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  1. Seems a bit heavy on the money side of things....
  2. Thank you Robin, we will make enquiries with Adrian
  3. A friend has 4 x gun turret ammo bins in Georgia (GA). He asks is anyone obtaining a vehicle from the US and could the bins hitch a ride ? Possible 'tip' involved for this service.........
  4. Oh dear............. I meant a B Type, manufactured by Alvis. Thank you one and all, I can now order the paint.
  5. It is a NOS element for the Boiling Vessel as fitted to your favourite post war fighting vehicles, well apart from Saracens.... What's it worth to the rare person who likes tea?
  6. We are constructing a 250 lb bomb for the A type trolley. Does anyone know the colour of the actual buff coloured bomb, it will have a BS number I would think....
  7. I don't want to throw this in the scrap. It is from my MCC CS8 restoration in the 1980's. It is free to any one who votes the sensible way today in the EU election..........
  8. This type of GRP wings (or fenders to our American chums) were fitted to early versions of the Scorpion family. Of the two you see, one is a replica and the other original. I also have some moulds for front part of the assembly. BTW the cat 'Fritz' went last year for the big sleep.... So any use to any one, I will take an offer.
  9. I am involved with a B type bomb trolley restoration; where did you get the tyres from ? Thanks, Bob
  10. OK Jim, we will see how it goes........... Thanks Bob
  11. I have at my premises, for a Ferret; Petrol tank, steering wheel and a radiator, all for sale.
  12. This is 1934 publication, contains all you need to know if you have the urge to build various types of bridges. Stamped with 'No 662 Gen. Constr Coy' RE. Excellent condition with drawings, tables & photo plates. £30
  13. OK you are the first to reply so its yours. I will have to weigh it to get a postage cost so stand by.......
  14. This is the searchlight bracket from the turret of a Chieftain, any one want its it's free.....
  15. I do have 6 of them, sandblasted a while ago. Stamped on them is DISCHARGER No15 Mk1 FV730319. There is a short bit welded on that would be used to mount them but is easily removed. Please PM me with your e-mail if of interest.
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