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  1. Thanks Richard. My missus wants a Dingo after i introduced her to one on the Boar Tour last year, but think i'll be getting something on tracks before that happens.
  2. Hi John, Just for my own personal interest and it may help others here - do they have to use solid tyres? obviously they ran on solid tyres originally to eliminate the hazard of punctures or shot out tyres on the battlefield. Could pneumatic tyres of the same size not be substituted now? Maybe they are equally rare i don't know. Thanks, Richard
  3. No probs, anytime. I'm afraid I don't have spare pulley or passenger seat frame. You're more than welcome to come visit and take any dims and photos you want. BR, Richard
  4. Seat Back, Drivers seat frame and Passenger seat frame
  5. Here ya go Neil, took a bit longer than planned but find below pics and dims as required. I presume you are looking for actual pulley and passenger set frame as opposed to dimensions of them? Big Locker. I've since realised that the drawing i made and photos i took are with it upside down.
  6. Nice to see some more british stuff being rescued. Good work 👍 All the best, Richard
  7. Hi Neil, I can get all this for you at the weekend. BR, Richard
  8. Bit of progress on the Scammell. We're well on with the wooden lockers and have ordered the last of the timber to do the tops. Installed the radiator and test fitted the bonnet to check fit up. Have installed the cab panels for the last time, securing them with all new BA screws and sealing the joins with Tiger seal. I need a new piece that runs along the bottom of the tilting pane on the windscreen before i can fit it, and i have that with an engineering firm to see if they can reproduce that section. As soon as the windscreen is done we can lift the cab off and paint it. But i don't want to paint in this cold weather, it might have to wait till next year but its a shame as we could have started on fitting it out, electrics etc. Richard
  9. Well jealous of your steering wheel, thats an awesome find. Kebrell nuts and bolts are good for all the old threads - BSW, BSF, BA etc Good luck with it, Richard
  10. Great work. I have a switch similar to this inside the cab of my Matador, but are there more inside the body? Would like to know so i can start looking, as we will be building the timber of the bodywork from scratch. Cheers, Richard
  11. Looking great 👍. Must admit I’d love a 981 one day. Richard
  12. We've made a start on the woodwork for the back body.
  13. We've stripped the winch, blasted and painted it. Also totally rebuilt the winch drive box. The thread in the large nut on the bottom of the main vertical shaft in the gearbox drive box was stripped, so i found a large nut out of our stock which happened to have a very fine thread and enough meat on it for me to bore it out, screw cut the right BSF thread and mill some split pin slots. Also test fitted the winch frame and winch clutch lever tube on the chassis to get the position of the hole through the back of the cab.
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