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  1. Hi. I’ve started to post videos of the work I’m doing on my Daimler Ferret to YouTube in an effort to help other owners and pay back to the community some of the help and advice I’ve had. It’s early days, but there are a few videos going up on replacing Daimler Ferret oil seals in the wheel Stations, including hub oil seals and inner and outer inner tracta joint seals. If you’re interested, you can find the channel here: Daimler Ferret Scout Car YouTube Channel Please do take a moment to like and subscribe to the channel for notifications as I add more videos. To subscribe, just click this link: Subscribe to the Daimler Ferret Scout Car YouTube Channel Thanks all, Matthew
  2. Out of interest do you have a petrol, diesel or both?
  3. Either. I don't own one yet. It's something I've heard is an issue in general and wondered if there was a known fix. Just doing a bit of pre-purchase research! Thanks in advance for any insight!
  4. Hi, I've read in a few places about problems with hot starting on fv432s and others. It seems to be a known problem that once hot, the engines won't restart until they have cooled. Can anyone shed some light on what the cause is? I've not yet seen any information on the cause and how to fix.
  5. I'm still looking, so PM me if you have something to sell or know of something for sale!
  6. Hi Terry, do you still have the 432 for sale?

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    2. mac_xpert


      Thanks Terry, I'm interested to hear what other armour you have got that i might be able to buy - Can you let me know?

    3. terryb


      margate kent, and no,I'm retired! other interesting armour!

    4. terryb


      Hi Matthew,

      I have one of these if you are interested?


  7. Hi Chris, What in my eye's constitutes a project - difficult to say in a few words. Basically all i've seen for sale currently are vehicles for 18K+ that are mechanically very good, freshly painted etc. I don't have 18K in one lump to spend currently, otherwise i'd start there. I'm after something that i can buy and stand some chance of getting up together and drivable under its own power, just for ease of storage / moving it around fairly quickly. I'm used to working on lighter vehicles, but my brother in law owns a roadway company with a lot of heavy plant, so i can call on him for transport, storage, heavy lifting kit, etc. I'm not looking for anything with a turret, just because i know it will be out of my budget. I'm looking for a way in, that i can afford now and that i can spend money on over time to bring up to standard. The end goal would be to own something that i can enjoy on farmland and on odd occasions take to the local shows. To this end i'd like something that is road registered or that can be registered. When all is said and done, i'm coming at this with a crazy burning desire to own something like a 432 or a CVRT and i'm looking for a way i can afford to do so. Your help and advise is much appreciated!
  8. Hi All, As per the title i'm looking for a project 432 or CVRT. I'm keeping an eye out online, but just wondered if anyone here is aware of anything? Thanks in advance for your help. Matthew
  9. Looking at buying a cheap fv432. Can you run a Mk 1 fv432 on a Diesel/petrol mix?
  10. I'm interested to hear if anyone has any experiance of the BMP-1 or any variants? I am considering getting one over a 432 or CVR(T). - Something a bit different. The obvious concern is spares and knowledge / manuals for these vehicles. Anyone here own one? Matt.
  11. Ok.. Where did this month just disappear too?
  12. I'm assuming that its cheaper to buy a restored vehicle, than restore one of the ex belgium units myself?
  13. It would be great to meet and chat with other owners. Are there any meets arranged? Is anyone going to the Military Mayhem show in Kent?
  14. Chris, It's interesting that you suggest the CVR(T) is lighter than the 432. I'd assumed that because of the turret it would be heavier - shows what little i know! I've been looking at these too, as they are a bit more of an interesting prospect with the main armament etc. What is the current market price for a CVR(T)?
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