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  1. Bob Grundy

    05 EK 41

    Thank you Clive I can now tell when asked the question 'how old is ?' As regards the number plate, it is in fact corroded steel. Being a front one I have only seen front VRN's painted on the hull and never as an individual plate. Peakrec, It is a little better than the plate..........
  2. Bob Grundy


    I will try them all, thank you chaps......
  3. Bob Grundy

    05 EK 41

    One for Clive. I recently purchased a Humber Pig with what I think is the VRN; 05 EK 41, any information about it please ?
  4. Bob Grundy


    Could someone give me some advice please? I have a Solex 30VBFD from a 1936 Commer N1 and need either a kit or the carb refurbished. I have tried the Carburettor Hospital but no one answers the phone and a negative reply from Gower and Lee. Could anyone recommend a carb specialist ? Thanks, Bob
  5. Bob Grundy

    Weapons and the law

    BTW this took place 3 or 4 years ago......
  6. Bob Grundy

    Technical Handbook

    A 1951 Technical Handbook for the Series 1 Land Rover, in very good nick.....£20 plus a donation to the postal carrier which at the moment I do not know.
  7. I do not follow the cause of religion but in a well know book I believe it states; 'Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do'.......
  8. Bob Grundy


    John The view was to the rear left. It has gone to the USA now but I am reasonably sure that there was no storage for the rounds inside the tractor Bob
  9. Bob Grundy

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Children under 18 ! I had been working for 3 years then. Also what is the world coming to that such draconian requirements are put in place............
  10. Bob Grundy

    Tanks being stored

    Where would this be ?
  11. Bob Grundy

    Various parts

    OK, but are you sure that you can afford them, perhaps you should take financial advice......
  12. Bob Grundy

    Various parts

    I really don't want to put this lot in the skip, but I can't keep everything. So how about £20 instead of the outrageous £70.
  13. Bob Grundy

    Daimler Dingo starter

    Thank you Richard, It has now been purchased by the American and being sent to me so I can include it with the next consignment. Excellent, job done!
  14. Bob Grundy

    Daimler Dingo starter

    I am also looking for a dingo starter and for the same person in the USA. Would this one fit the Daimler engine ?..........Lucas 418G. If so I can obtain one. BTW naaficook 'wots facebook ?'