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  1. Looking great 👍. Must admit I’d love a 981 one day. Richard
  2. We've made a start on the woodwork for the back body.
  3. We've stripped the winch, blasted and painted it. Also totally rebuilt the winch drive box. The thread in the large nut on the bottom of the main vertical shaft in the gearbox drive box was stripped, so i found a large nut out of our stock which happened to have a very fine thread and enough meat on it for me to bore it out, screw cut the right BSF thread and mill some split pin slots. Also test fitted the winch frame and winch clutch lever tube on the chassis to get the position of the hole through the back of the cab.
  4. I had some time off work last week so etch primed all the cab panels and bits n pieces
  5. The engine is virtually complete and we lifted it in a few weeks ago, just have to fit all the ancilliaries now, and align it with the gearbox when that goes in.
  6. I got the clutch relined by Dinah at Prestige Clutches. She did a brilliant job re-lining the friction plate and clutch brake and also supplied new springs and the four springs that hold the clutch release bearing. I made new pivot pins for the fingers and release blocks and had them hardened. I also put the clutch shaft and clutch brake drum in the lathe and gave the drum a skim so that i have a decent true surface to run the DTI on when i come to align the engine and gearbox.
  7. There was alot of rot in the front wings, especially where the brackets bolt on. I have rather limited sheet metal skills but managed to bash out new sections and flush weld them in including some sections of the wired edge.
  8. We've done alot of welding on the overall chain storage locker, including completly re-making the back end, new floor and new front panel.
  9. Thought i'd do a bit of an update. We've re-skinned the cab completely. I formed the tapered curved sections on the sides of the roof by bending the panels around the Scammell's track rod. We are missing one of the door locks so after considering the options i made one form scratch.
  10. Yes good plan i think Alastair. Niels has found a few good period pics of various Scammells in camo in europe. Thanks for the email address MatchFuzee, i'll drop mike a mail. Richard
  11. Anyone know how i can hold of Mike Starmer to get a copy of his book? Thanks, Richard
  12. True. I'd better have a suitable response prepared.
  13. Thanks for your input chaps. The vehicle is already partially painted olive drab and i'm not repainting it now. Its a 1942 vehicle. It seems plausable to me from your responses and the Bedford MW thread that it could have had some sort of disruptive camo and retained it up to D-Day at which time invasion markings would be applied. I'm just anticipating some smart arse coming up at a show and telling me "it wouldn't have been painted like that". I'll definately have a look at Mike Starmer's book. Thanks, Richard
  14. Thought i'd ressurect this thread rather than start a new one. As i'm going to be painting our Scammell Pioneer this summer following its ground up resto i wanted to delve into other peoples knowledge on british WW2 camo schemes. I'd like to put some sort of disruptive camo on the Scammell, Mickey Mouse or other, but i also want it to have the invasion star. Now i've been told that post D-Day everything was just green with no camo. Can anyone shed any light on this and suggest how i might authentically apply some sort of camo and invasion star over the top? Many thanks, Richard
  15. Anyone got scans or copies of manuals and parts list for these trailers? Thanks, Richard
  16. My feeling was that the engine being a bought in item (to Scammell), so it would have come in the manufacturers standard colour. Indeed if restoring just about any vehicle to a post war 50s 60s and probably later spec the engine would be eau-de-nil.
  17. I've just painted the engine for our Pioneer in Gardner Grey. You can order it online at: www.stationaryengineparts.com All the best, Richard
  18. Thanks for the science lesson. Yes burning thousands of gallons of diesel to farm ethanol producing crops is really green! its like power stations burning biomass thats been shipped half way round the world. So worst case we can use avgas in our petrol burning vehicles because thats pure petrol - correct?
  19. So are our fuel systems being eaten away now then? Also, is there a distinction between bioethanol and oil derived ethanol in terms of its ability to eat fuel systems?
  20. So is E5 what is currently at the pump in UK?
  21. Thanks very much. Think I'm going to make it single skin for now and see how it goes.
  22. Prestige Clutches provide much better value for money. https://www.facebook.com/prestigeclutches/
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