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  1. I have had the same problem with the large industrial collection in the North East. However all was resolved when I contacted the volunteers who where extremely helpful.
  2. I find this very hard to believe, aren't local authorities short of funds to waste resources in such a flagrant way......
  3. Yes I heard that at 2pm on Thursday, I thought that I had misheard it. These BBC types are paid a lot of money to turn out this tripe to the unsuspecting public.
  4. I wouldn't have thought twice about driving on that driveway from the road........
  5. I very much agree with your last sentence...
  6. Its wonderful work, I wish I was that good with woodwork...
  7. The vehicle is in Flanders at the moment but your suggestion is a good idea. I will suggest it.
  8. I may have a de-activated firearm coming my way, I will not dance to this new tune, I will do nothing....
  9. Utter tripe! That officer chap seems never to have a hat on. A sergeant with his webbing in disarray and no hat, saluting with no hat, respirator (gas mask) case nearly down to their waist belts, rifle sling on the wrong way and did French colonial troops have tommy guns ? One of the biggest was having northern France next to Poland....
  10. Bob Grundy


    I have a friend who has a Bedford QLR, the one with the radio body. He has nothing in the back so would like to fit it out with whatever should be in there. I don't know, so can anyone help ?
  11. I now don't have any de-ac firearms but I do think that the new laws will be unenforceable.
  12. Here is a photo of a very good 434 Maintenance Carrier, it is for sale. Please PM if it is of interest at £17,500.
  13. Bob Grundy


    Today I received this months edition of Classic Military Vehicle which wasn't too bad. However a Mark Nash states in his article on the Saracen that they cost £350K each. I find this a little on the high side. Where does this figure come from for a vehicle manufactured in the 1950's ? I read once that a Stalwart cost £32K in c.1962.
  14. OK, I will contact the owner. Stand by...
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