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  1. Thanks Jocky, sorry for delay in replying, been on holiday. Harry.
  2. Jocky, Your photos of the half tracks at 12 fld, was that just before they moved to 4 Armd? Its just that the fellow reading the map looks like Rocky Reynolds. Harry.
  3. On exercise with the RHA, we, Roger and myself in our 434, were sitting having a quiet cuppa in our nice quiet location, when the BSM came over the air to us that one of the subs, (guns), had a fault and we were to go and fix it. I acknowledged his message and had a look at the map to see where the casualty was. From the map I could see I had two choices, on leaving our location I could turn left, over bumpy cross country, the shortest route, or turn right and travel down a nice level tarmac road, a fair bit longer. But we had all our beds and comfy kit set up, and did not fancy bumps much. So right it was. Just after turning right the BSM`s voice was in my ear saying, in that gentle voice that all WO`s possess, "You are going the wrong way!" I politely acknowledged him, and completely forgetting to change the mike switch to I/C, said "Rog, the bloody BSM has got his map upside down again!" Back through the headset "No I haven`t, and guess who is on guard tonight!":-(
  4. At one time we were told to name our Half Tracks with classical names. Mine was "Icarus", as I tended to disappear with the sunlight, but my friend named his " Bucephalas", after Alexander The Great`s horse, but had to rename it when a visiting dignitary thought the name too suggestive!
  5. The two 432`s in Aden were used by the REME as recovery wagons, as they had armour and were tracked, a vital feature as wheeled recovery were prone to having the tyres shot out. My memory does not go back to registration numbers, but the one pictured above was put out of action by a mine, which buckled the chassis under the engine , and (I think) blew the wheel station off. "My" 432 had a Ferret turret fitted, complete with 30 Browning with no sights. To get to a target you simply "walked" the shots to where you wanted them. ( see photo). Before leaving Aden, we filled the hull with as much "kit" as we could, mainly brand new washing machines, freezers, fridges, all tightly packed in by carpets, sleeping bags, and any thing else lying around. In fact , the 43 was so full I had to sit on the outside, but still in reach of the Browning. All went well until we reached the docks where I was told to to on HMS Fearless, whilst my laden 43 went on some grotty transport bound for some port in England, and I never saw her again. One point about the Browning. Although it was good for frightening the locals, I once fired 4000 rounds at a tin can in the sea , and missed!
  6. Scott, The half track pictured was not mine, but I had one just like it. We were the FRG from 4 Armd Wksp, and the time could be anywhere between 1963 and 1970 ish. The location looks like Soltau training area, and yes, we did take our cars on exercise sometimes! The track in my avatar is the standard photo used by REME museum. Harry.
  7. It must be getting late, as I seen to have posted the same image twice! Put it down to a senior moment !!! Harry, ( slinking away in moth eaten slippers.):blush:
  8. :laugh:See my avatar! Will try to find some pictures of half tracks at work, but to be really boastful, we never had time to sit around and have our photos taken!! I did write a small piece about them on 22-02-2010, page 5, but unfortunately no pics. Harry.
  9. They were also good as Naafi areas, and part-time bars!
  10. Ferretfixer, Just had a look at Reinsehlen, (thanks sch92 for correct spelling)and nearly fell off my chair when I spotted "Hotel Reinsehlen". It looks like the hotel is situated where German barracks used to be, but the only sight of the dreaded showers seems to be just some shadows on the ground. As part of a workshop FRG, I spent many months in that camp, and in the end we were actually invited into the German canteen, as a thanks for repairing some of their kit. I know this will sound like an exaggeration, but once when we were working there, it rained so hard that our spanners were being swept along the road! Another time, another exercise, and as this one had been a real b&gger, we had a little celebration on the last night, which resulted in the 434`s missing the train the next morning. Our glorious leader decided that we had enough fuel to motor back to Detmold. He was right , but it was so close one 434 was towed up the hill into camp. Does nobody remember the Church of Scotland ladies?? Harry.
  11. Having been on the receiving end of many of Wolgangs teas and coffees, I can fully appreciate why he is remembered so fondly. But does anyone here remember the other Opel Blitz van, driven by one of the ladies from the Church of Scotland `s outpost in Fallingbostel? I seem to think that they used to be on the ranges before Wolfgang, and they used to get in some impossible places too. Another character was the old fellow who had a push bike with a little trailer attached, who used to come round our usual resting place at Heber Crossroads, and for a few marks would sweep the area. He would also trog off and fetch some of the local brew in his little anhanger. Then there were the showers at Rhiensahlen (sp?) camp, but since I`ve just eaten,:-X enough said!!:-X Harry.
  12. I remember once being told to take my 434 to this wood and cam it up as a demonstration for some Ruperts. The wood was a new plantation full of young saplings, and the usual "Thou shalt not knock down trees" command was still in effect. Not being in the best of moods at messing about with Ruperts, I reversed the 434 into the nearest patch of trees, threw some cam nets over the top, and then gathered all the trees we had knocked down and uprooted and replanted them all the way round the barrow. The overall effect was a big sprawling bush in the middle of a bunch of saplings. Eventually the future leaders of men appeared, looked at our creation, did a few immature "Hurmphs" and wandered away, not one of them having the gumption to ask how the wagon had squeezed itself in the six inch gaps between the trees, or even if we had been there since the seeds had been sown. When they had all cleared off for their tea and biscuits, we roared off back to camp, leaving behind a messy churned up patch of ground. ( Well it wasn`t our normal stamping ground anyway). Harry.
  13. Al, The first part is at :- , but deals more with REME set-up than actual repairs, however some of the vehicles are interesting, and bring back lots of memories to old fogeys like me!:cry:
  14. harry7134

    REME Video.

    Dont know if this video has been shown on here, if it has my apologies. Not a great deal of attention paid too health and safety in those days. Changing a Cent final drive has been changed, with a special sling being used in place of the masses of chains shown here.
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