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  1. I have a little trouble again with the PC, they have minds of their own..... Three pairs have been sold away from HMVF and I have two pairs left. Bigdon can have one set and RUXY the other set. Will they both please e-mail me direct on ukbmv@blueyonder.co.uk. Thanks Bob
  2. Don So far.... please contact me on ukbmv@blueyonder.co.uk Cheers Bob
  3. I have a few of these 7" headlight infra red covers. They have been on vehicles but then returned to stores. Label reads; CES 31381 Z7/6650-99-960-4194 Filter Unit Headlight Infra Red £50 for a pair in a late 20th century signals bag.
  4. It may have been at Fulwood Barracks, Preston.
  5. I was tasked with viewing this for an American. I advised him NOT to make bid, it was just awful......
  6. David I think you must have access to knowledge you would not have had unless you visited me...….
  7. It is nothing to do with weapons, your last two words are correct though.
  8. Don't be silly Adrian !
  9. Now what have we here ? No prize just the satisfaction of letting others know of your vast knowledge
  10. Those of you that have 43 series of vehicles will know what these are, £20
  11. Yes I have a 50 Cal replica for sale, send me your email and I will send a pic.
  12. Its going to be an odd museum when the proprietor cannot tell the difference between a Chieftain and a Challenger ! Anyway the best of luck.
  13. Jim You were the first to reply so they are yours...……………...Bob
  14. I am not into rubber anymore so these smoke related items are for sale. Of the discharger caps there are 7 large and 2 small £25 and you can own them....
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