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  1. No.201

    Some kind of liquid going through two "filters" before hitting some litmus type paper at the bottom?
  2. No.201

    Would it be better if the photo is rotated 90 degrees to the left, ie vertical? Could it then be measuring something falling?
  3. Radar dish and carrier for a British No.3 Radar set.

    Also this site may help: http://www.anti-aircraft.co.uk/restoration_No3Mk2radar.html although it doesn't seem to have been updated for a while
  4. That may well be true, we were Engineer support to 5 Airborne.
  5. As Richard said, just GS. We had 12KJ49 and 12KJ50 in the WKSP MT, used as runarounds for the stores section, or to ferry the ASM or OC some where. Great fun for a young spr, sitting in traffic and rocking from side to side as you revved the V8... I have a memory that there was some mod done to the front brakes, but can't remember the exact details. The gearboxes didn't last long (LT85?) and you would often hear one whining it's way around camp.
  6. Finally got round to scanning a few pics from Cyprus circa 1992 and Bosnia 1996 Volvo 4400 Cyprus 4400 and Haulamatic Cyprus Bosnia. Repairing the Hydrema again Whilst camped in this layby with CRRAVs(?) Most of our kit at work Home from home... Atlas 1404LC and D6 MT driver making sure the recce mechs won't be thirsty later in the day! parked up at a job site No idea... DROPS with TTTT loaded with our rig Hydrema and Atlas
  7. Vickers-Onions Box Scraper

    How much of Chattenden is left Rob? I was Guard 2IC for a week at the DEODS(?) camp over Christmas "cough cough" 20 years ago while we were on our A1 at Brompton.
  8. Painting

    It would have been the MPF who wanted it all done properly. Plant ops are the "least keen" guys in the world when it comes to painting anything. Me? I was happy enough to polish my spanners after 6 months in the mountains
  9. Painting

    At the end of our Op Grapple tour the planties had to spray all their plant for hand over. First a jet wash to get the muck off, then mask all glass and other important areas with normal grease, spray the whole thing NATO green, then brush paint the one third bit black. Finish with another jet wash to clean the grease off the windows!
  10. Unknown Towing A frame

    Here you go.
  11. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    When the tyre "let go", the wheel shot upwards at a rate of knots and knocked out a couple of the top blocks from their slots?
  12. A few reasons from me: what else is on the trailer, weight distribution (getting it nose heavy), overhangs of the machine being moved, unloading/loading unaided, is it easier to drive on or off forwards or backwards?
  13. Just wondering

    Thanks Rob, I was waiting for an old sweat to come along and say it as it was:) I only ever saw 20 Sqn's in retirement, trundling back and forth in camp, never in action.
  14. Just wondering

    They were meant to be used for digging trenches. The rear end lowered to the ground and the coal head did its bit as the machine slowly moved forward.