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  1. CMV - 82 pages £4.70 Flypast 130 pages £4.80 Flypast is by far the better of the two magazines.
  2. So I left an 'e' out. Perhaps I should resign as I must be an ignorant oaf...
  3. Surly Mr Fletcher's articles are not poorly researched, as for the rest excluding Tim Gosling of course I agree..... Just purchased Flyfast and ready to enjoy.
  4. Thank you for that illuminating information....
  5. I have the following for sale; Signal Generator CT378A, Tripletts (USA) Signal Generator Model 1632, Universal Avometer and US Army Signal Corps Frequency Meter TS-175/U. Apart from the Avometer I no nothing of this equipment apart from the price of £125 for the lot.
  6. I thought this forum was 'none political'.... After that diatribe I think not ! I totally disagree with these comments and as for duel nationality, my opinion that it is impossible even if the paperwork says it is. Do we have Forum moderators ?
  7. I am no expert on US military kit but have this Signal Generator for sale at £50 to Forum chums....
  8. I have seen this chap before doing a similar thing. He does not know a lot which is confirmed by the lame commentary.
  9. Where in south Liverpool ?
  10. Oh my god Elliot what are you getting into ! Have you learnt nothing from your Dad......
  11. His name is Veric.......
  12. I put an Abbot on a public weigh bridge in the last century and it was 15.2 tonnes not 16.5 tonnes.
  13. Seems a bit heavy on the money side of things....
  14. Thank you Robin, we will make enquiries with Adrian
  15. A friend has 4 x gun turret ammo bins in Georgia (GA). He asks is anyone obtaining a vehicle from the US and could the bins hitch a ride ? Possible 'tip' involved for this service.........
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