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    Today I received this months edition of Classic Military Vehicle which wasn't too bad. However a Mark Nash states in his article on the Saracen that they cost £350K each. I find this a little on the high side. Where does this figure come from for a vehicle manufactured in the 1950's ? I read once that a Stalwart cost £32K in c.1962.
  2. OK, I will contact the owner. Stand by...
  3. This wheel is 1100 x 17 (or18) it is in St Helens Lancashire and is free.
  4. The video of the Nash starting was a palava. When I had one it would start on the second pull of the handle. A fit young gentleman on the handle and me on the drivers seat. First prime three cylinders, leave No4 open for less compression, crank the handle, engine fires and runs on three, close cock on head and that's it.
  5. I don't know. I will try and find today and have a look. Saw it about 6 months ago so should not be far away as I had it for sale but no takers. Its a big book for 20 quid.....
  6. Have you got a parts book ?
  7. The A22 Churchill was not even in service in 1940. The country did not train for the Dunkirk evacuation....
  8. What dreadful music at the start of the video. My opinion is that it should have remained where it was. What museum has it gone to ? It is very unlikely that this Churchill will be restored to static never mind running condition. Been there with one much better than this riddled corps.....
  9. CMV - 82 pages £4.70 Flypast 130 pages £4.80 Flypast is by far the better of the two magazines.
  10. So I left an 'e' out. Perhaps I should resign as I must be an ignorant oaf...
  11. Surly Mr Fletcher's articles are not poorly researched, as for the rest excluding Tim Gosling of course I agree..... Just purchased Flyfast and ready to enjoy.
  12. Thank you for that illuminating information....
  13. I have the following for sale; Signal Generator CT378A, Tripletts (USA) Signal Generator Model 1632, Universal Avometer and US Army Signal Corps Frequency Meter TS-175/U. Apart from the Avometer I no nothing of this equipment apart from the price of £125 for the lot.
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