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  1. Morning all, so i'm dragging this thread back up. I've nearly completed re-drawing my wiring diagram as i'm approaching the point where i'll need it. So, first of all what do you all think? I still need to add bulb wattages and wire sizes, i'll need some help with wire sizes. I've done all the lights as 24v and kept 12v just for the horn, windscreen wipers, interior lights and inspection lamp sockets. Secondly, i have this small electrical junction box with bayonet fittings that fits on the bracket for the axle lamp. Does anyone know how this thing is integrated into the wiring? The contacts inside just connect the two sockets together, and the black plastic thing is a blanking plug.
  2. ok great. be in contact when this mess is over
  3. Crewkerne. Granted probably not a good time to travel at the moment, but if you want it i can put back for you.
  4. Bump. No one interested in this wheel? only £20. Or does anyone know what it might be off. Must be military i presume. Richard
  5. Well done and welcome. Can you post some pics? My workshop is about half and hour from my house, so gutted i can't use this time to make some progress on our Scammell resto. All the best, Richard
  6. Really looking forward to seeing this on the road. Can't be many about. Best of luck with it. Richard
  7. As each year goes by I have every intention of having the Scammell ready but for one reason or another it doesn’t happen. Flippin work gets in the way of us enjoying our toys! I know Jason, so I’ll meet up with you there and enjoy a chat about big green toys.
  8. Cracking work Sam. Are you bringing it to A&E? Richard
  9. Hi Aubrey, welcome to the forum and thats a lovely looking Jeep. You should come join in our little informal gathering of MVs at Haselbury Mill on June 28th. We've been doing it every year for god knows how long and we used to hold it at the Windwhistle Inn before that. All the best, Richard
  10. I have been mulling over whether to put MM camo on our Scammell when its done, but I really don't want to paint cab roof, bonnet locker tops etc in black. I also want to have an invasion star which some would argue never appeared with MM. Still umming and ahhhing. Richard
  11. Thats a shame, he had some lovely NOS bits. I'd like to get my hands on that steering wheel
  12. Thanks Richard. My missus wants a Dingo after i introduced her to one on the Boar Tour last year, but think i'll be getting something on tracks before that happens.
  13. Hi John, Just for my own personal interest and it may help others here - do they have to use solid tyres? obviously they ran on solid tyres originally to eliminate the hazard of punctures or shot out tyres on the battlefield. Could pneumatic tyres of the same size not be substituted now? Maybe they are equally rare i don't know. Thanks, Richard
  14. No probs, anytime. I'm afraid I don't have spare pulley or passenger seat frame. You're more than welcome to come visit and take any dims and photos you want. BR, Richard
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