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  1. ww2 Home Guard colour film

    There is a Northover Projector firing and demonstration of a Blacker Bombard an interesting film of its time.
  2. MCC PU parts

    I keep finding items from olden days. These are Morris Commercial PU parts, there may be other types in the selection as well, any offers ?
  3. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Cllr Mike Bennett of Ashford Borough Council states'......those who bravely gave their lives during the First World War'. Let's be clear on this as it is mentioned by others in authority and the media, that they did NOT give their lives...........They were taken from them, a big difference.
  4. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Well said! I agree with your sentiments entirely.
  5. Universal Carriers blueprints/ books etc

    The drawings that you will hopefully get are for the pre-war 'Bren Carrier' and not the usual common or garden Universal Carrier. There are only one or two of these in the entire world as far as I know, one is in Australia. If you are going to make one of these actual Bren Gun Carriers then its wonderful, you have my admiration and good luck!
  6. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Just before the Poppy Day collection in 1985 I offered our M4A1 Grizzly to the RBL as a focal point. I was very happy to comply as I would drive the tank .9 of one mile to the centre of the town, which would be interesting and fun. I asked the local Police if I could have the services of a Panda car as escort and so a senior Police officer came to see me and suggested (told) that it was not a good idea as I may have an 'heart attack' and the tank then could veer away and hit oncoming traffic or crush pedestrians. So in a total of say 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back a fit 34 year old was doomed...... We took wheeled vehicles for many years afterwards
  7. Wanted Alvis Saladin

    PM sent.
  8. Shipping Scam

    Nothing has been received as to who wrote the letter or the shipping agent. However let me know who you are in discussions with and my helpful shipping agent may know them or there reputation..
  9. Generator for what vehicle ?

    We will have a close look at the petrol tank to see if it was an original fitting. Yes you are of course correct it would have drawn petrol from the direct from the system if in a AFV.
  10. Generator for what vehicle ?

    The makers name plate has been removed and replaced with a distributors one, so nothing to go on.
  11. Generator for what vehicle ?

    A friend has purchased this petrol generator yesterday. It has a Jeep starter button and an American amp metre. We think this may have been used in an AFV. Any ideas chaps ?
  12. Shipping Scam

    This months CMV in 'News' had a report of a Shipping Scam written by Peter Dixon. He reported being ripped off by a shipping agent but did not mention the actual agent or company. Does anyone know Peter Dixon and where he could be contacted so that I can find out ?
  13. Brake springs

    Here it is, need a minimum of three Pete, hope you can help.
  14. Brake springs

    Thank you for the info, thinking about it, you are of course correct.........
  15. Brake springs

    I am looking for four rear brake shoe springs for a Universal or Windsor Carrier. If a no, then is there a modern equivalent ?