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  1. Thanks Olaf, Although there is a lot missing and some major welding and fabrication involved in getting the rear hull back in order, it does start, run, steer and drive fairly well so is well worth restoring. By cutting out the sides of the hull it has weakened it enough for the integral fuel tank to fracture and leak. I guess the PO thought it was a good idea at the time but a quick look through the manual could have saved a lot of unnecessary modification which eventually led to the machine being pensioned off. ( too leaky and becoming a maintenance burden) More pics as the restoration progresses Cheers Phill
  2. What an amazing and inspiring thread ! Have thoroughly enjoyed it Thank you so much and good luck with the run Cheers Phill
  3. Hello all, Having previously owned, restored and operated Centurion, Stuart, Caterpillar D4, Bren, Scout and 2Pdr carriers I have always hoped to own a member of the M113 Family of vehicles. I operated these back in the 80s while serving in the Australian Regular Army and so when an opportunity recently arose I jumped at it. The vehicle is an ex British Rapier resupply vehicle imported into Australia about 15 or so years ago (I wanted to buy it then too) It has been modified by having the rear body sides cut away and a few other parts removed but otherwise should be a very straight forward project to return it to in-service condition once painted. I can't post pics direct onto HMVF but I'm happy to email them if somebody on here would like to post them up for me Cheers Phill
  4. If an early Mk1 Ferret plate turns up for a vehicle which has been scrapped then I would be very interested ! I am restoring an Australian Delivery Mk1 and someone has made off with the plate long before I found the vehicle Cheers Phill
  5. Greetings all ! I was hoping someone could give me a steer on the correct method for dismantling ferret suspension stations. I neede to renew brakes, bearings and tracta housing gaiters on TWO Ferrets under restoration and can't see where to start. My manuals are a bit short on details and I don't want to ruin anything by being brash. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks Guys Phill
  6. Just to let you know that the AEC Dorchester, formerly owned by the late Bob Dimer was purchased by me in late 2006. Restoration was commenced in 2007 but I decided to sell the vehicle in running order in 2008 due to lack of parts and finance to complete it. The vehicle was purchased by a volunteer at the Merredin (Western Australia) Museum and has been put together, albeit not completely accurately, and has been on display since. From the outside the vehicle appears very complete and authentic but I believe the interior fitout has hastily been filled in with timber offcuts etc. Cheers Phill
  7. Hello Brad - enjoying your posts. Great to see the Ferret mobile. Your transmission is much better condition than the best of my three here - very very rusty inside from prolonged bathing in fresh water ! Keep up the good work as you are helping to encourage other Ferreteers as far away as Western Australia Cheers Phill
  8. Hello guys, sorry to butt in but I seem to recall that one was fitted in the turret of my Australian Mk5/1 Centurion MBT, near the turret side port from memory.? The tank has long ago been moved on so I can't confirm it. Cheers Phill
  9. - Don't roll your centurion into a creek, like me... Cheers Phill
  10. What a great project ! I am restoring (very slowly I might add) the Mk1 Scout Carrier here in Western Australia. I note the earlier posted comments regarding parts in Australia. Although the remains of a few universals have turned up in the Eastern states, there seems to be almost nothing over this side of the country. As an example I have been searching for a CAV lighting and ignition swith box for two or three years and only recently obtained one - from the UK ! Good luck with your restoration Cheers Phill
  11. My real vote would probably be for the beaverette scout car... Cheers Phill
  12. What about the 'Carrier, Scout Mk1' seriously under powered, very very lightly armoured for a true AFV (which it was designated as it's day) and only armoured on one side. despite that though, I happen to think thay are brilliant - but then again I am biased as I have what may well be the last one in captivity and currently under slow restoration right here in Australia ! Cheers Phill:-D
  13. Greetings all. When I can I will certainly post up some pics of what's left of the poor old Scammell (notice the correct spelling now). At the moment I am without a home computer or scanner and have to use the local public library. When the Scammell comes home in a few months (after a two year wait) I will post up some homecoming pics of the monster. Cheers Phill
  14. Hi All, Just thought I'd let you know that I own one of the ex Australian Scammel (Leyland) contractors and have plans to restore it 'maybe one day' I served in 26 Transport Squadron, Royal Australian Corps Of Transport at Puckapunyal which was co located with 158 Tank Transport Troop, primary operators of the 'Scammels' they were known. Unfortunately my vehicle has lost it's original Cummins engin, winch, fithe wheel coupling and radiator /Grille assembly. Cheers Phill
  15. Hello gentlemen and Thanks for the warm welcome, sorry no but I'm not a fosters drinker. I originally hale from New South Wales so Tooheys is my weapon of choice ! In the fullness of time I will try to get some pics of my toys posted up as well as other snippets etc Cheers and thanks again Phill
  16. Hello all, Just a quick note of introduction from the dry central wheatbelt of WA. My name is Phill Hastings and I seem to collect Military vehicles which are primarily of British design or origin. I have been heavily involved in preserving Vintage and Military vehicles since 1979. Currently up to my armpits in eight Landrovers, three Ferrets, a mk1 Scout Carrier and a Caterpillar D4 lend lease. I'm especially enamoured with the technical design and physical utility of Military vehicles and equipment. Looking forward to making new and lasting friendships on this site which I found while researching my 'Carrier, Scout Mk 1L'. Phill
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