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  1. Bob Grundy

    Spotted today....

    Yes that's the one. I thought that I had bought a PU as it was in a hawthorn hedge and had a PU windscreen and there were six plug leads. Only realised what it was when it was back in the yard when I saw the diff and the holes for the aeroscreens......quite pleased at that. The cost in readies was £125 and took 1 year and 3 months to do, mind I had a bit more energy then.
  2. Bob Grundy

    Spotted today....

    The CS8 on its way to AF Budge ltd about 1988. At the side is the late Peter Constantinos 1952 - 2018
  3. Bob Grundy

    Thorny croft

    I purchased two of these direct from the MoD, one was £350 + VAT
  4. Bob Grundy

    Centaur Gun Tank Ressurection!.

    A pic taken in 2011 of a little local sandblasting to help with the removal of the turret ring.
  5. Bob Grundy

    Spotted today....

    It was restored by me in c.1986, sold to AF Budge Ltd who subsequently sold it to a museum in Virginia USA. I will dig out some pics, do we know who are the new owners in Japan ?
  6. Bob Grundy

    Morris C8 GS Clutch plate

    Is it the driven plate ? Fleetparts at Warrington can remanufacture it for you.
  7. Bob Grundy

    Various parts

    A batch of parts for Chieftain and Fox/Scorpion if anyone is working on them. £70 the lot.
  8. Bob Grundy

    Lanchester Armoured Car

    I went to the Classic Car Show at the N.E.C last weekend to see the Lanchester. It was a very good replica and built on a Lanchester chassis. Unfortunatly the Belgium fellows had gone to Duxford so could not quiz them.
  9. Bob Grundy

    MCC Bofors

    I am looking for a Morris Commercial C9/B which is the vehicle that has 40mm Bofors on its back. If you have one or a lead please let me know. Thanks, Bob.
  10. I care as it is the way it should be done.
  11. Yes I have but also noticed that a sentence starts with a capital letter.........
  12. Bob Grundy

    Lanchester Armoured Car

    I will be there, with my tape measure...... BTW where is in Belgium? Any connection with the tank museum at Brussels?
  13. Bob Grundy

    Lanchester Armoured Car

    Wonderful ! A few years ago I was going to make one of these but it would have been grey with large letters RNAS on the sides. Where is it based ?
  14. Bob Grundy

    Combat dealers is back :(

    I am grateful for this information, I did not know that. However Bruce did not qualify his remarks that it was that type of round.
  15. Bob Grundy

    Combat dealers is back :(

    Tuesday 16 October thrilling episode; I have had quite few Ferrets but never had a Mk3, I must have been deluded all these years as I thought it was a Mk1/2 that was shown. Bruce mentioned that a friend had blown himself up whilst dismantling a 75mm Anti-tank round, since when did solid shot explode? It really is just big kids playing about.....