north Yorkshire is going or has viewed it. Cheers Bob
  2. I have this odd box that could contain magazines or periscope heads. Its 12inch X 9 inch X 9 inch, What do chums think ?
  3. Recently discovered on my shelves. From what I can see it is 'Ordnance BL 120mmTK L11' on the box is 'Insert Sleeve Obturator' plus to report it if it has been dropped. Its heavy; £30. Re_ Charioteer turret.eml
  4. That business with pounds escalating the price was disgraceful !
  5. Robin Its yours, I will send a PM. Bob
  6. All these items are British; Ferret/Saracen/Chieftain/Abbot/CVR(T)/432/Fox. I have a further 3 pics from each side if you wish. Everything you see as one lot; £50-
  7. I found these today I am 99% sure they are from a pre-war or wartime Morris Commercial, any use to someone ? Not expensive......
  8. Excellent film, thanks for posting.
  9. Excellent ! Thank you very much.....
  10. The one in Holland is Euro 22K which today works out to be £18,792.82. Then it has to be got from Holland which will put £???? on the final price.....
  11. Together with another chap I do a Then and Now feature in the WFA;s Stand To! known as 'The Camera Returns' .Could any one identify the car illustrated on the 1918 photograph ?
  12. So going back to your first post on this topic. You will or are attempting to build a full scale replica of a A13 Cruiser Tank.? This is likely to be a somewhat extensive undertaking. Are you young enough for this as it will take years. What part of the country are you located?
  13. John I have no idea if this was the one..................
  14. This is the one, its in very good order. Owner away at the moment so nothing further to tell for a while.....
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