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  1. I do have 6 of them, sandblasted a while ago. Stamped on them is DISCHARGER No15 Mk1 FV730319. There is a short bit welded on that would be used to mount them but is easily removed. Please PM me with your e-mail if of interest.
  2. A small group of Larkspur AF items. Make an offer please, not expensive......
  3. I may have some (6?) tubes, I will check.
  4. I have the top window frame for I think left hand side
  5. Yes that's the word. " I'll make a model......"
  6. I know of a very good Abbot for sale in Lancashire . PM me if your Saturday viewing is a miserable failure.......
  7. A Training Area was known as 'the cud'. A rifle a 'bondook', Cpl Jones mentioned it an episode of Dads Army. Modern soldiers apparently don't use this nickname.
  8. Could very well be.......
  9. The top one looks like it has been made. The bottom one original. Any offers for the two ?
  10. I have never heard of a new 60 mm Mortar. The tool was rusty when I discovered it a few days ago so its not new.
  11. On this item are the words; FUZE SETTER HAND L3A1. What shell would be set by this tool ?
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